Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


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The guardian is the closest resemblance to marine life,as it is part shark, part nightmares. The guardian has the best camouflage in the water, awaiting for its prey. Its sharp blade-like tail can be used as an ambush attack by whipping it at the hunters. The guardian walks around with slimy footprints,leading the hunters into a deadly trap. The guardian has the ability to see possibilities for the future.

(Ability1): the guardian hides underwater,waiting for the right time to strike,when the hunter arrives you have the ability to pounce attack the prey.

(Ability2): The guardian can view all possibilitys that could happen 20 steps in the future.

(Ability3): The guardian has the ability to spit goo traps,when a hunter steps in it, he becomes poisoned, allowing the guardian to find the hunter easier.

(Ability4): The guardian can spray poisonous mist on itself, instantly nocking anything to the ground less than 10 feet away from it. But be aware that if you try to take out hunters, it can only take one of them down at a time.


This is my friends idea


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The monsters are all the same species.


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Love that art for it. Now I want I domestic version as a pet…


When I saw this thing, I thought of Buu from DBZ. Anyone else?


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Ok, this is just a basic idea but i decided to share it.

Name: Dunno, suggestions?

Apperance: a large bipedial boar creature with more pronounced, jagged tusks. Its hooves are somewhat sharpened and curved at the tips of its forelegs. Its eyes are solid yellow and its mane goes all the way down his back and along his/her tail.

Basic attack: A back hand from one of the forelegs or, if in a combo, a back hand followed by a spin and a slam.

Traversal: A charge, it doesnt do any damage unless you press the attack button.

Ability 1: Gore, The creature charges toward the target and , when makes contact, engages an attack simular to a pounce but leaves the target with a bleeding effect.

Ability 2: Wallow, the creature rolls along the floor, impervious to damage while rolling if any contact is made it knocks them back far.

Ability 3: Belly flop, does what it says on the can.

Ability 4: Bloodlust, the creatures releases a redish mist which stays as a cloud around it. When the creature recieves damage it only receives half the damage and doshes out twice as much.

As i said this is only a basic idea so please pop some suggestions below but dont just say “this wont work” or “To OP” ect ect.


Big fat belly floppin fart cloud monster…
Let’s call it bfbffcm


Only a joke though


cool idea and I like the idea of a sort of monster boar thing… one of my favorite wild animals