Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2

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Art by Nicholas Cloister

Name: Bladeling

The concept I came up with for this monster is it is something that can control its upper body independently of the direction its legs are going, a creature that doesn’t have any blind spots with full movement regardless of where its going, or what its doing, sacrificing range to make no place within melee range safe.

Passive: Bladeling is able to use any ability in any direction, and suffers no movement penalty moving backwards/sideways. Bladeling is also able to climb cliffs even if they are behind or beside the Monster.

Ability 1: Blade Spin
Bladeling extends it’s arms and spins its upper body wildly, damaging all nearby enemies. After a moment, the Monster’s upper body returns to it’s original orientation, spinning quickly in the other direction, delivering a second, less damaging attack.

Ability 2: Scissors
Bladeling closes it’s bladed arms in the chosen direction, dealing heavy damage.

Ability 3: Latch On
Bladeling’s leech-like mouth attached to target nearby enemy. The enemy is unable to move away from the Monster, and is subject to unavoidable attacks. However, while Bladeling is attached, it will be pulled slowly in the direction the attached enemy moves.

Ability 4: Wide Swings
For the duration of this ability, Bladeling’s melee attacks effect a significantly wider arch.

Traversal: Bladeling has three stamina ‘chunks’, like Goliath, and makes a short but very fast hop in the direction it is moving when it presses the Traversal key. This makes it a good dodge, quick position adjustment, or when used multiple times in quick succession, a good means of getting around.

Bladeling feeding animation would be skewering flesh from the body, and eating the chunks from it’s bladed arm. His pounce attack animation would be a chaotic stabbing with both it’s claws and bladed arms.
His climbing animation would be the Monster simply walking up the wall in a way similar to spiders.


You guys are coming up with them too fast!!! Slow down :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry for not having a picture, all i have is a worn down pencil and paper drawing

Leviathan is a small serpentine monster with only 2 limbs (its arms) ending in a fanned off tail (similar to that of the tail of the water dragon in monster hunter the game) a large sail going down it’s back and eight bone spikes going down around target its back on both sied of sail. It has a mask-like flab of skin that covers its face up to its eyes, on the inside of the flab there are circular rings which generate a controlled amount of heavy or light(depending on what it need the liquid to do) water-like in appearance liquid, it slithers about leaving a long line path. On the elbows there are longer bone spikes, the hands only have 3 fingers/claws, a thumb & two large claws/fingers used for dealing heavy damage quickly

Stats: healt stage 1same as Goliath but greater at stage 2 & 3
Armor slightly greater than gorgon all the way
Melee dmg similar to kraken’s “snowballs” (this is dmg not use)
Move spd: fastest monster ( by any noticeable amount)

Passive: leviathan take little to none burn damage, quickly putting out the fire with its slippery skin

Water bomb(name could use work)
Shoots a ball of light liquid that travels quickly through the air and explodes on impact
Leveling this ability would increase damage and blast radius

Spiral spout
Leviathan dashes to the targeted area liquifies most of its body (other than boney spikes) makes a small circle, creating a small whirlpool around target, which pushes any other entities away, but if an entity is inside whirlpool they get shoot straight upward as leviathan dashes left of the direction it was originally facing
Leveling this ability would increase range and force(push away and up)

Jet stream
Leviathan generates heavy liquid and light liquid at the sane time, the heavy liquid shoots quickly in the beam-like function dealing heavy damage to any entity injured by a direct hit, while the light liquid form rings around the stream doing damage to any entity the is fortunate enough to escap the stream but is still within reasonable range
Leveling this ability would increase the frequency and radius

Waterfall turret (this move was incompletely created for reason of trying to be unique)
Leviathan creates a turret (original idea was a head of leviathan) that will shoot at hunters or elite monsters within range with large rain drops
Leveling this ability would increase duration and range(of turret itself)

Transversal: Leviathan liquifies half of its body and flings itself to the desired area while leaving a very wet path

Eating animation: Leviathan lays low to the ground and drinks its prey through using its inner-lobe rings

Pounce: Leviathan also has very fast turning due to its serpentine features, leviathan’s pounce animation would be (pounce, of course) then the lobes would open and start shooting multiple varying sized liquid rings

For its mellee attack leviathan is medium ranged using its sharp claws and long tail to annihilate as much as it can

Climb animation for leviathan would be patial liquification and slowly sliding up wall

Smelling: leviathan gurlgles softly when it smell having a poor sense of smell causing decreased smell range

keep in mind i am fully open to suggested changes to the monster


Hello! Welcome to the forums ! OSkomodo /

Devs have stated that they can’t make serpentine like bodies, but who knows, maybe if it’s small enough?

Rip DoT comp.

Would it be launched like Bob’s lava bomb with the same aiming and launch time?

Would it damage Hunters if it shot them up? Or if it pushes them away and launches them up?

So kinda like Death Spiral? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what to think of it… It shouldn’t do that much damage and have a long cooldown like decoy.

######Cause pubs.

Aimable like lava bomb or how would it know how far to fling you? How long would it take?


Kappa /


I think what he means is “Torrent” a jet stream of water…so FB


Yes[quote=“KomodoLover, post:134, topic:82909”]
Would it damage Hunters if it shot them up? Or if it pushes them away and launches them up?

Yes[quote=“KomodoLover, post:134, topic:82909”]
Aimable like lava bomb or how would it know how far to fling you? How

Its a transversal

The turret is not a goid i dea and i want something to replace it but as of now its the best i got :confused:[quote=“KomodoLover, post:134, topic:82909”]
make serpentine like bodies, but who knows, maybe if it’s small enough?


They can make it like wraith but one tail, pretty much all it is, one tailed wraith that touches the ground


For the second one, I asked 2 questions. Yes isn’t exactly a good answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it would fling you an x amount of meters?


Okay, that’s it I’m going to start working on a Monster this second. Which one should I do first?

  • Sound
  • Plasma
  • Solar Light

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The transversal can be used 3 times like most monsters… It would be cool to travel quickly and continuously like behemoth but it’s supposed to turn fast so that don’t work… I think

When i said yes i meant yes to both, it damages the center target the most and pushes away any thing close enough to be in the attack but not in the center doing less damage to the pushed entity

Is that all your questions @KomodoLover

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Yep. :slight_smile:

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Is there anything you think i missed out on that i should add?

Do you have a suggested replacement for the turret? Or…

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No replacement idea yet. I just know Hunters hate fighting anything other than the Monster.

Also, there’s no need to tag me if you replied to me. I’ll already get a notification.

Lol srry :hugs:

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Ill do solar light

I already have an idea…

Yes and no, it does function in a similar way but it is used differently, there is the jetstream that does lots of damage and don’t last long maybe 2-5 seconds upon leveling. Then there are the rings that does less damage but only last till the hit something, also 3-8 upon leveling

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Basically an alien version of a Wyvern.

It is a tad different though. Imagine an ape’s body shape. A long, large crocodilian tail and short back legs. It’s back is covered in short spikes and long, fur-like quills. It has huge muscular arms, and a crocodilian head, but with a shorter snout. It has horns as well as short tusks. It has a strange dark blue-green glowing fungus growing on the left half of it’s body. (Source of it’s powers) The fungus seems to be eating away at it’s body. It also has two deformed spikes on it’s back. Those are it’s lost wings.

Ability 1
Root Split
Wyvern smashes it’s infected hand into the ground, and large, spiky roots erupt out of the ground in a circle around it. (Similar to Aftershock)

Ability 2
Fungus Bomb
Wyvern also utilizes a living bomb. Wyvern rips a chunk of the fungus on it’s body out, throwing it where aimed. This bomb can damage hunters while arming, if they walk on to it, but when armed, it crawls after hunters until close enough.Then it blows up!

Ability 3
Similar to lighting strike. Wyvern again smashes it’s hand in the ground. This time, a massive tree shoots upward, out of the ground.

Ability 4
Quill Strike
Wyvern tucks it’s head in, and raises it’s quills. You aim and they shoot there quickly.

Wyvern rips a huge hole out of the ground. You hold the traversal button to aim (Similar to rock wall) It then dives into that hole and emerges where aimed.

Wyvern doesn’t actually eat it’s prey. It presses it’s hand into the corpse and the fungus absorbs it.

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The head, body, and neck of a snake. The scaliest monster yet. Also would be a very large monster in comparison to most.

Very Challenging – Has to manage its health differently, stay close to the enemy to deal damage, and work with limited mobility.

Passive Effect:
Staying Ahead
As the Hydra loses HP bars, it will gain a new head, which increases it’s overall melee attack speed and feeding speed. At most, the Hydra can have 9 heads increasing its melee attack speed and feeding speed by 800%.

The Hydra vomits out the carcass of previous pray, which deals damage to those who are near it as it rots. The carcass is launched in a targeted arc. This carcass can be devoured by the Hydra to regain a small amount of armor and reset this skill’s cooldown. (Note: Eating this will not gather “Energy” for the monster.)
During Regurgitate, the head that is spitting out the carcass cannot act otherwise.

The Hydra sheds its skin, losing its armor temporarily (like Kala beam), but gaining a boost to movement speed and traversal regeneration. Additionally, it’s old skin is left behind and will act as destructible terrain.

The Hydra coils itself like a spring, causing the next melee attack it uses to hit with an extended range. If the target is in normal melee range, this will count as a Pounce attack. During Coil, the Hydra is unable to move, but reactivating the skill or using a traversal will end the effect early. This ability may be reused during a single Coil for however many heads the Hydra currently has. (If it has 3 heads, the player may attack three separate times before the effect ends forcefully.)

Venomous Spray
The Hydra sprays directly in front of it a volatile poisonous gas that will deal damage to anything that stays within it. Having more or less heads does not affect this skill in anything but animation.

Traversal: The Hydra will slither its entire body at an increased speed so long as the button is held down, and can be used while climbing both up and down. During this, the Hydra will turn more slowly. (Similar to Behemoth traversal.)
Movement: The Hydra will never leave the ground, and must climb if it wishes to go down from a higher place. This can limit some of the areas the Hydra can possibly reach in comparison to other monsters.

The Hydra will make a hissing noise when sniffing, using its tongue to sense its surroundings.

Each of the Hydras separate heads will tear flesh from beasts and hunters alike while feeding in a random order. The Hydra feeds with its mouth.

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I was going to do them all but…FINE :stuck_out_tongue: