Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


There should be a more organized method of finding that, perhaps by having the community vote on some select ideas that the developers bring to the table which is what most successful companies do by canvasing.


I’m ready at any and all times :wink: Just PM me and I’ll respond ASAP :slight_smile:


Well, here I go with another monster idea.


The Zephyr is a bat like creature with four arm and two legs. Two of the arms are wings, which it can traverse the ground on or fly through the air with. The other pair of arms are small arms, similar to Gorgon’s. The legs of the Zephyr are short, like those of a bat. On its wings are organic thrusters that allow the creature to propel itself forwards.
To best describe Zephyr, it would be like a combination of these, the skewer from Alien Planet, and the male MUTO from Godzill 2014.

Traversal: Air Burst
From the ground, Zephyr launches itself into the air. While airborne, Zephyr propels itself forward.

Ability 1: Dive-bomb
From the ground this move is similar to Goliath’s leap smash, with a smaller trajectory, but unlike leap smash, this move can be preformed in the air. The farther Zephyr falls the more damage it can do.

Ability 2: Whirlwind
Similar to Kraken’s vortex

Ability 3: Shriek
The Zephyr emits a loud cry that damages anything near by.

Ability 4: Acid Rain
The Zephyr creates a small acid rain storm around it that harms anything unfortunate to caught in the sudden downpour.

I see Zephyr feeding much like Gorgon.

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.


Your popping these ideas out left and right. I love it!


Thank you. I’ve had these for some time now, so I decided to share them.:joy:


Monster Name
Fabulous Unicorn

A giant white unicorn with a golden single horn and a multicolored tail leaving a trail of sparkling colors

Ability 1
Rainbow Puke- Does Arc damage to an area, all hunters hit will have their cool downs frozen while covered in rainbow puke

Ability 2
Marshmallow Poop-Leaves a white colored sweet gooey goodness behind unicorn,If a hunter steps on candies they will be stuck in place for a scaling 1/1.5/2 seconds unable to reload.

Ability 3
Sugar farts-AOE attack from behind unicorn much like gorgons acid but deals less damage.All hunters who smelt sugar farts will have increased movement speed but will take 2x damage with a scaling duration.

Ability 4
Impaling Glitter-Unicorn front charges,hunter who is hit will be stuck on unicorn forehead unable to move and fire for set duration dealing DOTS damage.
Unicorn fabulously prances around the field with goat like dexterity, can wall walk like in the matrix.

Sucks stuff like a vacuum leaving behind rainbows and glitters.

  • Bird
  • Monkey
  • Turtle

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Although it’d be cool to the Mascot for TRS or another flying aerial Monster. I have to go with the Monkey, they are fast and agile as well as viscous :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an idea for all but i like for other people to tell me balance type uses for them which will satisfy more and feel more balanced, sorry I wrote this while half asleep


A what??? No! I can’t wait until next month’s issue! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we please get a land shark monster?!?!?! ;-;-;-;


I thought this too


aka a tyrant?


I would like an ice monster



Ice Monsters are just to complicated. I’ve created more than 3 of them and I don’t like any of the abilities, traversals or looks (Although I’m not a artist so I won’t like the description of how it looks).

Ice Monsters are hard to make and more than easily overpowered.


or an ice behemoth variant


would be interesting to have a monster with a deployable, aka shield drone or something indesposable


You mean like Banshee Mines or Spider Trap :wink:


yeah but those disappeae on use. i mean something that actively assists you for a while, like maybe spawning a small monster for reasons?