Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2



Currently working on my monster sets… should have at least something to show by tonight.


I call it the Grimangle because every time you see it, someone dies, mangled, mysteriously.
And instead of jumping, can climb any surface, and glide with it’s giant bat like wings on it’s back.
With each stage transformation it’s wing’s grow longer, and it can glide further. Also it get’s the start of tiny spikes on it’s back in second stage, and by the last stage has super cool spikes on it’s back.
It’s gray, and black, or whatever color y’all want, and has two pitch black eyes, that are oval’s with pointed ends.

Ability 1
Trapdoors: This monster can create trapdoors to capture foes and eat them. Trapdoors and be created on horizontal and vertical surfaces. When placed, can be used to hide from enemies, capture foes, or, if placed on a high up wall, used to ambush and drop down on enemies.

Ability 2
Impale: Can use it’s wings blade like ends to impale it’s enemies and climb walls.

Ability 3
Hypnotism: Can control a hunter for a short period of time to attack other hunters.

Ability 4
Lead Astray: Can mask it’s tracks for up to 200 foot steps.

Also it’s melee attack utilizes it’s feet and wings. And it walks on the tips of it’s wings, with it’s feet dangling uselessly.
Has low health, but a bit more than wraith, and also a bit more armor than wraith. Makes up with it’s powerful illusive moves.:smiley:


I like every other aspect of your Monster besides this one. Loss of control to a Hunter is extremely detrimental overall and would have to be balanced around in order to not be OP.

I mean, look at the Gorgon’s Spider Trap. It’s the only move in the game besides pounce that removes any control from a Hunter, and it’s probably one of the most hated moves from a Hunter’s perspective.

Top notch Monster idea though, I like the “giant evil trapdoor spider-bat” thing you’ve got going on.



Dracula is a bat like reptilian monster that walks on all fours. a stun and disorienting based monster. at its best with lots of ability combos
(P.S. using XBOX controls)

Walk: Dracula stalks forwards like a tiger

melee: Dracula swipes his clawed paws at the target. every 3rd time he bites with his powerful jaw

climb: Dracula digs his claws into the object and climbs up. pretty much vertical walking.

stealth pounce: Dracula leans back on his haunches, and leaps forth onto his prey.

Crouch: like Walk, except Dracula gets really low, almost commando crawling

Evolve: extends his wing-arms around him like a shield, shedding his reptilian hide

Feeding: Dracula rips his prey apart while crunching his beak-like jaws

Traversal: Airborn. press A to leap into the air and glide forwards on Dracula’s winglets. Hold A to fly, depleting from your one long stamina bar. leaves no tracks but Dracula shrieks while performing this action.

Passive: feeding regenerates very small amounts of health

Ability 1: Echolocation. Dracula lets out a silent shriek, revealing all nearby hunters and wildlife. pretty much a buffed smell, with increased range and time. Spending points increases range and duration.

Ability 2: Feral Howl. Dracula Lets out a piercing howl, stunning all nearby wildlife and hunters. note that this will disturb any flocks of birds in the area. Evolving increases range and stun duration

Ability 3: Blood lust. For a short time, Dracula gains bonus meat from feeding, and carcasses dont attract carrion birds. Evolve points increase bonus meat and duration.

Ability 4 Dive bomb. Dracula swoops into the air, performing a loop the loop before plunging towards a prior marked area. any hunters or wildlife caught in the area recieve massive damage. Spending points increases AoE, damage and performance speed.

Playstyle: Dracula is an effective melee beast. enter combat with a Feral howl to stun the hunters, then immediately dive bomb to deal large damage. if you do plan on using dive bomb, make sure to get it to a high level for the best effect. you can then attack with your melee, which does the same amount of damage as goliath. at the start of the game, use Airborn lots to escape the hunters easily. use blood lust when defeating groups of wildlife such as trapjaw packs. this will help you evolve faster. Feral howl can also be used as an escape mechanism.

Thank you for reading!
please comment with any ideas or improvements!

P.S. the picture is just a loose basement. imagine more spines, thinner and shorter tail, longer claws and fangs, bigger ears, no eyes, and a frill around its neck that pops out when attacking! I think it would be cool to keep the colour scheme though.


loved that monster Nargacuga <3


thanx mate


Lol. a 40k Nid monster would be awesome. :laughing:


yes dude. just yes


no offence, but knocking back enemies isn’t a traversal


sorry to break it to you, but trs dont take ideas from the forums. and they said that all mosters were going to be organic when gorgon came out. AND its a transformer.


How long have you been on the forums? Cuz, buddy, you got a lot to learn…


Why would you reply to a comment from almost a full year ago?


cuz i am bored. and new


Suggested name: Kronos

Descrption: Dragonesque in figure but without front legs. Instead it has wings with large “feet” at the end. The head is pointed like a snake with a frill that will expand once certain abilaties are used.it would have a long slender neck with sail along its neck, back and tail which grows larger and the divisory spines get bigger per evolution. Its tail ends in a lump with jaggedly arranged spikes sticking up in different, forward facing, directions.The wings and body would seem more battle hardened every evolution and the frills patterns would change also.

Traversal: Glide/flight : kronos would beat its wings which would grant 5 seconds of gliding to lose altitude unless in combat where , like kraken, it will fly indefinatley.

Ability - Venomous breath: Kronos’ frill expands dramatically and it discharges a green gas much akin to hydes bombs. It would deal a weak poison effect and slow hunters in the area.

Ability 2 - spine throw: Kronos whips its tail forward throwing a volley of spines at the target dealing more significant knockback the closer the target(s) are.

Ability 3 - control: Kronos opens its frill and the colours will loop and swirl wildly causing any birds to ignore the monster for a short time. The more levelled up the ability gets, the longer the creatures are pacified.

Ability 4 - Crush(Ground/air): While in the air crush involves a quickly executed body slam on a target area whereas on the ground it is where Kronos picks up the hunter and flings him/her/it to the ground.

Main attack(ground/air): While on the ground it is a simple claw swipe whereas while in the air it throws its projectile spines at the target(s)

BTW when control is used strange hissy whispers are heard in Kronos’ pitch but its mouth doesnt move. I changed control as it had been too over done.

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

This monster is my depiction of what every monster’s true form is. It has a medium health pool and no armor. While it is the only monster capable of healing without the Elite Tyrant’s perk, it also harms its self by using most of its abilities. Similar to the Wraith and Gorgon, this monster makes use of confusing the hunters.

Primary Colors: Black and Purple
The Mirage appears as its name implies; a shimmering mass of darkness with no certain form. Tendril-like appendages are occasionally formed as it feeds and attacks, while purple eyes can be seen where its head should be. While moving, its body stretches and leaves a shadowy trail that quickly dissipates. The Mirage becomes harder to see the longer the distance between it and the hunters; though it will never become fully invisible as it does emit a purple glow.

The Mirage’s tracks look like the ground and vegetation have turned black with rot. Using its traversal leaves a similar effect on the walls it moves through.


Waning Vitality (Passive) – Except for Reap, the monster’s abilities use up its health as a source of mana. Basic attacks and Reap will restore its health. After 5 seconds of not eating or attacking (either with Reap or basic attacks) the monster begins taking damage. Additionally, monster only needs to kill things to stage up, rather than eat them.

Reap – The monster siphons the life force of wildlife and hunters for 3 seconds within a large radius; refilling its health in the process.
Cooldown: Short

Specter – The monster turns invisible for 1.5 seconds. Upon reappearing, 9 decoy monsters appear with it. Each decoy will attack the hunters but deal no damage and are easy to kill. While Specter is active, the real monster’s basic attacks deal double damage and can use its other abilities.
Cooldown: Medium.

Possess – The monster takes control of one of the hunters for 5 seconds. While Possess is active, the monster takes damage. If the other hunters attack the possessed hunter, their ally takes the damage instead of the monster. The monster can use the weapons and equipment of the possessed hunter against his/her allies. The monster cannot exit the hunter until its duration is up.
Cooldown: Long

Reverse – The monster chooses an area to teleport to. Any hunters or wildlife caught in the area are damaged and teleported to the monster’s original location while the monster also takes damage.
Cooldown: Short

Ghost (Traversal) – The monster travels through walls that don’t lead outside the map. While ghosting, the monster is invincible, cannot use abilities and will harm any hunters or wildlife it passes through. Depending on the thickness of the wall, the monster may use multiple traversals. Ghost can be used to reach the top of a cliff or building if it can usually be climbed.
Cooldown: Medium

Feeding - The Mirage eats by attacking. When doing so, dark tendrils lash out at its target.


Ok so my idea of a monster is called the shakal. (Characteristics):Born by rotten flesh and bones of its most recently defeated enemy,the shakal was originally born in the water until evolution forced its new stage to land. The shakal is a not so close family member of the kraken using water attacks and piercing bone like spines to attack and kill its enemy’s. It can camouflage best in the little swamps found in some maps. It can easily by tracked when found, with slimy footsteps creeping around. When u look directly face-to-face with the shakal, your worst nightmares finally come true, death instantly.

(Ability1):It hides up in the trees or under the water waiting for its prey then stikes with its sharp beak of death and destruction. Don’t worry if your bones shatter its teeth, for it will replace the broken spots with yours.

(Ability2): The shakal shoots a hot beam of water through its mouth and burns a deep hole straight through the hunter the fourth time it is used on you.

(Ability3): The shakal uses its teeth to enlarge and shoot out at you, stabbing straight through you, as your life flashes before your eyes.

(Ability4): It has a goo like substance that it forms on its feet so no footprints will be spotted. Once it does that ,the track is over and the run begins.

(Evolution1):The same as shown above, with spikes beginning to form.

(Evolution2):Its spikes on its back and legs grow larger and sharper. Its head grows longer and more deadly. Its abilitys grow more affective, also with a hint of poison by its goo as it meles you.

(Evolution3):It is bigger in size and damage and can kill you in less hits. The shakal now has the ability to spawn miniature versions of itself that replace broken parts of the main shakal with their own body parts. Now the shakals spikes are way bigger and his head is longer than ever.

Also it attacks you with its main front arms and its scorpion like tail…please like and comment more ideas to improve the shakal. THX!!:ok_hand::grin:


Very different from other Monsters, the way you worded “The broken spots are replaced with yours” and 'as your life flashes before your eyes" it’s very intimidating giving you an idea how deadly this beast truly it

The 4th Ability is absolutely amazing and very game changing…although I don’t think you listed the Traversal so it may not be as useful as it sounds


Doesn’t fit with the lore, but nice nonetheless. However, abilities that don’t do damage should be avoided, as they just make the monster weaker in combat.


Thx for commenting back, I’ll try the best I can to improve and I am going to work on a sketch of it