Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


Like one that is clearly at the top of the food chain no doubt about it


I can’t belive that they actualy made it. Thx trtl rocks


I needed to update this old guy because the last ability I gave him was so terrible for so many reasons.

Heres the link to the old version, since Im only changing one ability

Im giving him a passive now too.
The Illithid gains 50% bonus evolution bar charge from eating hunters (cause he eats their brains and all to boost his intelligence)

The ability that I am changing is Transmutation
it used to make the monster and a target of its choice switch appearances. Yep talk about OP and incredibly difficult to code and well and kinda impractical.

So Im changing it to Optial Puppeteer:
Description: The Illithid discombobulates a hunter by distorting their eyesight
Nitty Gritties: The Illithid shoots a flesh tether in a target direction up to a certain range if it connects to a Hunter it will latch on for 2.5/2/3.5 sec. During this time the Hunter’s game camera will move around on its own in the general direction that the Hunter is facing, but it will not stay in one spot for long. This will make it hard for the Hunter to aim or walk in a straight line. Damaging the Hunter reduces the duration of the tether by 0.5 sec for each instance of damage (Not DoTs) and if the Hunter leaves the range of the tether it will break off immediately ending the effect. The ability will NOT go on Cool Down until the Tether breaks off (after the max duration or by another cause).


This guy looks really cool and is really unique in terms of his gameplay I like it alot. His combing of abilities works in a way kinda similar to a concept of mine. Really awesome ideas here.

First go charging with passive, then Gorge a small animal, Regurgitate them at the hunters, then use forklift, then gorge when u catch up, then Screech, ability combos like this would be awesome

How long does a target stay Gored (Ability 1) for?

Thumbs up for climbing animation


The Specter (REWORKED!!)

There is nothing creepier than the feeling of being watched or followed. The appearance of the Specter has all hunters watching their backs. And for a good reason, one wrong move will curse a hunter literally haunting them and leaving them to the whims of the Specter. Never before has the hunters ever had to deal with a reach the scope the Specter has. They can run but once the Specter has a mark on its target, they can’t hide.

Walking: The Specter glides upright over the ground

Eating: The Specter settles over its prey while upright and begins compressing and unconpressing its body (Imagine kind of like how and octopus eats)

Climbing: The Specter uses its claws individually, and kind of slither/glides up the walls, as its fingers quickly crawl up.

Sneaking: The specter pulls its arms in close to its body and moves slowly forward while upright

Sneak Attack: The Specter lowers its head and quickly smoothly glides over with minimal body movement

Basic Attacks: Wide arcing swipes, slashes


Traversal (CHANGED) - Realm Rift
The Specter selects a large circular area a solid surface (ground, wall, ceiling), creating a dimensional Rift over 1.5 seconds, after the delay the Specter will sink into the ground beneath it and erupt from the surface at the Rift’s location. Once a Rift has been created it will remain in place for up to 3 minutes when the monster is lvl 3 starting at 1 minute at lvl 1. Once a Rift is made the Specter can teleport to it with out a delay. The Specter can only Teleport to Rifts that are within its line of sight.

Works on a segmented bar system like Goliath. The Specter has four bars of the Traversal. Creating a Rift will instantly teleport the Specter to the Rift, after the delay, so that uses one bar, teleporting to a premade Rift also uses one bar.


The Specter reaches out to grab a target and move them in a direction.
The Specter’s arm becomes ghostly and stretches it out in a line to grab a hunter or wildlife dealing damage. The first target hit is stunned and Specter has 3 sec to move the target in one direction: Left, right, up or down, or towards the Specter a short distance. If the target collides with a wall, ceiling or the ground, the target takes a second round of damage. The Specter can stretch its hand through terrain.

The Specter marks a target to haunt them.
Specter claws the next target it hits, afflicting them with a mark that only the monster can see. The mark amplifies all damage that target takes by 10% and grants vision of the target no matter what distance until the effect ends. The mark lasts 1 minute, but it can be remotely detonated dealing damage in a moderate radius of the target, as long as the Specter as a clear line of sight. 5% of the damage dealt to the target during the minute will occur again in the detonation. CD starts after the detonation.
If a Hunter under Curse is near (20 m?) a Rift the Specter counts that Rift as within its line of sight and can Teleport to that Rift, (Can be done by clicking the Rift indicator marker on the minimap/activating Traversal while hovering over the marker on the minimap)

The Specter extends its reach.
The Specter selects a circular target area on the ground or terrain wall/ceiling. After a short delay it will slam its hand into the ground beneath it, and a ghost arm will immediately erupt from the target area blasting in a long straight line perpendicular to the ground/wall/ ceiling. It passes through and damages hunters and wildlife in the line before dissipating as it pulls its arm back. If Grasp or Curse is activated, then it will stop and affect the first hunter or wildlife it hits. The Specter can target Rifts within its line of sight to use Reach without a delay.

All of Specters attacks slow targets.
On activation, for 15 seconds all the Specter’s melee attacks and abilities will slow and reduce the attack speed of the targets they affect. The Specter deals splash damage in a 60 degree cone behind the first target hit and gains doubled range on its melee attacks. Consecutive hits on the same target will increase the slow and attack speed reduction by 5% on each consecutive hit.

Design Philosophy
You can run, but you can’t hide from the Specter. With Curse it always has a way of knowing where its target is. With Grasp and Reach its always a present threat from unexpected angles and timing at almost any distance. Combined with Realm Rift, the hunters never really are out of danger no matter where they are on the map, adding Drain and hunters and wildlife alike will find it all but hopeless trying to escape once they are in trouble. Don’t get caught, because danger is hard to get away from.
It afflicts hunters with a sense of despair and suspense. With Curse there is always a sense of being watched and the danger that the mark could go off at any time, as the Specter follows your every move. And if hunters don’t keep a watchful eye out at every angle, an arm could reach at them from the gloom. Even worse Cursed Hunters are harbingers of the Specter’s doom if they are near a Rift.

That is how the ghost theme is fulfilled, by giving the Specter that grasping reaching watching feeling that a ghost would have.

The Specter was made to be a type of fighter mage, who still has a very “physically” near presence in most fights, and distorta its own body to deal damage at medium range. The Specter has a bit less range with each individual ability than the Kraken. But unlike other monsters when it combines its abilities to do a combo, they are not always separate abilities seeing as how they all modify its “clawing” attacks. This means that it can combine Reach, then Grasp, and then Drain to achieve a greater range than Kraken’s Lightning Strike and Vortex. In addition there is the possibility that Specter’s attacks can come from many new angles. And combo-ing Curse with Rifts and Reach means the Specter can attack from anywhere on the map without even being near.

Ability Explanation and Combos
The ways that its abilities effect each other is additive, one abilities effects can be added to the next one activated if used in the right order. Drain can be used first to slow targets, then Reach to extends it range, then Curse to cause the next hit to make the mark, and then Grasp to finish it all off by further extending its range before it reaches the target. This is due to the fact that all the Specter’s attacks have to do with its arms/ hands/ claws. And its abilities empower those main limbs.

Other cool combos include using Grasp + Curse on a target through a wall to the opposite side and pulling them toward you so they get slammed into the wall. You can follow up by using Realm Rift if you have placed a Rift before, to go through the wall.

You can also use Curse on a target combined with Grasp. The thing is that only the Specter can see the mark, smart hunter players will be on the look out for Curse’s specific animation, and will probably try to move away from the cursed target to avoid the detonation. But the Specter can use Grasp to grab the hunter and shove them into their teammates before detonating the mark. Sharing is caring.

Curse is a powerful ability in many aspects, which is why it cannot be used on more than one target at once. However a lot of its strength comes from its detonation, which allows the damage to get spread to many other targets at once. Unlike the application of Curse, the detonation CAN damage multiple targets at once. The more damage that is dealt to the target within 1 minute the stronger the detonation will be. But once a detonation has occurred the ability will go on CD.

Drain makes up for Specters lack of damage while Curse is active but not detonated. Drain will allow the Specter to keep up with and keep damaging its prey while also taking less damage in return due to the attack speed reduction when Curse is not available.

When the Specter wants to pick out a specific target, but is having a hard time due to the hunters being in the same area, a careful timed Grasp during Reach will do the trick. Because Reach causes the Specter’s “arm” to pass through targets, it can activate Grasp at any time to pick out a target from the group and throw them out.

The Specter can target a wall behind the hunters unseen and then use Grasp. Due to the reverse direction if the Specter decides to pull the target towards itself, it will actually pull the target towards the wall. This similar to using Grasp on its own through a wall and the hunters will expect the Specter to be on the other side if they don’t see it ahead of them. The Specter can use this to its advantage by jumping on the rest of the group from a spot they didn’t expect.

If one arm was used for Grasp before Reach, then the Specter will use its other arm allowing it to damage targets more than once at the the same time, or even damage targets in separate areas at the same time. This is because Grasp can only be added to Reach but not the other way around due to the nature of the abilities.

With these extremely versatile abilities the possibilities are endless.


I won’t call myself a balance expert, but two or three seconds feels comfortable. It wouldn’t be enough to down a hunter if they are getting Medic attention, but it still needs to feel viable and good when you can initiate with it. This Monster would be an interesting one to play the more I think about it too, as it would be pretty hard to keep up with as a Hunter, but cutting it off would probably be rather easy because there are only so many long paths for it to take advantage of. And Dome locations would be so critical to the Monster’s success it would make for some really interesting situations of initiating and escaping.


I hope this thread isn’t dead.
Although I haven’t come up with anything new, I have a Tumblr and posted my character ideas there, with some tweaks and changes to them.

Let me know your thoughts about the edits I’ve done to the Monsters, because as always “This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.”


nice job , i really like Zephyr.
question : have you ever tought about hunters or only on monsters?


My Hunters are on the Hunter version of this thread.


thank you, keep it up


Thank you, I’ll try.


I think instead of the traversal being a teleport ability, i think it should be a sort of really fast underground travel. Kinda like Behemoth’s ball, but underground and very fast and hard to notice, and instead of one use at a time, it could be a sort of duration bar, again, like behemoth’s.

I’ve always wanted a monster that could go underground as it’s traversal, and I really like this idea!


I want it… and I want it badly


Two new ability combo ideas and a better render of the Monster art

Using a smart placement of Rifts combined with Grasp will allow the Specter to treat Grasp like a full pulling ablility and not a short one. Normally Grasp can only pull a target part of the way towards the Specter, but the Specter can use use Grasp in two ways to achieve a FULL pull effect. 1.) The Specter can use Grasp on a Rift already near the Hunter and pull the Hunter towards itself. When used through a Rift pulling towards itself actually pulls the Hunter towards the Rift. The Specter can then teleport to Rift delivering the Hunter right at its feet.

Finally for one of the situationally “longest” ranged abilities; If the Specter combines Curse with a nicely placed Rift on a wall and a previously Cursed Hunter walks near, the Specter can use Reach and Grasp to hit them.


You should check out my Harpy Monster, its similar to your Zephyr

Continuing the discussion from Fifth monster speculation:


Thanks man made my day, what makes you like it so much? To see it in game?


I like it because it adds a new factor into the game. I like the idea that you would be able to attack through a rift and not just straight forward like other monesters.


Yeah Rifts are cool, you got any game changing monsters or hunters that brng something new to the table?


no, im not that creative, but I think a monster that burrows down into the ground would be cool


I meant any that u have already made