Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2

I find it funny…
That almost everyone without a picture for their monster idea apologizes…
I know i did :joy: It’s oddly funny idek why…

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I don’t know, but I think the idea of the abilities and traversal (Gameplay) is more important than the Body.

If you can actually visualize a good Monster with the Abilities then so be it but that’s why I skip the pictures and skip your body concept :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well heres my idea… So… i was thinking in a different adaptation or form to The Wraith. I dont have the name or image yet.
So, this adaptation will have the power to shape-shift into a marsh/ canyon strider (i know its hard to do) but if you peform any action apart from running (climbing, eating, attacking or get hit) you will return to the monster form (so gets easier to develop/design). Also the strider will resemble the monster slightly (maybe have spikes on the back idk)

Now for the abilities:

For the Warp Blast, Implosion: The Wraith will no longer teleport, dealing less damage, but sending the hunters WAAAY far, with a little blindness effect on them.
For the SuperNova, Singularity (Bad name i know): Less damage speed. Area damage. Nearby hunters will be pulled into the wraith.
For the Decoy, Space Rift: It will create different sized rifts in front of the wraith, slowing nearby hunters and hurting them.
And for the Abduction, some kind of Cloaked Abduction: Same thing, more range, invisible while doing it.
Passive: Marsh/ Canyon striders and birds will not get scared of you while on Strider form.
Transversal: ShapeShift: The wraith turns into some kind of strider, gaining speed. This form gets reverted if you perform something appart from running.


a large slightly jellyfish humaniod monster. with six extreamly long arms. and a mouth that hangs open.
having low hp but slightly avrage armor Banshees

Ability 1
sonic boom.

Banshee lets out a shreek. blasing sound explosion apreas in a targeted area. a hunter hit by the explosion vision will become slightly wobbly and sound will be muted for 1 second.

Ability 2
silent howl.

Banshee lets out a howl creating a massive aoe. dealling damage for the duration of the howl. hunters inside the aoe. will have there vision blurred drasticly. at the end of the howl sound will be slightly muted. for 1 second. using this ability will drive nearby animals into a frenzy as well as startle birds.

Ability 3
sound wave.
Banshee asorbs sound. making the sroundings muted. When you releses three

banshee slams the ground with its arms. relesing a sound funnel in a arc in front of it. pushing hunters back. while inside the funnel there vision will becaome wobbly.

Ability 4

banshee becomes only a slight shimmer in the air.
any hunter near it will not beable to hear anything. after a certain amount of time or if you use any ability or a basic attack. you will reapear you attack when clocked dealing incressed damage…

its travel power is rather unorthadox. rather then having three bars you have a single metter. pressing and holding space will incress your movment speed. b you will leave slight after images behind you. you get faster and faster the more you movements cap right before the bar emptys. while running your figure becomes blurry and hard to focus on.

creatures matter its sucked up into its large hanging mouth [/details]

image where i got my inspiration.

Cancerus place holder name cant think of a better one

A large crustaceans/insect monster think of it as a mix of a scarab and lobster. it has a large flat tail its back is armored with flat plates its head is covered in large spikes with two large mandibles its eyes are also not viable.

Ability 1
Cancerus has three strikes with its claws and is locked in a moving animation you can turn but can not stop. you can chose to fully charge each strike or let all three out in a rapid burst. when fully charged each hit will knock the Hunters away slightly.

Ability 2

version 1
Cancerus slams the ground with its tail and claws. any Hunter currently on the ground within dome radius will be staggered and unable to jump or move for a small duration.

version 2
Cancerus slams the ground and three projectile move across the ground in front of it in a arch any hunter in its path get launched upwards. taking damage. if one projectile manages to hit more then one hunter the next hunter in line takes more damage and is launched higher.

Ability 3
biomatter assult.

Cancerus vomits out a slow moving green orb of biomatter. that move across the field. any hunters close to it take constant damage

at a set distance it combusts leaving a pool of slim that slows the hunter as well as dealing slight damage over time.

any hunter hit by it directly will be carried with it.

Ability 4

version 1.

Cancerus inhalls pulling hunters towards it any hunter trying to jetpack when caught in the funnel will be drawing to the ground.

version 2
Cancerus Jumps into the air creating a vortex that draws the hunters under Cancerus. he Then slams down on them.

its travel ability. it leps forward hovering slightly before landing. it also has the bonus of auto climbing the environment
first ability.

leaning its head down and chewing on the remains. [/details]

not my images but just where i pulled some of the inspiration


A snake like monster with blue scales that spike out angled back. to its tail it has four eyes all bright cyan. with four large fangs on the top and bottum of its mouth.

has no armor but rather has hp regen (or give it armor and make the armor auto regen. if people cant hadle the no armor/hp regen)
it recives a 50% hp regen reduction in combat but still heals a tiny bit while fighting.
the low its hp the more heads incressing its attack speed and damage it gets capped at 9 heads.

Ability 1
Hydras head/heads lunge in a targeted direction. slamming into that area with force biting any one hit by it. while knocking others away.
Optional effect
getting directly hit traps the hunter in ice pressing space rappedly lets the hunter out or a single shot from an ally or getting hit by the monster will break it. they are immune to further damage but they will take damage over time.

Ability 2
version 1
the hydra fires a slow moving icy projectile. hunters hit by the projectile are slowed and recived damage over time. for a set time. any one hit by the aoe are just slowed and get reduced damage from what the direct hit would have done. with multiple heads you get equal number of shots. before cooldown. caps at nine.

version 2
Hydra fiers a high damaging. stream of icy venom. its direction is controlled by the mouse key. any hunter hit by the stream. are slowed. with moer heads you get more beams that cluster near eachother.

Ability 3
its tale lashes out pinning a hunter leaving them unable to attack and dragging it closer to the hydra however while constricted the hydra can not move ether. but can still use its basic attacks and its second and fourth ability. and continuously pressing 3 does constant damage to the target that is constricted

Ability 4
Mirror scales.

your scales become more reflective and spinny. projectiles fired at you have a precentage chance to reflect back at the hunters, as a icy projectile. damage will be a percentage of the damage the hunters projectile does. pressing it again makes you move backwards from the position you are currently facing leaving a ice sculpute of you behind. any proc currently on you will be left on the ice sculpture. it will slowly decay however if an enemy shoots it it will burst into fog allowing you to make a sneak attack or a hasty retreat. does slight damage persecond. to enemies when you are touching the enemy.

Pressing space will launch you into a tunnel arcing into the ground and back out again. Pressing space right as you emerge will put you back into the animation allowing you to cover distance quickly. timing all three perfectly will reward you with 1 bonus travel tick. you can not attack while tunneling in and out of the ground. and you can not scale walls. while doing this.

rips at the animal with its head if it has more then one they tear it apart between them.[/details]


Hey all,
I was just thinking that one type of monster we don’t have is one that actively messes with the hunters during the hunt / chase. While Gorgon can lay traps and Kraken can rain electric death down on the chasers, I was thinking about a monster that’s less hardy/damaging (particularly in S1) but which makes up for it by being harder to chase down and more disorientating in combat.

Hence, the Siren. Obviously its powers would have a sound / water focus (like its namesake) and would fight by dividing and confusing the enemy team. During the hunt, I was thinking that this could be done by two routes:

One: One of the abilities can remotely trigger birds within LOS.

Two: The monster can passively hamper trapper abilities (Misdirection) without being totally invisible. For the satellite scanner this could include removing the silhouette while keeping the bracket (like other hunters) while for abilities that directly bracket the monster (darts, sound traps) other effects could apply:

Dart - Create periodic spoofs that follow a reasonably realistic trail. Vanish after about 10 seconds and fire up again 10 seconds later.

Sound spikes: Either duplicate or allow monster to be alerted to spike radius, letting them skirt them (prob op as it renders spikes useless). Maybe just flag up when one is planted and then say nothing more.

Survey satellite: Generate duplicate footprint signs and monster signs (if caught). Randomly generate monster sign even if not caught.

Gobi: Shorten silhouette time
Daisy: maybe no effect as she’s smelling out the monster and might be tricky to keep that fair.

Active abilities would be as follows:

Shriek - A PBAOE that fires off instantly but has lower damage than comparable AOEs (I.e aftershock). Stuns / slows hunters caught in influence, and temporarily reduces sound or mutes the game. Both damage and effect fall off rapidly with distance.

Water Jet: A high pressure, medium range spray that damages and throws hunters back. Can be used to separate hunters before fighting.

Hypnotic song: A long range, single target shot that can trigger birds or stun a hunter. If it hits potentially aggressive wildlife, they are induced to actively seek out and attack hunters in an enlarged area for a short while.

Mist: Envelops a large area in a thick, mildly damaging mist, reducing vision and removing all visual indicators (hunter names / health, monster location if not tagged). Gives the monster a speed boost and can be used to break and run after a dome.

In terms of combat ability the Siren would probably have good damage but not massive staying power - her effectiveness is most realised by splitting up hunters and preventing effective coordination. As an example, combining mists and shriek would effectively deprive hunters of their senses for a short time, allowing her to blast one into a corner and pounce them without opposition.

Any thoughts? There’s probably something I’m missing but I quite liked the idea. :slight_smile:


Monster Name: Glob

The animal life wasn’t the only thing hunters should fear. The plants on Shear have evolved to defend themselves even more. Glob is a giant carnivorous plant that has adapted to defending itself in new ways. He stands slightly smaller than Goliath at stage 1, and moves as fast as Gorgon. It has taken on a humanoid form for simplicity purposes but should still be feared all the same. Is completely green with an antenna protruding from its head and orange glowing eyes. Has a “muscular” physic. During evolution, turns into a giant pool on slime on the ground, and depending on which abilities you pick, will change into either a more weaponized or tanky monster. He has health like Kraken but armor in between Gorgon and Wraith.
The game will track which ability you max first, meaning if you max a damage ability first, then you can only get the special bonus of damage abilities and vise versa.
Ability 1
Your monster’s 1st ability.
Arm Thrust: Launches his arms forward in a straight line, dealing damage and slowing any hunter hit. Range, Damage are increased while cooldown the decreased per rank. (upon hitting rank 3, he grows blades on his forearms, increasing the damage and adding a small bleed) (Weaponized Ability)
Ability 2
Your monster’s 2nd ability.
Absorb: Grabs the nearest hunter or wildlife (must be aimed) and traps them in his body, slowing dealing damage to them. They will be treated as if in a downed state and can only use a pistol. They can shoot his “heart” to free themselves or after enough damage is done, he will spit them back up. If they are downed while inside him, he will spit them out. While a hunter or wildlife is being absorbed, he takes reduced damage from outside sources (5%) and very slowly regains armor. Time held, and armor regen amount is increased per rank. (At rank 3 he gains an additional bar or armor while using absorb) (Tank Ability)
Ability 3
Your monster’s 3rd ability.
Frenzy Plant: Breaths a large amount of deadly spores into an area in front on him (similar to Goliath’s fire breath), but there’s a twist. These spores cause nearby plants(5 being the cap) to enrage and attack hunters. The can only basic attack and deal moderate damage but have crazy knock back. Each plant his has 5% of Globs health. Any hunter caught in the spores take damage for a few seconds. (At rank 3, the plants grow thorns and will shoot them at the hunters, Glob also grows thorns on his body, and will damage any hunter that touches him.) (Weaponized Ability)
Ability 4
Your monster’s 4th ability.
Awaken: Glob draws in rocks around him creating armor. This rock armor decreases all damage done to him (20%) but slows him heavily. Will only last a few seconds, or until his monster armor is destroyed. (At rank 3 even after the armor breaks, a few rocks will remain and create block spots, these spots have a % chance to move and stop incoming damage) (Tank Ability)
How your monster gets around.
Presses his arms into the ground and throws himself forward. If used while moving, will be thrown further due to momentum.

How does your monster devour it’s prey?
Absorbs their bodies into his own and dissolves them.

Abnormal Smelling: Instead of smelling like other monsters, he is connected to the plants on the map. Every time he right clicks, if the hunters are close enough, they will automatically be hit with spores, making them visible to the monster. Smell range increases the range that the spores will hit, and the maximum range of sense.
Wall Stick: Just like Gorgon, Glob can stick to any wall or ceiling. Instead, he can only use absorb by dropping down on a hunter that walks near him.

Evolution Engine: Every time he evolves, his body changes to suit his needs. Whether he needs damage or life, he body will adapt.


I have not seen the monster ideas thread so I am going to make a new post.

Name: ??? (not sure yet)

Description: A floating beast like wraith but large like Behemoth. The monster looks more like a flying fish and moves slow without activating it’s traversal. It’s mainly black with shades of grey and blue has small spine/fins that have rough edges on the top of it. It’s walking animation is not walking but instead a swimming like motion as it glides through the air gracefully. It’s traversal is like Behemoth’s but it only has two charges. When activated it does a large roar and swims faster.

Passive: Absolute deference- When this monster loses two bars of health it moves slower and it’s armor immediately regenerates it is slow for about 10 seconds after it has regenerated it goes into a passive state and it’s traversal makes him go faster at the cost of losing the ability to attack for a short time.

Melee: A slow bite does a nice amount of damage


??? (not sure for a name): when activated makes a small area around it full of water causing him to move faster

Water spout: Creates a small tornado that moves around the area

Enrage: Makes his melee attack faster and stronger

Not sure about the last ability but tell me what you guys think

leviathan. just look at the concept art:image

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Totally didn’t get inspiration from it

you just gave it abilities, change the title and edit a tiny bit so that no one will know

yeah but I don’t want it to be the leviathan in fact I pictured it differently in muh head

as a sort of slug?

It swims in the air

It uses the wind to swim in the air

God, I this kind of idea would actually be pretty awesome.

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I think if you are going to to come up with a new monster it should have a unique game play element to it. Flying rolling, jumping and dashing have been done. But options are endless for what u can do such as maybe a shade who can create shadows and traverse through them unseen and untargetable. Maybe u can place Teleporters on the map that can be destroyed by hunters so u can warp though a sort of void gate. Maybe the transversal can be u stun the hunters or blind them allowing u to sneak away before they come to. Or perhaps being able to burrow underground and leaving a trail like behemoth when u do where u can’t tell what direction they went. Maybe like a fleshmolder that collects bodies as it eats after enough u make a duplicate of yourself to run around so u can make them waste a dome on it.

I kind of like the flesh molding so here is my Warlock if u like it

Upon eating builds up a bar when full creates a clone of yourself increasing at higher stages. Limit 1 stage 1 2 at 2 and 3 at 3.

Spew a ball of corruption everything hit takes damage over time and increased damage from attacks.

Strike a target dealing a small amount of damage and healing ur self for a small amount.

Raise dead.
If near a corpse summon it to fight for u. Can passively see corpses as glowing yellow.

Putrid armor.
Rots outer flesh quickly creating black ooze that falls from body leaving trail that damages anyone who steps in it.

Balancing without high mobility the hunters once they do find u will be on u all game. Being able to raise dead means going for big monsters will give u a battle advantage and feast will let u heal back a bit of that constant fire your under. Of course his health should be medium and armor relatively low to balance out being able to make a clone of yourself. I would say the clone lasts until killed has no armor and half your max health.

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Trs stated they don’t want a monster that can have multiple minions

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Leviathan is a large tough monster, slightly smaller then behemoth. This massive beast is specialized in poisoning the hunters, and while he lacks burst damage, his extremely lethal poison makes up for it

(credit goes to gamesworkshop) This is what it approx would look like. Ik we already have one tentacle monster, but i would love to see something similar to this in Evolve

Traversal: A short charge that can damage enemies and knocking them back. Has 5 charges that regen slower then other traversals

Pounce: Is a ranged attack. Leviathan impales the target, sticking them to the ground and then start to violently slash them with the tentacles

Eating animation: The tentacles at the mouth wrap around the Leviathias prey and then it devours it

Passive: Venomous touch
Basic attacks deal 10 damage to enemies hit with basic attacks and abilities and slows them by 20%. Poison perks stack with this passive

Ability 1: Toxin spine
Cooldown: 6s
Fires out 6/8/12 spines in a cone, fast traveling spine that deals 240/300/360 damage

Ability 2: Spine barrage
Cooldown: 12s
Unleashes a massive barrage of spines in a massive area that deal 200/300/400 damage on impact, but their traveling speed is fairly slow and are fired in a high arc

Ability 3: Ensnare
cooldown: 20s
Leviathian lashes out with its tentacles in a large cone in front of it, dealing 260/380/500 damage and pilling enemies towards itself

Ability 4: Poison nova
cooldown: 20s
Leviathian bursts a massive poisonous cloud out of its body that covers a 10/15/20 meter radius. This cloud deals 10/20/30 damage per second to enemies and greatly reduces their vision. This cloud will last for 15 seconds (cannot have more then 2 at once up)

I doubt this will ever happen due to the similarities with kraken, but i would love to see at least something similar
Im not quite finished with the concept yet, i wanna develop it a bit more in the future, but im happy with it for now
NOTE: the numbers can be changed, im more interested in what you think about the abilities and the kit itself


I like your enthusiasm and creative thinking. I myself am I dud when it comes to originality.

i can belive that they accepted my idea for ice behemoth you can see it on the daily rewards list