Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


How about sanglier for the name? Its French for boar


This is just a weird random thing i thought of.

Monster Name: Fenrir or Fenrus

A sleek, muscular wolf with six legs, a ridge on it’s back, and two mouths with sharp protruding teeth on its head, each with a pair of black, narrow eyes. It also has a blue bioluminescence splotched erratically around its black and grey fur.

Ability 1
Its first ability is a bright blue laser blast fired from the monsters upper mouth, which can be aimed and then fired, hurling hunters away on contact.

Ability 2
Its second ability is a charge in which a blue aura forms around the monster, which gives it a damae reduction. The monster moves very quickly while charging, but it has difficulty turning, and the charge has more of a pushing effect than a damaging one.

Ability 3
The monster’s third ability allows it to create a small, stationary shield of blue energy that can take certain amount of damage before exploding, knocking back hunters and creating a blinding flash.

Ability 4
This monster’s fourth ability involves a powerful slash that deals moderate damage, knocks hunters back, and creates a bright blue haze that makes the monster harder to detect.

This monster’s traversal is a sudden burst of speed that allows it to corner quickly to evade hunters and dodge slow moving attacks.

This monster rips into its prey and violently shreds them apart, leaving its snout bloodied.


i feel like BloodLust should buff his dmg or maybe just basic attack dmg against Hunters
Or perhaps he deals Bonus dmg to ALL targets below 50% health or something like that


Transversal: Geyser
Crouches down sinking hands, feet, and tail into the ground or a wall it is near. After a very short delay a blast of steam erupts from that location, launching it in a direction perpendicular from the surface of the geyser. This blast will knock hunters in the same direction a short distance. Once a Geyer is made it will remain in place for 1 minute up to 3 min at lvl 3 and it will erupt every 8 sec when the monster is near. Can also be used in the water
Opens pores on skin and inhales instantly pulling in hunters and wildlife from all sides within a medium near radius on all sides. Until another ability is cast all melee attacks become heavy attacks.
Explosively blasts out steam in a medium large radius slightly knocking all hunters back to the edge of the range.
Blasts a continuous stream of steam in a straight line ahead in the direction it is facing for 8 sec, knocking hunters back to the end of the range as long as it hits.
Creates a thick smokescreen of steam in a large radius


Monster name: The Revenant
Physical description: The Revenant is dark grey with green eyes. It has 4 insect like legs with sharp points on the ends. The legs are attached to the bottom of it’s torso at 90 degree angles. Along the front of the torso is a large vertical maw with curved bone protrusions on the outside giving it a cage like appearance. Inside the mouth are several tendrils. The back of the monster has 4 tentacles with curved blades on the end. the monster has a oval like head with eyes but no mouth. It has large arms with a rocky covering down near the claws.

Blade cluster: the blades on its tentacles shoot out into a targeted area. Hunters hit by these will be knocked back and damaged

Toxic fog: the revenant exhales a dark green gas which clouds hunters vision. Enemies in here take increased damage from your attacks

Abyssal pull. The tendrils in the monsters mouth lash out and pull in a targeted creature/ monster. Upon pulling the enemies can not jet pack and has halfed movement speed. Does moderate damage

Baneful bunker. The monster creates a shadowy barricade around itself. The bunker expires after a fixed amount of time. Depending of how much damage the bunker takes the monster gets a attack boost.

The revenant is ment to bridge the gap between heavy hitters like Goliath and hit and run monsters like wraith.


a solo pic of the old monster i created