Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


So like an Ice Explosion for Lava Bomb

This for Fissure

Something that slows Hunters for tongue grab

Rock Wall is something from Overwatch with the Ice Wall


yeah like this


Oh! Decoy but like Daisy


U read in my mind


ice wall


China! :stuck_out_tongue: That guy is so small compared to that wall

Dun Flag


like an Ant


(Art by: The Evolve Team)
Dredging up old failed concept monsters, but with a little personal twist.

Name: Velvet Worm

The Velvet Worm is a disgusting creature of writhing spikes, feelers and protrusions. The segments of it’s body pulse rhythmically, and glow a soft purple as it’s armor is at it’s fullest.

Ability 1: Glue Shot
Launches a thick mucus that coats an area and sticks Hunters and Wildlife in place. Hunters effected by this ability may still use their equipment as normal.

Ability 2: Poison Jab
The Velvet Worm quickly extends a proboscis from the front of it’s head, piercing a target for damage and injecting them with a poison that deals damage over time.

Ability 3: Barb Shot
The Velvet Worm flicks it’s tail in the target direction, launching a spine from it’s tail. This ability can hold up to four charges, which can be used in quick succession for high damage, but must recharge one at a time.

Ability 4: Pulse
A powerful energy bursts from the Velvet Worm’s body, damaging all that are nearby. This ability can be difficult to use due to the way the Monster moves. Damage is only dealt in an area around each segment, so the trailing body must be positioned near the target, but, if multiple segments are near the target (if the Velvet Worm has coiled around them, or is under an arch for example) the target will take additional damage.

The Velvet Worm hovers about a meter from the ground, similarly to the Wraith, with it’s body trailing behind it following the path it has moved in. It should be noted that the Monster’s long body may allow Hunters to shoot it from around corners while safe from the dangerous head. If the Worm stops moving, the body remains in the position it was in, including archways, coils, etc.

The Velvet Worm sends a pulse of energy from the bottom of it’s head, allowing it to ‘jump’. The body of the Monster will follow the heads path, even creating arches that Hunters and Wildlife may pass under.

The Velvet Worm’s eating animation would be it stabbing the corpse with it’s long proboscis, draining the body of it’s fluids. The Pounce would involve the Monster coiling around the target, making this attack valuable as it allows the Velvet Worm to place it’s entire body in one location. And its climbing animation would simply be the head looking upward and scaling the wall, as the body trails behind.


Well, here I go with another monster idea. This one could be a Wraith variant, if not a unique monster.


Specter is the male version of Wraith. He has all the same features, but is more masculine in build.

Traversal: Warp
Same as Wraith’s.

Ability 1: Warp Recall
Specter grabs one of the hunters and returns to where he was, causing an explosion. A combination of abduction and warp blast.

Ability 2: Anomaly:
Specter creates a rip in time that displaces one or more hunters, causing minor damage. Points increase the amount placed and the size of the anomaly.

Ability 3: Decoy
Specter’s decoy has the same mechanics as Wraith’s

Ability 4: Time Vortex
Similar to Supernova, except it slows any hunters caught in the cloud. His attack speed is increased, but not as much as Wraith.

Feeds that same as Wraith.

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.


name: Cyclops

Cyclops is a crab, inspired by concept art i’ve seen. im challenging myself to try and make a dropped idea seem loveable again!

Cyclops is a large crab like monster which often is found in deserts. he has a thick back which is highly resistant to damage and sports a large molten eye on his face, which is what the hunters named him for. he has two large claws and a series of short vulnerable legs that help him run fast. he turns a little slower than the average monster but can strafe quite quickly. under belly is dripping with lava and as hot as a volcano. the design concept was considered when you said you wanted to make a crab but didn’t want any water involved; i thought “how about a crab that lives near volcanic crust and lava instead?”.

colour is bright orange for armour glow with a dark black shell. the weak spot is his legs; however they are small and hard to hit with bullets as they are almost always moving. Cyclops runs faster than most monsters, however he can only climb at a decrepit speed. Cyclops has a completely armoured back which is impossible to damage from the air unless you use armour piercing shots, orbital abilities, or explosives. (tracking darts etc still stick to it though)

Cyclops digs below the ground, bursting up some distance away. the attack applied makes him snip at the target with his claws. doesnt go through solid rock, so no obstacle evading. it also turns very slow and consumes a large amount of stamina

alternative: Cyclops speeds up and batters any wildlife or people out of the way with his claws, damaging them a small amount and sending them flying. it has 3 bars of traversal that burn off like behemoths, but faster. so he can sprint in short bursts.

1 Geyser: Cyclops spews a large glob of lava forward, sticking to any hunters or wildlife caught in the attack and inflicting severe amounts of damage.

2 Broodling: Cyclops thumps the ground with his claws, summoning a small crab at the target location which leaps on the nearest hunter. it pounces them and damages them, bursting into lava when it dies which inflicts high damage over time for four seconds.

3 Meltdown: Cyclops sprays hot jets of fire out of his flanks, incinerating anything caught in the inferno for a short distance.

4 Ravage: Cyclops grabs his prey and churns them about in his mouth, rolling them in lava for a second before spitting them back out, propelling them a short distance.

sneak attack:
Cyclops lunges forward and pounds the victim under his massive jagged claws to crush them.

Feeding: Cyclops presses his flat face against them, rolling the prey between his teeth and tearing it to shreds as he ingests it.

  • Traversal:

  • The First idea of burrowing is fine! Just to show which paths he took the dirt above him can break into parts showing the path of the traversal :slight_smile:

  • Abilities:

  • Ability one could be named “Lava Sludge” also slowing the enemy

  • Ability two could be named Peelers which is a baby crabs name without a shell

  • Ability three could be called Overheated

  • Ability four should be called Snatch

  • Eating: (Just for Fun)

  • When mico transactions are added, it will play Joe’s crab shack ad xD


Here is yet another monster idea.


Appearance: I have no actual description of Thanatos, but all I can say is that it is a creature of our nightmares. This is the monster that the Lazarus men/Thanatologists studied to perfect their Lazarus device.

Traversal: Warp
Same as Wraith’s, except with dark particles instead of light.

Ability 1: Shadow Snatch
Thanatos creates two portals, one held in his hand the other some ways off, either on the ground or on a wall/cliff. Thanatos then grabs the hunter or wildlife and brings them close to him, dealing damage. Range will be the same as abduction or tongue grab.

Ability 2: Reanimation Field
Thanatos spreads its wings and generates a field that resurrects any fallen wildlife or hunters, and has a chance to spawn unique creatures to aid it. Fallen hunters resurrected will have half health and can only use their primary weeapon. Best to use on extended drop ship timers. Has the same range as aftershock.

Ability 3: Eclipse
Thanatos generates a cloud of darkness, obscuring vision for the hunters and itself, but the monster can smell, so no big deal. Same area as supernova, but lasts longer.

Ability 4: Echos
Thanatos creates duplicates of itself that fight along side it. Points increase the amount of duplicates, like banshee mines, and also increases their health. The echos won’t have the damage potential as decoy, for they attack at the same speed as Thanatos, yet have reduced damage.

Really, anything can go for this monster.

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.


Okay here I go!

Bad originality :confused: it would be cool if Wraith warped to the Hunter caught that hunter and then exploded when going back.


Oh come on! I’ve seen you do all these crazy awesome ideas! Why did you not come up with anything for Decoy or Abduction??

Pretty cool! Great originality and it does something cool! But with a few tweaks if could be more balanced. Maybe less attack speed rate :wink:


My idea for Chronos was a male Wraith. I’m sorry that this one is not as out of the box as the rest. I originally had his abduction as Anomaly, where he would create a rip in time that would send one or more hunters back some distance. Decoy was still decoy. The warp recall was meant for his manipulation of time. And the time vortex would speed up his attacks, just nowhere near as much as for Wraith. Thank you for this, and if you have any ideas for this, do tell me.


if you’re adapting an idea to feedback just edit the changes in rather than creating a new post for it, this avoids clutter.

i also found the basic idea interesting i guess, but make the male version visually unique from the female one. different body and stuff



INFO:Ever heard the sentence"Nothing scarier then a mother protecting her chil".Now incarnate that into a monstrous form and the result is Echidna.
Never alone,she drowns and butchers all things to satisfy her horrific children,while her spawn aid her in theyre ravenous faction.
Thought anyone who messes with her family will face her motherly wrath and not even death maybe able to stop her.

Stg-1:(6 bars)
Stg-2:(8 bars)
Stg-3:(10 bars)

Stg-1:(6 bars)
Stg-2:(9 bars)
Stg-3:(11 bars)



Stg-3:38.7 tons

Running Speed:4.6 ms(all stages)



Egg Bomb:

After an extended channel, the Echidna spits from its mouth a large egg that if not destroyed,will spawn miniature monsters.
If destroyed it will not spawn monsters.

-Egg Health:350/550/1500
-Minion’s Health:120/140/160
-Minion’s Speed:6.5
-Minion’s Damage:45/67/81
-Minion’s Lifetime:10 seconds
-Minion´s Detection Range:10/12.5/16
-Minion´s Spawned:2/4/6
-Cooldown:24/18/12 seconds

Mother´s Wrath:

The Echidna will roar and realese a pulse of pheromones around her self.Both her and her monsters get buffs.
Echidna herself will take reduced damage,while her minions get an atack buff.

-Minion Bonus Damage: 65/87/109 per hit
-Bonus Reduced Damage:20/40/60%
-Radius:15 meters
-Duration: 5.7 seconds
-Cooldown: 12/10/7 seconds


Echidna rears up and after a shor delay,throws a burst of acidic rain into the sky covering a wide area doing damage and slowing everything within.
While under the rain she and her minions get a small speed boost.

-Cast Time:5 second cast
-Cast Delay:3.5 second
-Minion Speed Boost:15%
-Speed Boost:20%
-Damage:5 damage per hit
-hits 40/60/90 in total(200,300,450)
-Duration:6 seconds
-Movement Speed Slow:10.5%
-Radius:20.8 meters
-Cooldown:10 seconds


Echidna will lay an egg.The egg will retain a portion of Echidnas armor and health.
Upon dying,the original echidna will become a corpse wich gives 6 meat.
Meanwhile an exact replica will be born from the egg retaining the health from the egg.Can only be spawned at Stage-1.

-Meat Ammount:6 meat
-Corpse Duration:30 seconds
-Egg Health:(6 bars)
-Egg Armor:(4 bars )
-Cooldown:30/25/20 seconds


-Mucus Slide:

Echidna releases a mucus granting her a speed boost,while maintaining it the mucus left behind will damage the hunters.

Initial cost of roll: 10%
Cost to maintain roll: 8% per second (20 seconds)
-Maximum Slidding Speed: 15
-Minimum Slidding Speed: 6
-Recharge Delay: 1.5 second
-Recharge: (Out of combat) 15 seconds 0-100%
-Recharge: (In combat) 5 seconds 0-100%

Basic Attacks:

-Heavy:195(resets in 4 seconds)
-In addition it knocks everyone around her
-Heavy Knockback:15
-Versus incapacitated hunters:120

Hunger Bonus:

-It needs to sastify its young,so its feeding speed and experience gain is increased.
-Rougthly increase feeding speed by 20% and add an additional meat to each corpse.This works on her own corps making it 7 meat.

I would like some feedback on the comunity about my concept and of the devs if that is possible.
I would like to see it in game either way .


Oh so heres where my idea went.
Also thanks for merging im new at the forums :P.


the wyvern would look somewhat like this:
its traversal would be: wing blast: the wyvern takes flight. the flight format would be: sight control:camera, w/up: forward,a/down: reverse,a/left: roll left, d/right: roll right, q:strafe left, e: strafe right.

it’s abilities would be these

Screech: the wyvern releases a stunning scream, which stuns hunters/creatures, and does damage, but immense damage at close range. it also releases a unlimited range smell(sonic echolocation)

rampage: the wyverns gets speed, armor, damage, and resistance boosts, along with temporairy health. damage also increases and strengthens buffs: per 1 damage inflicted=+1 second to rampage& temporary buffs.

spike shot: the wyvern launches spikes from it’s tail, which poisins prey, can deal critical damage, and pin prey to the impact point. the spikes stick in the ground.

tail grab: the wyvern grabs a target with its tail, and can throw them by pressing the button again, dealing bludgeoning damage on contact with objects.

traits: has smooth crystalline armor. can climb and hang onto walls and ceilings for short periods of time. it can deal immense melee damage. also, when sneaking, a monsters glow color subside until your done sneaking. it takes a few seconds for glo to come on.


I think abilities that pin a hunter might be too powerful, but it’s a great idea.


I like this one.

I would change the tail grab to a bite attack that carries off prey. Kind of like wraiths abduction with about the same range, only you had to swoop in and make a melee type attack to grab them then had a short range you could carry them off to isolate and pound them