Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


Monster Name: Phage, aka the Vanishing Colossus

Dont have an original concept image of my own

The monster is huge and towers over the players unlike other monsters who are roughly 2-3x the height of the players.
(I originally had this idea way back when the game was first announced, not that Attack on Titan is a thing I imagine the battle would be akin to that). When evolving rather than increasing in size the monster would actually just appear more formidable and look as though he is gaining armor (but not really, hes just getting a bulkier appearance).

(Because of its size it doesnt have normal attacks, instead they are in the Loadouts)
Ability 1
Stomp: A ground AOE attack where the towering monster slams his leg into the ground. With upgraded forms offering a dust kick up to temporarily blind and incapacitate hunters or lower their accuracy (though the Phage is still huge so hard to miss him)

Ability 2
Grasp: The Phage attempts to grab a nearby hunter and DOT them similar to the carnivorous plants. The hunters could of course free themselves from this, or could take advantage as this would give them better position to hit some critical points on the Phage like its face while they themselves are still taking damage. Or their partners could try and free them by shooting the hand.

Ability 3
Bellow: Lets out a mighty roar that has a small range and causes knockback

Ability 4
Club Arm: Throws a mighty punch at a direction in front of him.

Warp: Has a long cooldown that increases every time it evolves. Only has 1 charge to use. Lets the Phage sort of teleport from one place to another. Whether used for escaping combat or entering it, this would add a great level of suspense and tension as the hunters would never know if they are about to become the hunted with the Phage spawning right in the middle of their group. When you use the monsters actual body becomes still and vulnerable while the player is able to freely move around in free camera in a radius around the monster to spawn at a different location. It would be similar to a monster moving regularly with a 360 degree angle of vision (possibly make this marked by a glowing green wisp as an indicator to show where the hunters where the monster would spawn if this is too OP lol less funny though). Outside of this ability, the Phage would be rather slow moving. Not cripplingly slow, but they would probably be one of the slower monsters in terms of speed because of their grand and bulky height

Picks them up off the ground and puts the whole thing into his mouth. Doesnt even need to fight em. But depending on what he has eaten may take longer to consume meaning it will take longer to gain that buff/armor and the hunters may be upon him by then.


Monster Name: Naga

A giant serpent

Ability 1
Coil/Bind/Constrict (All means the same anyway): Basically the player chooses a hunter they would like to attack and lunges at them with Naga, that player is constricted being squeezed for some serious DOT while being incapacitated and unable to move without assistance. If Naga catches the hunter alone, they are as good as dead. This however leaves Naga vulnerable to other hunters attacking her.

Ability 2
Shed Skin: Like the lore of the snake, especially the Legend of the White Snake in Japan (hey this could be a skin!) if Naga is given some time she can start shedding her damaged skin which will regain some health. A truly dangerous thing for the hunters.

Ability 3
Snake Egg: Naga will spit up a giant snake egg. This will summon a Naga minion to attack the players wherever they are. (Something I though of with this is what if Naga is biding her time hiding, spitting up her eggs, and yes I know snakes dont throw up eggs, and those minions are going away immediately dashing after and chasing the hunters down not only to distract them from Naga but to be a major hindrance). A downside to this is killing the minion with give the hunters some kind of good buff. However maybe in upgrading this ability the minions have the ability to get stronger the longer they are out and not killed. Sort of like the minions are evolving as well.

Ability 4
Snake Spit: Naga spits on a target and this can either blind the hunter or maybe it is acidic and wipes out their shields. Or maybe it is sticky and they are bound in place, ready for Naga to feast upon.
Medusa’s Glare: Going off another snake deity, Naga has the ability to release a beam from her eyes that, if the hunter stays in its radius to long, will be completely immobilized for some odd amount of time. Unable to move, shoot or look around. Just sit there until they are able to again…watching in horror as their comrades are picked off.

Burrow: This is such a highly demanded feature from what I can see that it will no doubt make it in at one point. Its just a matter of for what monster. For Naga she has the ability to go underground this will make it difficult for the hunters to track her, well except for some of the Trapper hunters. While she is underground she is invulnerable as there is really no move that can affect an underground opponent. This move however has quite a cooldown to it so that it cannot be overused. Should Naga choose she can also come up from underground with tremendous force to surprise and attack the players from beneath.
Climb: Contrary to popular belief, snakes are actually very good climbers. Not only are they able to climb trees, but cling to them in order to chase prey that think theyve gotten away for them or hide and wait for prey to come to them. So I propose that the vertically challenged Naga have this ability which will allow her to not only stick to vertical surfaces but traverse them. When you activate this you have a small window of time, and in that window of time Naga is able to stick to surfaces. This will allow her to not only climb surfaces but interestingly enough she can possibly hide on them. She will cling onto the surface of a cliff and wait for the unsuspecting hunters.

Outside of this Naga may not be able to climb, jump, or traverse like the other monster with her limited set of limbs, but she is possibly one of the fastest moving creatures due to her slender physique maneuvering around the ground. And with her Burrow ability she is able to traverse those high cliffs and such. Plus she has a small lunge radius.

She will engulf her meals whole and swallow. But her hunger is unquenchable…

Naga has the ability to track the hunters via thermal vision. She can see their heat radiations and see exactly where they are.

Basic Attack
Naga wipes and flails about attacking with her massive tail, her head reared back poised for her big attacks like spitting up eggs, beams/spitting, and lunging for a coil/bind/constrict.

Help me decide on color schemes for these monsters!

I love all your concepts they are actually great! Thanks for having it all neatly packed :slight_smile:

But this sentence well I just want to say that it was going to happen with the Velvet Worm but instead it caused to many problems and too many bugs. They would actually have to make a underground area, and their is also the possibility of falling out of the map or putting in the huge long coding of if they could go under walls where they can traversal in and out.

It is a wanted feature but we will probably not ever get it.


Ah. Ive seen it done in other games before so I didnt figure it would be that difficult. I forgot that those games are usually built to have that kind of mechanic in and this wasnt particularly designed with that in mind. Thanks for the feedback, Im going to edit my Naga idea a bit.


Titan AKA the Manipulator
HP- Has more armor than health


PULSE SHOT (AOE)- Titan shoots out a ball of plasma that Damages and stuns it’s targets for 2 seconds on impact. No knock back.

SIPHON (Trickshot)- Titan steals health from its target and replenishes 2 bars of armor. If Titans armor is full then it’s melee gets a damage increase for 4 seconds. Target is stunned while the ability is being used.

MAGNETIC SHIELD- kind of like the vortex shield in titanfall. Gathers incoming projectiles and throws it back. Damage depends on the number of projectiles and bullets you collect.

PLASMA BEAM(Main Damage Dealer)- Titans chest opens up and shoots out a beam of chaos. The beam last for 3 seconds and does a lot of damage to anything that gets caught in it. Titan is stationary while doing this but you could control the direction of the beam with the cursor.

TRAVERSAL- 5 bars worth of dashing. If you do it while facing a cliff you jump unto the top of a clip. So not a lot of climbing for this monster. You can dash back, forward, left and right. (Couldn’t think of anything else)

FEEDING- Grabs the food and puts it in his mouth

Tactic- Titan takes advantage of his opponents to advance in battle.



A quadruped covered in scales and a clubbed tail. The paws resemble those of a feline. The facial structure is that of a boar with tusks and canine teeth, it has 2 red pupilless eyes. As it stages up it’s club becomes more axe-like, spines protruding from the scales and it grows a mane.

Ability 1: Tail Swing (Tusk Slash)
It swings it’s tail behind itself, knocking hunters away while doing damage. This also breaks any harpoons.(The monster gores all in front it, doing increased damage with minimal knockback.)
Levels 2 and 3 increase damage and radius.

Ability 2: Haunting Mist (Corroding Mist)
The monster spews a thick cloud in front of it, obscuring vision for the hunters, draining jetpack fuel. (Continues to obscure vision, and applies a strong DoT effect while remaining in the cloud)
Leveling it up increases the size and duration of the cloud.

Ability 3: Frenzy
Applies a buff to the monster that increases damage to basic attacks, and changes the effects of all other abilities and traversal.
Leveling increases duration

Ability 4: Energy Cannon (Energy Pulse)
Fires an fast energy sphere out of it’s maw with medium damage,plus a small AoE and knockback. (Abaddon charges a pulse wave out of it’s maw with low damage, a much larger radius and incredible knockback)
Leveling increases charge rate and speed

Traversal(base): The monster does a short horizontal leap in front of it, clearing gaps and automatically pouncing whatever is underneath Abaddon as it lands. The monster lacks the ability to scale walls, using it’s traversal against a wall will allow Abaddon to quickly jump up it, leaving no footprints on the wall itself.

Traversal(Frenzied): Abaddon does a ferocious charge in the direction it faces knocking all airborne units to the ground and dealing damage. While this ability is active, Abbadon loses it’s ability to climb.

Feeding: Abaddon greedily eats the meal, stuffing its face into the corpse.


I’ve had several monster ideas in my head for some time now, and now I get to share them. So here is one of my monsters.


The Basilisk is a dangerous, serpentine creature. With four arms, two specialized for walking, the other pair attacking. It has spikes along its spine and atop its head. A forked tongue to aid its senses. The monster keeps its eyes closed at all times, for a mere glimpse into its eyes could mean death.
At stage 2, the Basilisk grows two more rows of spikes along its back
At stage 3, the spikes grow longer, the original spikes growing the longest.

Traversal: Sidewinder
The Basilisk quickly slithers around the map, with its arms tucked to its side.

Ability 1:Poison Breath
The Basilisk sprays a cloud of poison at the hunters or wildlife, and damages them over time. This would be similar to Goliath’s fire breath.

Ability 2: Acid Spit
This move is similar to Behemoth’s lava bomb, but with poison damage and not as much range.

Ability 3: Death Stare
The Basilisk opens its eyes and anything caught in its gaze takes a tremendous amount damage.

Ability 4: Stone Skin
This move will act similar to the defense matrix, but does not last as long.

I don’t think the devs would make a monster that eats food whole, so the Basilisk would probably eat similarly to a komodo dragon.

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.


Leviathan (2.0(all fours))

if the devs ever look at this i want you to know the
reasons i put it on gere are for you to consider it and for other people to help me improve it

Sorry for not having a picture, this one would look more like a Chinese dragon (note : this is simply add features from the last one that have been suggested, i made a new post because some people may like the serpent version better)

Leviathan is a small serpentine monster, ending in a fanned off tail (similar to that of the tail of the water dragon in monster hunter the game) a large sail going down it’s back and eight bone spikes going down on the sides of its back on both sides of sail(8 on both sides). It has a mask-like flab of skin that covers its face up to its eyes(its eyes are black with glowing blue iris), on the inside of the flab there are circular rings which generate a controlled amount of heavy or light(depending on what it need the liquid to do) water-like in appearance liquid, it moves like wraith pushing its light body of the ground using it back legs, only being able to stand on its hind legs for a short period of time. On the elbows there are longer bone spikes, the hands only have 3 fingers/claws, a thumb & two large claws/fingers used for dealing heavy damage quickly, the legs have 4 toe/claws. Leaving a distinct footprint, 3 small dots in front of a larger circle, followed by a triangle facing the rear it also has normal colored spike facing rear on the back of its eyes ( it’s coloration is a dark blue back, the sail is very faintly light blue and light goes through it, the bone spike are bone-yellow, and its stomach is a glowing baby blue with 3 black lines going down the stomach from head to tail)

Health: (1) 8bars (2) 12bars (3) 17bars
Armor: (1) 10bars (2) 12bars (3) 14bars
Move spd: fastest monster ( by any noticeable amount)
(Light and heavy dmg is completely up to trs(for balance))

Passive: leviathan can move around freely when casting his abilities

Hydro blast
Shoots a ball of light liquid that travels quickly through the air and explodes on impact
Leveling this ability would increase damage and blast radius

Dive Bomb
Leviathan liquifies its body completely launching itself into the air then (with manual activation) rains down on the targeted area dealing heavy area dmg and knock back
Leveling: increase in dmg and radius

Jet stream
Leviathan generates heavy liquid and light liquid at the sane time, the heavy liquid shoots quickly in the beam-like function dealing heavy damage to any entity injured by a direct hit, while the light liquid form rings around the stream doing damage to any entity the is fortunate enough to escap the stream but is still within reasonable range
Leveling this ability would increase the frequency and radius

Waterfall barrage
Leviathan shoot liquid into the air (looks similar to dive bomb from hunters perspective) that rains down in medium sized waterfalls
Leveling: increase in amount( 1point= 2 waterfall in random positions with a circular target area)the increase is arguable but for now its 1pnt =2 wf, 2pnts =3 wf & 3pnts = 5 wf
Also duration increases with points
Targeting: When the designated button is pressed a very large circle appears (the target area) when pressed again the leviathan shoots the liquid into the air which takes 3secs to hit the ground

Transversal: Leviathan’s legs tuck under itself and water spurts up behind it as it travels at 250% movement speed until its meter runs out(similar to behemoth’s transversal) if leviathan reaches a climbable surface he would simply enter the climb animation and the transversal meter would start to slowly increase (long cool down constant motion)

If the melee button is pressed during transversal leviathan headbutts the hunter(s)/wildlife in front of him doing a backflip like mition to slow himself to a stop, anything light enough (including hunters) will be flung into the air)

Eating animation: Leviathan lays low to the ground and drinks its prey through using its inner-lobe rings

Sneaking: leviathan puts its arms and legs close to its body, stops glowing from its stomach and moves as though its swimming through water but just inches from the ground, if sneaking in water moves at 150% movement speed.
When not moving leviathan coils up in striking position like a snake

Pounce: Leviathan also has very fast turning due to its serpentine features, leviathan’s pounce animation would be (pounce, of course) then the lobes would open and start shooting multiple varying sized liquid rings

For its mellee attack leviathan is medium ranged using its sharp claws and long tail to annihilate as much as it can
Leviathan sways back and forth making it hard to shoot from the front spinning in circles to as a heavy attack using its tail

Climb animation for leviathan would be patial liquification and slowly sliding up wall(it would be recommended to find a quicker around if being chased)

Smelling: leviathan gurlgles softly when it smell having a poor sense of smell causing decreased smell range

keep in mind i am still fully open to suggested changes to the monster

Do you like the more snake like leviathan or the legged one?

Leave your suggestions and thoughts below!


Looking through the monster forums i saw that people wanted some kind of dragon monster but the couldn’t think of a way to make it balanced, they also have asked for a sea-dwelling monster and i loved that idea before they said it! So I’ve been working hard on fulfilling there dreams… Of course im one person and that means I won’t make much of an impact but… It’s a nice thought! :slight_smile:️ I hope whoever sees this post like the idea and leave suggestions because i think leviathan still needs a lot of work and to maje your lives easier ill make polls for the different choices in the idea!

  • Burst transversal
  • Constant transversal

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  • Free movement when casting
  • Less fire dmg
  • Both

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Stage 1 Health for Goliath is 7 Bars, 10 Stage 2 and 14 Stage 3

9 Bars for Gorgon

That number would 135 Points

Nice passive :wink: Every Monster has the same Movement speed so I like this.

It slightly depends. Like Goliath has around 200 along with Behemoth and Kraken has 175

Probably not a good idea, because if Caira and Hyde were on the same team they don’t do good damage. Poison damage? What if they suspect someone will choose Leviathan and they do all 3 poison damage?

So I’m going with Free Movement

Hydro Blast?

Leveling works like this
Cooldown ?% / ??? ?%
Damage 10% / ??? ?%

So you can’t really say that this ability works as only damage and radius or cooldown and range :wink:

I don’t know :confused: may cause bugs but I’m not worried about that :stuck_out_tongue: Number 2 for me because that looks cool

Even know we have a Wraith. I still like the Snake like one

Need any help with damage numbers, level stats, ideas, ability names. Well I’m your guy :slight_smile:


Do the owners of the game look at this thread? With the rate that they’re coming out with new creatures it doesn’t seem like any of these could ever get made.


They actually try not to so that they aren’t stealing anyone’s ideas. They want to make their own ideas but still encourage us to make them for other people to see.

Creatures? What do you mean? Like Monsters?


I plan on releasing 2 tiers for Monsters as soon as I finish the 2nd Monster tier and Hunters are just finished (Copied/Pasted in Hunter Ideas)


So in other words this thread is pointless? I’m certain a lot of fans of the game wouldn’t mind having a creature from here appear in the game itself, they could always just sign a release form if the company wants to confront them about it.


Well not all that really. Everyone wanted a deadly spider Monster…look at what we have now :stuck_out_tongue:


Im not to good with all this stuff… I mean i could be but I haven’t looked into it thanks for the feedback i like hydro blast i might change it to that

Ill change the post now


I can help you with it if you’d like :wink:


Id like that :smile:
But… Im busy rn
Um… Maybe some other time