Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


Well, Im lazy and untalented for drawing, but still lets try one…
Name: Idk, Monsterpuss or something, lazy to work all till end
Something like gigant octopuss, cant jump, but can walk on walls and can stick in place on those.
Skills, idk, say
Tentacle bash: 2-3 s mouse strong guided medium distance tentacle bashing
Whirlpool: 2-3 s controlled spinning and bashing all around you
Black ink. pool of black ink that blind/sticky hunters
Regeneration: 1-2 s of converting incoming damage to health / armor
Single bash, or maybe long distance bash: strong hit with tentacle witch throws hunter long away


Laziest monster creator lol
Welp! Here i go!

No… Just no… Try looking up mythology other than kraken then you got yourself a name

Cool so it can stivk to walls like gorgon. That still makes it unique though because gorgon can’t walk on the wall

Shouldn’t be guided, instead try bent path

So you can move while spinning? Sounds cool

Depends on how long the blind is but the regeneration is kind of… Maybe if only armor but no health

This one is pretty cool


Lazyness is first sign of ingenuity! :slight_smile:

Nah, let it stay for now, if they like my idea and decide to pay me million $ for it, well think some more original name like Oktomonster or Dad monsterpuss!

I though guided cos that A+ movie feeling. Imagine, you run for your life and only thing you can hear is tentacle stomps, closer and closer behind you… Precious!

Yup, you lure them into some tight space, and grinded hunters ready for dinner, or you pretend you are overpowered, and in other moment hunters and shild projectors flying on all sides! :wink:

Tnx! :slight_smile:


You definitely are something huh?

Well keep bringing out monster ideas!



(Picture from google images on CGTrader)

A six-legged lizard type, fast moving and climbing monster utilizing poison attacks. Don’t get caught alone facing this dexterous beast or you will find yourself being ripped apart on your back.

Ability 1 - Necrotic Bite
Powerful bite which does initial damage and poison damage over time. If a hunter is incapacitated, reviving hunters will take poison damage as they revive the fallen hunter

Ability 2 - Poison cloud
The monster releases poisonous gas from it’s pores which damage hunters over time and also blur’s their vision. (Assuming the engine can render that on the hunter POV)

Ability 3 - Tackle
Executes a more powerful dash/pounce attack without having to first crouch/sneak (Also breaks harpoon)

Ability 4 - Tail whip
A powerful rear attack that damages hunters in a cone of effect behind the monster, both knocking them back and dealing damage. Useful when hunters try to help their tackled comrades and for getting hunters off your back before climbing away. (Also breaks harpoons)

Traversal - a landsprint which if directed at an obstacle will climb the obstacle without slowing down, making for quick vertical getaways as well as chasing hunters onto plateaus.

Feeding - The monster rips and tears their prey apart like a komodo dragon/crocodile

Note: Climbing speed is extremely fast by default as this creature has no “jump.” Since it would have no ready way to hit flying hunters, tackle could auto target flying hunters if directed their way. Poison cloud could also have a full vertical cylindrical AoE since it would rise.


Leave my mom out of this. ;-;



I’m not going to go into abilities because other people will probably give it some lol
I want there to be some kind of land shark: a monster that can go underground.


SOTC influence on the name?



I said i got the name from greek mythology.

Not everything is a game


Sure it is! :stuck_out_tongue:



This isn’t mine, was found on google.
Mithra, is a terrifying bird/ dragon shaped creature, covered with armored feathers. It had two long legs for holding, and two strong arms for grabbing, ripping and feeding. In between the feathers is a lining of glowing liquid. Has a main mouth for biting and then an inner mouth that eats whatever is put there(like the xenomorphs from alien). Its an assassin, but will fight you head on if you are worthy. At stages 2 and 3, she grows bigger, gets more feathers, spikes, teeth and quills.
Ability 1
Fly/Dropbomb: This monster has a dual ability set up, one set while on ground and another while in the air. This ability will force the monster to shoot up, and glide. Has a 2.5 second cooldown, and has a slight knockback at the points on contact.
Dropbomb will force the monster to fall from the sky at tremendous speed, dealing moderate damage and knocking all in area back.

Ability 2
Maim/Swoop: Maim is a frontal cone shapped attack with her claws. Does Heavy damage and will prock a small bleed for a few seconds.
Swoop is a short dash down that grabs the first target in its path, it then flys up and holds them, dealing damage over time. Mithra moves slower while a target is grabber, and the only way to save them is to shoot her feet.
Can still use all abilities while target is grabbed.

Ability 3
Bite/Spectral Scream: Mithra slightly charges forward before biting down on a target applying bleed and dealing moderate damage.
While flying, Spectral Scream is a frontal cone ranged attack that knocks back and dealing moderate damage. Can be channeled to deal more damage but must remain still.

Ability 4
You’ve been deemed worthy…
Primal Fury/Everlasting Hunt: As soon as primal fury is activated, Mithra enters a berserker like state, dealing more damage but also taking more. Can only use ground based abilities and cannot fly until the duration is over. Every time she hits a target, her blood boils and will increase the damage she does by 1%, if she misses, it will decrease the damage. After the ability is over, she will fly.
Everlasting Hunt forces Mithra into the air is she wasn’t already there, she will channel for a second, and after sacrificing a small portion of armor, she shoots her feathers into a large area dealing heavy damage and applying a heavy bleed to anything that they hit. Each feather that hits will prolong the bleed but the damage will not stack. After the ability is over, she will land.

Traversal- Is a stamina based monster like behemoth
While on the ground, she will drastically increase her sprinting speed.
While flying she does a barrel roll like Wraith’s wrap blast(has the same distance as a warp blast). If it hits a target, it does no damage but is a very light knock back.

While on the ground, she pecks the flesh clean off of the prey.
While flying, she grabs the body with her hands and eats it like a taco.

Side notes:
Flying is much faster than walking, but stamina regenerates faster while walking.

Tell me what you guys think, I would love to hear it.


Oh sorry I didn’t see, my bad.


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it was too tough to explain so I put a taco


Because why not.

Essentially the idea is that the monster’s four abilities will do a slow DoT and apply certain debuffs/buffs. For example:

1: Hitting a Hunter with this will grant you a temporary damage resistance buff, but will do the same for all Hunters.
2: Hitting a Hunter with this will debuff the jetpack recharge and movespeed considerably, but will debuff your traversals and your movespeed too.
3: Hitting a Hunter with this will grant you a temporary damage increase buff, but will do the same for (some or all) Hunters.
4: Hitting a Hunter with this will temporarily make all their cooldowns/reloads longer, but your melees slow down and your cooldowns slow down too.

Or something along those lines but very similar. Basically, the idea is that you can sort of control the ebb and flow of hunters abilities- not enough to make it obnoxious or annoying, but enough to be able to control it so that you can play to your own strengths. Introducing buffing effects to Hunters will ensure that they don’t get frustrated and can’t whine while also introducing the necessity for careful thought. For example, if I hit Caira with “2”, then yeah her jetpack is worse but Caira with DR is Caira with DR which makes her TOUGH and that is something to consider; if I hit Parnell with “3” because I need him DEAD, now, then I can do that; but he’s going to make me pay for it pretty well, and that’s something I need to consider.

Basically this means you need to actually think carefully and use your abilities well while introducing debuffs and buffs for a very fluid and I think unique playstyle.

Outside of abilities, this monster would have another group of special traits- it climbs faster and; its melees do less damage but you can melee very very quick and each melee has a little push of knockback; on top of this, chaining melees will give you a movement speed buff. So for instance, if you can continually melee a hunter you’ll move faster, keep up with him easily. What does this mean?

It means this monster trades high damage for a very very good solution to hardcore roaching. He could deal with kiting much more efficiently WITHOUT affecting Hunters badly; they won’t get too salty about massive knockback or having no jetpack or being stunlocked from Tongue Grab, etc, while also not being able to cheese a 100% melee based monster.

For traversal; I’m not sure, but perhaps some sort of a charging tackle or dash ability; when you press it your movespeed is temporarily buffed considerably and you automatically climb walls without slowing down, which adds to the roach counter and speed demon type gameplahy.

The beauty of this is that you get a monster that can’t be cheesed, but doesn’t cheese the Hunters in return! It could well be viable and do enough damage with enough tweaking, and it wouldn’t be a bitch to fight like Wraith either because it’d be pretty big, maybe a bit bigger than Goliath, which means Assaults have a nice time too.

Essentially a game would go like this- the early game feed goes well and when you get into a fight, you can focus anyone- say you choose Hank. Put the “4” debuff on him, so he’s taking more damage; you’re powering through Medic’s healing with your rapid onslaught of melees but you’re not doing ridiculous burst or stunlocking Hank, you’re just keeping up with his attempts to cheese you and continuously wearing him down, which prevents salt even more.

You’d keep meleeing and maybe you do enough or maybe not, but however the fight goes you’ll probably want to bail. Maybe you’ll debuff, say, Griffin’s jetpack and movement, not wanting Harpoon chains, but that will let the others keep pace with you (since you’re affected as well) and maybe deal some chip damage, so you need to be cautious.

So on, and so forth.

Anyway. I had this random idea, and I liked it. But it’s probably a really bad idea!

I don’t expect to ever see it in game lol, I’m just curious- what do people think of this?


@TheMountainThatRoars Thanks for moving this to the right spot. :slight_smile:




I apologize for the delay of my fifth monster, but I needed to get a good visual design for it.
Without further adieu, release the not Kraken.


Appearance: Charybdis is a combination between a lobster and an anemone. She has four strong, crustacean-like legs to help her move about, and two powerful clawed arms for attacking. Her head is like that of an anemone, her mouth is on top of her head and her eyes circle around, giving her 360 degree vision. Her neck is rather long and can extend from her body to aid her feeding and pounce.

Traversal: Tail Flick
Charybdis propels herself similarly to crustaceans of her build, but unlike those she can propel herself in the direction she is moving.

Ability 1: Whirlpool
Technically a water spout, Charybdis creates a vortex of water that moves in the direction it was aimed, knocking the Hunters around that get hit. Acts similarly to Kraken’s vortex.

Ability 2: Geyser
Charybdis spits out column of water at the Hunters. Her neck extends so she can aim it without moving her body too much. Similar to Goliath’s fire breath, but it knocks the Hunters back instead of setting them on fire.

Ability 3: Water Wall
Charybdis creates a wall of water that acts similarly to Behemoth’s rock wall. The Hunters can pass through, but take damage in doing so. Charybdis can pass through with ease, and send her other attacks through.

Ability 4: Rift
Charybdis pounds the ground with her claws and opens up a rift that sets anything nearby on fire. It acts similarly to Behemoth’s fissure, but only travels downwards.

Charybdis lowers herself to the ground, extends her neck and consumes her prey.

This is just an idea, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.


Since TRS Isn’t releasing new characters and they are instead filling that void with variants which i for one am enjoying. I figured I might throw out an idea I had on A Wraith variant called Banshee.
Whats the concept?
Well for anyone who knows any mythology on banshee’s I’m sure that it’s not to hard to deduce what Banshee will be. But for those who are unaware of what A banshee is, most depictions of banshee’s include deafening screams, bleeding ears and sound waves so powerful and high in decibels they distort the local light making it almost seem like the surrounding area is suffering a local earthquake. Combining that with slender and agile monster like womanly figures just spells out wraith to me.
Since it’s a Wraith variant this area is kind of already taken care of however I believe instead of the currently small mouthed (relatively) and sharp fanged wraith mouth it is replaced with a massive gaping maw that splits down the center of the Wraiths bald head.
The tentacle things on the wraiths back (not its pincers) would be changed to look more like a cape over top its back adding more to the banshee look.
1 Piercing Shriek (7/6/5 second CD)
After a small build up (like Kelders Chain) the Banshee lets out an explosive shriek so powerful it knocks back hunters and wildlife, dealing damage and deafening hunters stopping them from using abilities for 2/3/4 seconds
2 Reverb Amp (10 second CD)
The Banshee immobilizes itself for 3 seconds and 50%/75%/100% damage received during the immobilization is released back at the hunters in a line (same aiming system as abduction but shoots out a projectile). The projectile will deal A minimum damage of 200
3 Echo (10/9/8 second CD starting after the echo fades)
Banshee duplicates itself creating a clone lasting 10/12/14 seconds (cannot be killed), the clone attacks hunters with attacks that do no damage, trips traps, and gets tracked by scanning systems. at anytime that the echo is active the wraith can recast it to switch places with it.
4 Supersonic (10/9/8 second CD starts after sphere fades)
The Banshee emanates with sound for 7/9/11 seconds in a circle around it creating a sphere where each basic attack by the Banshee adds 30/35/40 damage to the next stacking up to a max of 150/175/200 per light attack and 340/380/440 per heavy attack.
Attack speed stays normal unlike supernova and the bubble follows banshee around but is smaller
*I personally think it should be about as tanky as gorgon with possibly more shields in trade for health
*basic attacks and traversal cool down should be similar if not the same as regular wraith
That’s All folks thanks!


Well I thought id have a shot at a new monster idea so please bear with me, well here we go.

Monster name: Garuda

Monster appearance: It looks like a huge mix between a snake, a shark and a bat, its arms is its wings, it uses all 4 limbs to move around on the ground, it uses its wings for traversal to fly, it would gain size and extra features as it grows between stages.

Monster Passive: Garuda uses echo location instead of smelling and can sense sound vibrations from movign hunters and wildlife, wildlife appears as green sound spikes and hunters in red, Garuda can sense things from farther away than other monsters can smell.

Monster Abilities:

First ability is Sonic Shriek, Garuda lets out a blast of sound and wind from her mouth that is fast travelling, while it lacks stopping power it can stun/disorient hunters and wildlife, also as a drawback this ability will easily reveal Garuda’s location.

Second Ability is Rake/Sonic Boom, this ability works differently if she is on the ground or in the air, on the ground Garuda will swipe at things in a cone infront of her which will make whatever hit bleed for a little while, while in the air Garuda will plumet to the ground and set of a huge sonic boom at her landing point, dealing heavy damage but is also grounded for a few seconds if she hit anything.

Third Ability is Acidic Bile, Garuda fires off a fast moving projectile that does little to no damage but it debuffs the target, causing them to take extra damage from all other abilities and slowing them.

The final ability is Air Slash, Garuda swings her wings as swords and sends off 2 thin but wide blast of air that strikes whatever it its, this ability can go through walls but with reduced damage.

Monster tactics: Garuda is not a close combatant like most of the other monsters, her health is around Gorgon and Wraith’s level and her armor might even be less, she excells in staying in the air, movign quickly to try and avoid gunfire and assault them at range, for this reason Rake/Sonic Boom is a risk/reward kind of move, being fragile she has to be fast and thinking ahead to win.

There is my monster idea, hope you like it.