Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


yah it sounds like a great ideia dude


This monster is a parasite made for players who likes to manipulates there entourage to aid them will making the monster stronger too. (Manipulative and opportunist).


This image is not mine but it’s gave me ideas for the monster appearance.

Appearance: Ouranos is a worm like creature whit a segmented body. The half of is body (the back) is covered in plates which are pointed upward. Is body share some characteristics of centipede and caterpillar. Like a soft body whit natural skin patterns and as many appendages covered in chitin (approximately 14). Is body end whit 2 protrusion which acts similar to antennas. It posses 10 black’s eyes on the side of it’s head. It posses for a mouth a tendril which extend like a root. It can be coiled in the same way as a butterfly can whit is proboscis. The first 4 appendages are bigger than the others. Its skin is orchid and it posses strange hole that have a sponge texture. It’s plate and is chitin posses a dark maroon color whit black outline. Its armor bioluminescent is yellow. Its size is around the size of a tall human in general whit a length similar to a megamouth and whit a wideness of 1.5 meters. It leaves a trails which looks like a line that have 5 holes in each of them.

Stage tow: Ouranos becomes bigger than a human. Also new appendages appear whit also new plates growing on is front.
Stage three: Ouranos becomes more than twice the size of a human. Is appendages are much more imposing and is body is almost completely covered in plates.

Speed: Running: 7,5 m per seconds.
Sneak: 7 m per seconds.

Health: (1) 4 bars/ (2) 6 bars/ (3) 7 bars
Armor: (1) 5 bars/ (2) 7 bars/ (3) 9 bars
attack: Ouranos attack are weaker than Gorgon but are most fastest between all the monster.

Passive: Ouranos is immune to poison effects.

Symbioses: The Ouranos cause an extreme evolution to the infected wildlife giving it completely new more powerful abilities and stats depending on the host. When Ouranos leaves the host it will attack the hunters. Leveling this ability increases the numbers of stages of evolution (which act similar to the normal evolution but it does is whiteout the need to evolves multiples time.) and decreases the cooldown. (smaller wildlife that cannot be infected whit traversal can be whit symbioses because it will become big enough for Ouranos to attach to it).

Pheromone spit: Ouranos spits shoot a liquid that explodes on contact causes nearby wildlife to be attracted to it’s landing location. But if a targets is hit by it, it will also cause all nearby wildlife to attack it or them. Leveling increases the radius of impact and of attraction of wildlife.

Parasitic tendril: Ouranos projects tendrils that cause target to lose control of their movement and abilities temporarily. Making them vulnerable to attacks. Target can be free if the tendril takes a certain amounts of damages which increases cooldown of this ability. Leveling this ability decreases the cooldown and increases the amount of damages that it can take before the tendril breaks.

Gas cloud: Ouranos Sprays a gas that causes any target in the area to suffer tow times the amounts of damage receive and to suffer poison damage for a certain amount of time. Leveling increases the radius and the duration of the effects.

Traversal: Ouranous jumps on wildlife and takes control of it giving him more and new stats and abilities depending on the infected wildlife. Ouranos can jump between host in a burst traversal fashion.

Movements: Ouranos move similarly to a worm and a centipede, crawling on the ground while also moving its segment.

Eating animation: Ouranos Impales its prey whit is tendril and then start to drink from it.

Sneaking animation: Ouranos folds its larger appendages and coils is tendril under him. He starts moving its legs in a more organise manner while staying low. when not moving its plates and appendages are retracted closer to is body.

Climbing animation: Ouranos starts grappling over the surface while contracting is body foward.

Pounce animation: Ouranos impales its prey whit is tendril repeatedly.

Smelling: Ouranos produces a sound similar to high pitch slurping and cackles.

attack animation: Light: Ouranos uses its front a appendages.
Heavy: Ouranos uses its tendril as a whip.

Keep in mind that I am fully opened for suggestion for changes that could be made for the monster and thoughts!
Also, I am some votes for certain feature that I am unsure of!
Also this my first time and I am also French and I am trying to the best I can!


It dose sound like a good idea


Forsenix (for-sen-niks)

Is a creature that looks as though someone mixed a crocodile, shark, & large cat together then gave it exesive amounts of growth hormones. It has silky looking skin with a long tail ending shark-like, it has multiple dorsal fins (3) running down its back. It moves like a feline, having no ears and sharp claws, its back legs resemble those of the cat. Its snout is short but the teeth are very jagged some point out of the mouth. The arms are like long crocodile arms and very sharp. On the sides of the dorsal fins are the spines on a croc.


Barrel drive: forenix charges forward spinning grabbing the first enemy and dealing a large amount of damage.

fake-out strike: forenix goes underground so only its dorsal fins show, creating an illusion of multiple forenixes, the path forenix takes is completely player controlled. When the teal fornix moves closer so do the illusions, but when it moves away only 1 or 2 follow while the rest move closer. The illusions cannot harm the hunters but do block bullets

Slicing roar: forenix lets out a feline roar that creates a field of DoT if caught inside, enemies are also slowed making it harder to escape

Illusious charge: forenix makes two illusions and all three runn forward in a zigzag pattern making forenix hard to track. The illusions of forenix nockback enemies and do little damage while the real forenix sliws it’s target and does massive damage

Transversal: forenix jumps onto the ground and slides as if on water it slides forward and cannot turn but makes 2 illusions that take up a burst but lets forenix continue to slide. Forenix slowly uses its transversal bar when slides but at activation it uses none, the bar begins to drain only while sliding, unless the transversal buttons it pressed again otherwise forenix stops after one of the three bars is depleted

Sneaking: gets low to the ground like a cat and it’s dorsal fins lower back (like wraith’s back things)

Feeding: forenix likes to play with its food throwing it upward and slicing at it while it feasts making it eat slightly slower than other monsters

Please like and comment!

Point out my typos if any!

Suggest the next monster!

Tell me what you think!

Would you like more serious creations that would fit the gsme more?


Would you like them as just ideas?!?

Please tell me below!

  1. Dive
  2. It’s like a cooler version of Warp Blast and Abduction mixed together. So props for a nice independent Ability

Block bullets seems a little OP and one reason why Personal Shield was removed

This seems really weird about the Monster it self but it’s a cool ability

  1. Illusion* Knockback*
  2. It’s basically a less lethal Decoy which is really nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than the opinions above. I love the rest :slight_smile:


My sixth Monster. Here goes nothing.


Appearance: Grendel is a plant monster. The design would be to combine the appearances of carnivorous plants, while keeping it as alien as possible. Grendel’s body shape would be similar to Goliath’s, and he would walk similarly to Behemoth.

Traversal: Vine Swing
Similar to Gorgon’s web swing. Not sure on how to be able to track him though.

Ability 1: Plant Trap
This would act like Gorgon’s spider trap, but it is not as mobile. When any of the Hunters are near the trap, it emerges from the ground and attempts to grab the nearest Hunter. The range of detection will be short, but the range that the trap can reach is double that of detection. When a Hunter is freed from the trap, they will continue to take damage over time.

Ability 2: Resin Spit
Grendel lobes a wad of resin that slows and damages the Hunters caught in its area of effect.

Ability 3: Toxic Spores
Grendel emits a cloud of spores that deals lots of damage to Hunters caught in the cloud. The radius of the cloud will be smaller than that of supernova, but the cloud will follow Grendel for a short time.

Ability 4: Vine Snare
Grendel launches a vine at its target and brings it closer to him. Any Hunters grabbed will have their load out disabled for a few seconds.

Not sure how it’ll feed, honestly.

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.


And because I have this idea fleshed out as well, here is my seventh Monster.
This is my take on the Monster that can spawn entities, from the secret message in the credits. (My first take was Thanatos.)


Appearance: The Broodmother is the queen of all Monsters. She has a slim, insect like build, three sets of bug like legs and two sets of arms. One set of arms have hands, while the other set are cleaver like in nature. The Broodmother has a swollen abdomen, for she is the source of all the eggs. She has two weak spots, her head and her abdomen.

Traversal: Adrenaline
Broodmother has a stamina bar like Behemoth. When activated, her movement speed increases substantially but it’s harder to control her direction.

Ability 1: Spawn Minion
Broodmother lays an egg that hatches into a random, stage one Monster (Can’t be a Broodmother, for obvious reasons.) The minion hatched has half health and armor that quickly decays after hatching. The cool down starts when the minion dies.

Ability 2: Devouring Swarm
Broodmother sends out a swarm creatures that damage anything in the direction they were sent. Anything caught by the swarm will take damage over time.

Ability 3: Swarm Matrix
Broodmother spawns a cloud creatures that swarm around her and the minion, if close enough. The swarm reduces incoming damage for a period of time. Cool down starts when the swarm disappears.

Ability 4: Ground Shatter
Broodmother slams her body into the ground, creating a shock wave that knocks the Hunters back and deals considerable damage at close range.

I’d say similarly to Gorgon

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.

Not sure if I’ll make any more Monsters, (or Hunters), but time will tell. I’m just glad to share these ideas.


First one could use work in a lot a ways regarding the traps and such being to like gorgon…

And I didn’t even look at the second one 'cause it’s too much…


If you have any ideas on how to rework them, I’d be glad to hear them.


Well first of all if you like traps so much consider putting more thought into one of the traps making it absolutely necessary to be the main ability. Get rid of the other trap.
This is a plant monster so make it have a long range ability using plants! All monsters have at least one ranged ability.
It seems kinda necessary. So with the spit being to slow them make a dmg one
A grab type ability, a super unique ability or some kind of escaping technique


There was a concept i saw back around a year ago that was known as the Legion monster, where it is a biomass that can split into 4 forms(medic,trapper,support,assault) using AI monsters to control the remaining 3 with their own objectives while separated, the monster only allowed to evolve when all 4 biomass come back together again.

Legion - A humanoid mass of biological matter that can split itself
into up to four different entities, akin to the hunter roles. The player
can switch between these entities as they would between AI hunters.
Each component will have a different feature/silhouette/color for easy
All entities have fractions of Legion’s health and shield. Having 3/4
health and 1/2 shield as a complete legion upon splitting into four
will yield each entity having 3/4 health and 1/2 shield, which will be
3/16 and 1/8 of Legion’s original health and shield respectively.
Components can combine in any combination. You can have two 1/2
components running around, a 3/4 running with a 1/4, a 1/2 with two
1/4ths, etc.

I think this idea is a nice change of pace. I always enjoy a good doppelganger type fight and this can be a really good monster with some changes. For instance, the person put that if one of the legion is killed then you permanently lose him. I think it should have revive when another legionnaire reaches it, splitting their health between the two, or once a specific amount of time passes, like 30 seconds, however this will make it random which legionnaire gives half their health. I also think that it would need better abilities. the run faster depending on health pool of all legion in area seems more like a passive, same with support increasing shield recharge speed. and although i like the whole make animals attack hunters thing the trapper does, i think that there should be a full set of 4 abilities that each legion has while each having their own separate element, the abilities having different effects:

Medic(Blue): all abilities are ice based and all attacks will slow hunters
-Ice wall: Makes a wall (similar to Behemoths rock wall) to block off a path for a set amount of time, if hunter is in AOE they get damaged,
-Ice trap: Makes a trap that when a hunters steps on it, they are unable to do anything till another hunter breaks him out, does light amounts of damage but drains jet pack while in trap
-Ice Boulder: Fires a large Ice rock at targets that will knock back hunters. Boulder continues forward till it hits a wall.
-Ice Blades: Forms Ice blades that spin around the Legionnaire dealing massive damage to all surrounding hunters

Trapper(Green): All abilities are poison based and will deal light damage over time.
-Poison cloud: AOE an area with a poison mist, dealing damage to all inside it.
-Venom trap: sets a trap that will catch a nearby hunter, making them unable to do anything till hunter breaks them out.
-Vine whip: Trapper uses whip to pull one hunter to it as to force it to separate from others.
-Call of Wild: Calls aggressive wildlife to come to the legionnaire to attack hunters(Has higher cooldown then all other 4 abilities)

**Support(Yellow):**All abilities are lightning based, high damage but no damage over time
-Lightning strike: Immediately has a lightning strike AOE a selected area
-Lightning traps: Set lightning traps that will activate when Hunter gets in vicinity
-Lightning bolt: Fires a lightning bolt forward that does massive amounts of damage
-Lightning storm: Select area to commence volley of lightning strikes, will knock around Hunter with each strike that hits.

Assault(Red):All abilities are fire based and deal massive amounts of fire damage over short period of time.

  • Fire Ball: Launch a fireball that will deal splash damage to all enemies in vicinity
  • Magma pool: AOE that burns so hot that the rock turns to lava for a duration of time
    -Burning lunge: A lunge attack that works like a sneak attack, except burning the target faster the longer it is caught
    -Fiery rage: Legionnaire starts burning as it charges forward with insane speed. low control over turning but will bounce off walls like pin ball.

Though there are many different kinds of combinations that can be made while specific Legionnaires are combined, I don’t think i can go through them all on my own.

I also believe that once Legion reaches stage 3. they will only be allowed to split in 2 as to now overwhelm the hunters by having all 4 attack each hunter simultaneously. Also, when the Legionnaires morph back together, they will all split the amount of damage each of them sustained equally.

I do like the ideas of how each Legionnaire reacts when they are out on their own in AI form. Assault acts reckless and eats anything in its path, trapper tries to attract the hunters to get them off the others trail while attempting to remain a good distance away from the hunters. Support will eat anything it gathers, unless another Legionnaire is near, leaving allowing the others to eat. Medic will let the Legionnaire with the least amount of food in the Vicinity take the food, eating it himself if he has the least.

When in combat,Assault attacks the closest Hunter till either it is down or its shields are. the medic will avoid combat if alone but will jump assault hunter if he is alone or will attack assault if with other components. Support will run if alone but will go after medic with with other legionnaires. Trapper tries to stay back as observer(this is one thing i think the trapper should do) When with other legionnaire, will attack either assaults target, or the target with the least amount of health.

All AI Legionnaires will ping the hunters location with their specific color as to let the player know what is going on, and stratagize who he controls at the moment, and what he could do. This would mostly be the trapper pinging the location of the hunters since the trapper is trying to keep the hunters on his trail.

As for the strategy of the Legion, it would evolve depending on who controls it. If you choose trapper, you can try to lead the hunters away from the 3 AI so they can gather enough food to evolve, if your assault, you could be aggressive and eat everything in your path, if the hunters dome you, go wild till other legionnaires come to help you, if medic then try to stay as far away from the hunters as you can, but if you are domed, use your player knowledge to keep the hunters at bay until the others come to your aid.

Their passives would be based on their class, medic is the fastest, support regenerates armor the most, trapper will not be attacked by any wildlife, and assault has high defense buffs.

Though something that also crossed my mind was that it could also be a monster with 4 bodies but one mind instead of being a biomass of morphed human flesh. they could also make it as legion evolves, they form together with the others, you choosing in the selection screen which forms with which, allowing for either, Assault/Support Medic/Trapper,etc at stage 2 then all 4 together on stage 3. Maybe even choosing to only have two form, then one form with the two to have one off set partner


Thank you for the reply. I went and changed Grendel’s vine trap, and now I think all of his abilities pair well together. If you think any of my other Monsters need a slight (or drastic) change, let me know.


The second one…
I was told that anything that can block shots is a “no go” so consider changing it to an attack or buff for the monster and minion
The other swarm thing can do DoT swarming around things that get caught in them
It seems like gorgon with s bigger but but whatever…
Oh yeah and nothing can get bigger than behemoth without breaking the game or something…


Rock Wall, anyone?


Other than rock wall…
It is the exception but behemoth it special


Dragon :slight_smile:

Even without checking entire topic, something tells me there was already over9000 ideas about Dragon Monster :slight_smile:
Yet, as a true fan of dragons (who’d could a guess :slight_smile: ), i personally would never be satisfied to Monster that just looks kinda like a Dragon, and fight kinda like a Dragon. Every single thing about that Monster should ‘cry’: “Yes, i am a freaking Dragon!”.
So that’s that, but let talk about Dragon-monster itself :slight_smile:

First of all i’ll start with traversal. As, surprise, dragons can fly :slight_smile: And i mean actually fly, not just float above ground like Kraken. That alone would be hard to implement, but without flying dragon, and not derping badly while flying, IMO its not even worth bringing dragon in game at all.
Whats wrong about implementing real flying you’ll ask? Well, for actual flying Dragon will have to retain forward momentum. More to that, it should not bump into the stone wall while flying, ruining whole immersion of flying. Meaning devs have to wright complex script, that would force Dragon to immediately land, if he is about to bump into the wall while flying. And taking huge wing span of the dragon, staying airborne with Dragon would not be easy. Not on low altitude at least. On high altitude however Dragon can very easily spotted by hunters. Finally, any snare effects would also force dragon to land immediately, which would force dragon to take hard decision. Stay low and risk force-land if he can’t maintain airborne control. Or stay high, and risk been hit with trapper’s snare effects, especially Crow’s long range stasis rifle. Val’s tranq dart though should just slow down Dragon, and nothing else.
Control while airborne also should be changed. Obviously there is no strafing in flying. Thus (on PC) A and D would actually make dragon to turn left or right. W will accelerate dragon, S will decelerate and even let him however… but only for very short time, before dragon will have to resume forward flying momentum.
Overall its similar to Behemoth Traversal. Small amount of traversal energy needed to start traversal, and than it will be just continuously drain, while Dragon stays airborne.

Standard attacks.
Similar to Kraken would be separated to two kind. land attack will just do normal melee damage, just like with every monster.
While airborne however, standard attack will change to fire breath with limited range and mediocre damage over time. Unlike Goliath’s fire Breath skill - it will not put Hunters on fire. However like Gorgon’s acid spit leaving acid pool, Dragon’s fire breath attack will leave heated fissures on the ground. Unlike Gorgon’s acid spit yet, it will do very low damage over time by default, but actually create heated air area just above the fissures. Thus simply jumping over fissure will not save you from damage. Every fissure will remain on the ground for roughly 15 seconds. Dragon can accumulate quite wide fissure area, but on its own they are barely problem at all.
Dragon can control where he want to breath with mouse (on PC), without changing actual flight direction (look above about flight control)


Wings Storm (ground ability):
While standing on the ground, Dragon will intensively flap his wings, creating very strong forward air stream. Hunters who stay on the ground (and in Wing Storm area obviously : P ) will be unable to move forward toward the dragon, and very slowly will be pushed back. Airborne hunters however, who caught in WingS AoE, will lose control over their character, and will accelerate fast along air stream. If airborne hunter will hit obstacle - he/she will receive damage. Otherwise WS will do no direct damage on its own.
What it will do additionally, is work like furnace. Any heated fissures that will caught in WingS area, will be become super-heated fissures, doing significantly higher damage over time during WingS effect. After WingS end, every fissure that was in it AoE will reset their duration.

Fiery Death (ground ability):
Dragon will stay still for short time, inhaling in prepare for attack. After that Dragon will release massive cone of fire in front him. It impossible to control where exactly Dragon will release it, always will be right in front of him. Cone will have quite long range, and thus actually quite wide radius close to the end of the cone.
As it is, FD will do very heavy damage over time (guaranty downing any hunter who not escaped cone quickly). Gladly it shouldn’t be too hard escaping the cone, as long as you keep an eye on Dragon. And somewhat punishing skill for dragon, due to fact that Dragon stand still for whole duration of skill (roughly 5 seconds).
Additionally to that, any ground that will come in contact with FD, will get heated fissure effect afterward.

Tail Swipe (maybe needed batter name : P) (ground ability).
Dragon will quickly ‘shrink’ in a form of living spring. Afterward quickly rotate 360 degree, releasing his tail in form of giant flail, doing heavy melee damage to anyone who get caught in its AoE. Additionally to that, attack will crate strong air stream around the dragon, very shortly transforming normal heated fissures into super-heated version, plus resetting duration of heated fissures afterward.

Death from Above (air ability):
While airborne, dragon can ‘lock-on’ on target that is roughly below him. Once executed, Dragon will quickly drop on the ground, doing massive damage to targeted hunter (unless hunter dodge the attack : P), plus additional mediocre AoE damage around the landed zone. Targeted hunter additionally will automatically be caught in pounce attack (unless again attack was dodged).
Overall very similar to Gorgon’s special attack, only in form of dedicated skill.
Finally. Landing will create strong air stream, very shortly transforming normal heated fissures into super-heated version, and duration of heated fissures will be resetting afterward.


So, not certain if coming up with new monsters is even relevant at this point, but I have looked at what exists and I think my Monster is somewhat unique.

Name: Oni

No image, sorry.

Appearance: The Oni is a massive bipedal creature. It has dark red skin with a very muscular physic and it holds itself up with a very confident and intimidating stature. Along its back and the back of its biceps, it has numerous horns and bumps, some of the horns will be 3 feet long and either straight or slightly curved near the end. Its head has two very large horns that curve like a Rams and have small spines protruding from the sides of them. facially, it has two small, black, beady eyes with a neon green iris and a white, glowy pupil being shaded by a very large neanderthal like forehead. Closer to the center of its head is a large, cloudy opal blue “stone” that appears to be slightly translucent. Its mouth is large and sports two large tusks, on the bottom of its chin are three large horns. It is about 9 or 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide including muscle girth.

Stage one evolution: Many bumps along its back and biceps, some with bone protruding out of them. Its head horns are slightly curved but relatively tame, the opal “stone” is very small but the forehead still shades the eyes. Its mouth is very large and has two small tusks coming out of the sides of its mouth, at the bottom of its chin is a small bone extrusion ending in a point. It is about 7 feet high and 5 feet wide with muscle girth.

Stage two evolution: Many more horns begin to appear on its back with the bumps becoming more intense and lighter at the tips along its biceps. The head horns begin to get a lot wilder and are beginning to complete a full circle. Its stone is becoming a lot wider in diameter and is stretching out a little bit more. Its tusks are becoming much larger and the chin horn is now splitting into three points. Overall size is about 8 feet tall and 5 or 6 feet wide including muscle girth.

Stage three evolution: see the beginning of appearance.


Unfathomable Rage: The Oni roars, causing all wildlife to become immobile in fear and stay stationary, whereas hunters are slowed in movement and ability swap speed, Hunter damage to monster is increased slightly

Tantric Wrath: When the monster is being attacked, a third of the damage absorbed by armor adds to the monsters standard attack damage to a defined limit. When the monster takes health damage, half the total damage received goes to regenerating the armor after it stops taking health damage for 5 seconds, resulting in a massive regen boost. (is not affected by continual damage, only immediate damage. Ex. Poison, Fire, etc.) (All damage Oni receives is applied to armor/health)

Uproar: Oni goes into a swinging, roaring, clawing frenzy for several seconds, deactivating all other abilities. All hunters within his grasp (radius/diameter/AoE) are either batted out of the sky or smashed into the ground, taking damage. If Oni uses his standard attack when aimed at a hunter while in this state, the Hunter is grabbed, crushed, and thrown, becoming downed. This can only be done once and once done decreases the duration of Uproar. Once Uproar is finished all abilities refresh except uproar which stays deactivated for 10 seconds after its use, Oni is also slowed for 2 seconds. (If a hunter is grabbed, they will have the capability to escape by repeatedly pressing spacebar in any direction, however, if this is done it does not decrease the duration of uproar but Oni can still not grab a Hunter again.)

Bloody Thirst: Whenever Oni downs a Hunter with its standard attack, attack speed and damage is substantially increased for a short duration (15 sec). Whenever Oni kills a Hunter, it becomes resistant to all damage (50% maybe) and movement speed is increased slightly for a very short time (3 sec).

Oni moves with an uncanny, graceful stride, vaulting over low terrain with one hand and launching itself upward on mountainous terrain with its legs and arms.

Oni tears its prey, limb from limb, devouring parts whole.

So yeah, that’s Oni, I hope it gets added to the other pinned thread or whatever (hell even considered as an option by the devs) but If you couldn’t tell, Oni is a self-buffing beast oh death. Your main option is to kill the beast at a distance with continual damaging ordinance or to bring the pain fast and quick, not allowing it to escape. As for the Monster, its job is to take the hurt in stride, rolling in it, and dishing it out in greater amounts. You are war incarnate, you thrive in these conditions.


I find it funny…
That almost everyone without a picture for their monster idea apologizes…
I know i did :joy: It’s oddly funny idek why…


I don’t know, but I think the idea of the abilities and traversal (Gameplay) is more important than the Body.

If you can actually visualize a good Monster with the Abilities then so be it but that’s why I skip the pictures and skip your body concept :stuck_out_tongue:


Well heres my idea… So… i was thinking in a different adaptation or form to The Wraith. I dont have the name or image yet.
So, this adaptation will have the power to shape-shift into a marsh/ canyon strider (i know its hard to do) but if you peform any action apart from running (climbing, eating, attacking or get hit) you will return to the monster form (so gets easier to develop/design). Also the strider will resemble the monster slightly (maybe have spikes on the back idk)

Now for the abilities:

For the Warp Blast, Implosion: The Wraith will no longer teleport, dealing less damage, but sending the hunters WAAAY far, with a little blindness effect on them.
For the SuperNova, Singularity (Bad name i know): Less damage speed. Area damage. Nearby hunters will be pulled into the wraith.
For the Decoy, Space Rift: It will create different sized rifts in front of the wraith, slowing nearby hunters and hurting them.
And for the Abduction, some kind of Cloaked Abduction: Same thing, more range, invisible while doing it.
Passive: Marsh/ Canyon striders and birds will not get scared of you while on Strider form.
Transversal: ShapeShift: The wraith turns into some kind of strider, gaining speed. This form gets reverted if you perform something appart from running.