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Here is an example format that can help you get started:

Monster Template

Monster Name [An image of or related to your monster]

Physical description of your monster.

Ability 1
Your monster’s 1st ability.

Ability 2
Your monster’s 2nd ability.

Ability 3
Your monster’s 3rd ability.

Ability 4
Your monster’s 4th ability.

How your monster gets around.

How does your monster devour it’s prey?


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I just got a idea of a skeleton like behemoth also I saw it in a dream
his rock wall is replaced with like a giant circle of about half the size of a aftershock and giant skeleton spikes come out of the ground to stab the hunters
he somewhat still had lava bomb because he was like a molten skeleton
he was balling up but instead giant spikes emerged from his back made of skeleton and does increased dame of some of the spikes hit during he animation
fissure worked the same but a bunch of skeleton pikes came out with it and had extended reach over regular fissure
tongue grab I don’t have a idea for yet

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1 I dunno where the officail monster idea thread is so just link it there. And m not a artist so i cant give images what i think it is .

My idea is its gameplay and abilitys that could be used .

A reflection ability. I got the idea while playing GODZILLA , there is another monster called Mothra that can reflect Godzilla’s ATOMIC BREATH . I thought of a monster with sort of that ability , it cant attack but goes in a type of defence mode for a few seconds , all damage done to the monster will be returned to the hunter that damages him. The monster can move but he cant use traversal or attack while its active. If the monster unleashes it at the right moment it can be devistating on unaware hunters.

more of a passive ability but I got the idea from ALIEN , the monster’s movements are mostly mute and it’s sillout is dark and small , with the new trapper compass the monster’s hide could have some interference with the compass and make it less accurate. The monster is mostly stealth based with abilitys that inflict tons of damage in one hit but are easy to dodge so the monster must make use of that stealth.

Parasite , ( this topic has been gone over thousands of times, but i got a idea) , i got the idea from a villian in a anime called One Piece. The villian can use a parasite to controle victims. SOunds stupid i know . But the monster can have a ability like gorgon’s mimic , where it can controle the movement of its target for a few seconds. It can move a hunter into a dangourus area or throw them off the trail for a few seconds. But like gorgon during this monster is idle.

absorbing , the monster can drain the health of a hunter and refill its own health . its kind of a win/lose situation because he cant attack other hunters while doing this , leading to being nuked or just being skinned alive and it will of course alert them to its presence. could be the pounce of this monster.

thats a few of my ideas. Link it to the idea post and sorry for the grammer and spelling

Ooh I love these kinds of threads!
I was personally thinking about a gank styled monster, if that even makes sense:


The argus (named after an all seeing creature from greek mythology), Is a fierce, mole shaped creature, with a reptilian body covered in spikes, and tentacles shaped as a star that cover it’s face. it has long frontal claws, and hive cluster on its tail that carries moderate sized worms with giant eyes. Argus himself has about 50 eyes.
The Argus reverses the roles as it keeps track of where the hunters are by itself and then plans out it’s assault by surprise attacking the hunters!

Ability 1
Argus worm: Release an immobile worm at the aimed location that reveals hunters nearby. When inside a dome, the worms start shooting slow, homing spit orbs at nearby hunters that damage and poison the target.
holds a maximum of 5 charges and there can be only 5 Argus worms at a time in the game.

Ability 2
Toxic Spray: For the following few seconds, Argus’ tail will release a trail of poison gas that lingers for a duration, hunters walking inside are slowed and will slowly take damage.

Ability 3
Enrage: Argus becomes enraged, which gives him highly increased movement speed, climbing speed and gives his attacks a poison effect for a duration.

Ability 4
Explode: Channel for a small duration, then explode dealing damage and knocking back hunters. deals more damage and knocks back further the closer the target is.

Burrow: Instead of having 3 charges of a general dash styled way of traversal, the mole has a very long cooldown Burrow ability that allows him to burrow to any part of the map. While burrowed, the Mole is very hard to notice (you can see the cracks on the ground), and can cancel the burrow to launch a surprise attack. But you can also use the traversal to teleport to any part of the map that is made of soil/rock. Note that burrowing takes time and that it’s your only traversal (aside from Enrage which also has a long cooldown).

Instead of biting chunks of it’s prey, the Argus uses his tentacle-like face to suck out the blood of its prey.



Stage 1: A long dark-green snake with fangs and glowing red eyes
Stage 2: Generates a second head
Stage 3: Generates two more heads

Ability 1: Venom Spit
Hydra spits a ball of venom in targeted direction. Same skillshot as Goliath’s rock throw. When hit, enemies take acid damage which reduces their armor, making them 25% more vulnerable to melee attacks, as well as dealing damage over time.

Ability 2: Swallow
Hydra curls into a striking pose, lunging out and eating the first target it hits, similar to Wraith’s abduction. When a monster is eaten by this, they are eaten immediately. When a player is eaten, they take damage over time for 5 seconds and are unable to assist their team. After the duration, or when enough damage to Hydra has been done, Hydra will spit them back out.

Ability 3: Broodmother
Hydra releases snakes in a targeted direction, which explode upon hitting a monster, hunter or terrain, dealing damage. She is unable to move during channeling.

Ability 4: Cold-Blooded
Hydra becomes invisible for a short period. Attacking breaks this stealth.

Hydra slithers on the ground at all stages. Her movement ability burrows into the ground, boosting her movement speed by 25% but making her immune to tracking. This ability lasts until she attacks, at which point she erupts from the ground, dealing pouncing damage. While underground, Hydra causes the ground to shake nearby and dust to form, so she’s not completely impossible to keep track of. In addition, the path she takes is revealed to all hunters after 3s, allowing them to track her movements but allowing her to stay hidden when nearby.

When devouring prey, Hydra will consume them whole, dissolving the nutrients from their body, then spit them back out. When pouncing, Hydra will squeeze the life out of her prey.

Hydra hisses, just like a snake.


Name: Soundwave

(I have very bad drawing skills so no picture sorry)

Appearance: A small wolf type monster on 4 feet with 5 eyes (eyes on each side and one in the middle) his skin has hard plattern like by an armadillo

specialization: fast movement speed and distance demage

Ability 1: Sound Canon: fires a shockwave out his mouth that makes on close distance surface damage and can paralyze for 5 seconds Hunter by a chance from 50% (attack looks like a Wolf who is howling to the moon)

Ability 2: Shock Missile: activates a zoom function of his fifth eye and with left mouse button he fires a compressed air missile over long distance out his mouth (high precision)

Ability 3: Marking: Soundwave can mark a place like Griffin but with a smaller radius for detacting Hunters (higher skill level = bigger radius) he can shoot one plattern (max 3 at the same time) on the ground as transmitter for moving targets like hunter or animals

Ability 4: Hellfire: Soundwave can shoot over long distance all plattern he has at once in one direction to make enormous surface damage (while long cooldown the Plattern don’t grow back and Soundwave is in that time more weak against attacks)

Traversal: He is a fast and small Monster on 4 feed who can climb and jump on high places how longer he runs in one direction without stopping he becomes faster but becomes slower again when he change the direction

Feeding: Soundwave tearing its prey in pieces like a hungry Wolf

Monster Name: Necromancer

Style: The Necromancer would be similar to both the Kraken and Gorgon in terms of combat. he would not have the most health, he would not have the strongest melee, he would not be the fastest… you get the point he is middle ground on speed, melee damage, health, etc. He would have to stratigize to fight the hunters.

Design: The Necromancer would have two arms, two legs, and two wings. He would walk on his two legs and when in pounce formation he would wrap himself in his wings like a cloak and crawl around. He would also have three eyes. thats all i have design wise as i usually leave art to the professionals. p.s. the Necromancer is inspired off of a conversation Lazurus had with someone at some point… “They adapt… to fight their eniemies. what happens when they come with an army of undead.” or something like that.

Abilities: Im going to leave six just in case some don’t work out.

Ability 1: Zombification: This is the main ability of the Necromancer so it cant really be switched out. so how this would work is The Necromancer could revive the dead, in a certain radius, to fight for him. with one point into this ability the Necromancer could revive “one meats” only, but he could revive the same amount no matter how many points he has in the ability. two points he can now revive “two meats”, and three points he can revive one “three meat”. these revived wild life would decompose over time, (fewer meats, fewer time, more targets, harder to hit.) the Necromancer could also eat these zombie while they are zombies so that there isnt any re-killing.

Ability 2.1: No Name: This ability can be used like behemoths tounge grab but it does more damage, has less radius, more range, and takes a little longer to recharge. It could also have a second form for a balance change or something like that. Ability 2.2: it could be similar to Goliaths rock throw, has and arch affect, blast radius, but would pull hunters in while dealing less damage than 2.1 unless the hunter is caught directly in it then it would do more damage than the usual. both would do more damage and gain a larger radius the more points you put in.

Ability 3: Void Dome: This ability creates a dome around the monster that lasts 3-5 seconds (increasing in time the more points you put into it) it would fit two behemoths and not increase in size. no hunter can enter or leave nor can the Necromancer, it would work like the Assaults new class ability, it would reduce damage not stop damage. Damage reduction would increase in percentage the more points put into it and would not start regen until the Void Dome is down. it is great for traping hunters with the Necromancer to get some extra damage in with out taking 100% damage.

Ability 4: Cloak: This ability would work like the wraiths early decoy. The Necromancer would go invisible for a length of time that would not change and the less the Necromancer move the harder he is to see, so if you stand perfectly still you’re harder to see. (This makes it so he cant go invisible in the midst of a fight and get away) this ability would only make it so armor regens faster while invisible, and that would regen faster the more points put into it, and make it so moving while invisible is quieter the more points put into it. (May or may not play well, balance wise, with Void Dome) The wings would go around the Necromancer to activate this and a puff of black-ish purple smoke, making him disappear and reappear. (This could also increase the range of the planet scan… maybe)

Abiltity 5: No Name: This ability would work like Cabots damage amp and Gorgons acid spit. It would come out of its center eye and anyone or anything unlucky enough to get caught in it would take 50% more damage the effect would either last longer or increase in percentage the more point put into it. it would also have an initial damage effect that would increase in damage the more the points put into it.

Ability 6.1: Shatter: This ability would make a loud shattering noise across the map causing birds to fly away and deal damage to near by targets. (6.1 would make it so it does more damage to targets and increase the radius, the more points put into it.) 6.2 this version would blur vision of near by hunters, deal damage to near by targets and cause a damage over time affect as well. (it would increase initial damage and and d.o.t., but not the duriation, the more points put into it.) 6.3 same as 6.2 remove blur, increase initial damage, increase d.o.t. (duriation and damage), and increase radius.

Traversal: Void flight: This Traversal ability works like the Krakens traversal but with increased speed and less control, (The Necromancer cannot use Cloak while in Traversal mode) It would allow the Necromancer to use all of his abilities while in the sky, and would have a constant forward motion (Adding to the less control part and making it so the air melee tracking ability part pretty much a requirement) and using his melee attack he can send slow, tracking, projectiles that do however much damage is balanced damage.

Feeding: Feed Me: The Necromancer revives the dead creature only for the creature to walk into the Necromancer liquifing itself and being absorbed into the Necromancer.

Not all abilities are musts only Zombification is a must, and the only name i care about is the Necromancer allowing all other names to be replaced with better ones and allowing all abilities except for the “raising the dead to fight and to eat” abilities subject to major change. how many dead can be raised in zombification is up to TRS if they ever consider the Necromancer. I do have other ideas for monsters, wildlife, plants, hunters, and hunter/monster variations but may not get to them. I do appoligize if i misspelled anything in this as it is alomst 3:00 am my time. Thank you for taking the time to read any of this and considering my idea for a monster that TRS may or may not already be working on.

The Variations: Thanks unhappycupcake for telling me i could have just edited the original post instead of letting me continue to be an idiot! you caught my mistake before the variation was even up for 5 minutes! Thank you so much!

Name: Vampire Necromancer

Design: again i prefer to leave it to the pros but basically everything that was a dark purple is replaced with a magenta like purple, and of course other changes but those are for the pros.

Abilities: Just like the normal Necromancer im leaving six abilities in case some dont work out.

Ability 1: Vampirize: This is basically the main ability like Zombification so it cant be switched out. It is basically the same as zombification but rather than killing the wild life and then reviving them you turn them into vampires and they fight for you but they dont decompose and can regenerate their own health by damaging non-vampirized wild life or hunters, if the Vampire Necromancer wants to eat them though then they will have to kill it.

Ability 2: No Name: This ability would replace ability 2 for the normal Necromancer. It would be a laser like attack that does extreme damage but has a very short radius for hitting targets. It would also chain from target to target and have very large range.

Ability 3: Power Drain: This would be replacing Void Dome. Any enemy caught in the radius will slow down the target in every aspect. This would include movement speed, reload speed, aiming speed, attack speed, jet pack recharge, and jet pack speed.

Ability 4: Nightmare: Im not sure what ability this would replace but its a cool idea. Cause hunters to take damage and halucinate. They would halucinate one of these (for balance reasons) different types of things such as, their allies turning on them (wouldnt take damage though), creatures apearing out of no where (they could take damage from them), and the monster basically splitting into three (these two fake monsters would only be seen by affected hunters but could easily shoot through them and would not take damage)

Ability 5: No Name: This would replace ability 5 for the normal Necromancer and is the exact same except affected hunters would not take 50% more damage but instead deal 50% less damage.

Ability 6: Glass Armor: Im not sure what ability this would replace but it would basically give the Monster 10% more armor for a short time (The more points put into the ability the more armor, 2 points 20%, and 3 points 30%)

Traversal: The exacts same. (It hasnt changed on variation monsters so far.)

Feeding: Might have to change a little but it has not changed on variation monsters so far either.

Not all abilities have to keep their names and not all abilities have to be used. Abilities i have given do not need to be exclusive to Vampire Necromancer, abilities can be on either one the two variations of the Necromancer except for Zombification and Vampirize (neither of which have to keep their names, in fact the only name that has to be the same is the Necromancer.) I know i probably misspelled alot and didnt give as much detail, but its not my job to do so. (Technically this is me just giving more abilities for the Necromancer while also trying to say its a variation) Thanks again for bothering to read any or all of this and considering my ideas. its about 2:00 am my time… for some reason i can come up with ideas better when im tired but cant spell when im tired.


Name: Berserker

Concept Art (not by me)

Passive: Berserker cannot see, because he has no eyes. To counter this, his senses are always active, revealing only the area his senses work in, while also being 150% the normal radius.

Ability 1: Smash
Berserker rears onto his back two legs, then uses all four arms to punch the ground around him. He can move during this attack, and an enemy can be hit by up to two arms if they’re directly between them. Counters: Get away from him, or go underneath his legs and hope he doesn’t turn/move just enough to hit you.

Ability 2: Pounce
Berserker crouches and snarls loudly, pouncing in target direction. Reticule is identical to Golly’s leapsmash. If he hits a target, they get sneak attacked / pounced on, taking damage for 3s. After the three second duration, other hunters shooting the monster will result in the monster getting off the target. This is Berserker’s method of disabling a Hunter temporarily, and can connect with airborne units if angled properly.

Ability 3: Shriek
Berserker shrieks loudly, causing comm’s interference among hunters as well as blurring their screen for a short duration. Deals no damage.

Ability 4: Defensive Curl
Berserker curls into a ball, negating 50% of incoming damage and regenerating up to 10% of his health. If his Traversal is used during this ability, he will roll, similar to Bob.

Traversal: Sprint
Similar to Behemoth, Berserker operates on a Stamina system, during which he sprints at fast speeds. While sprinting, his turn speed is decreased by 50%, but his fist attack deals Heavy attack damage. This is Berserker’s only way to Heavy attack. During sprint, Berserker can double tap the space bar in order to jump, using 33% of his maximum stamina, but allowing him to get off the ground in desperate moments. This jump is more horizontal than vertical, using his momentum from sprint to launch himself. At most he will get usually about 75% as high as Goliath’s jump.

Feeding: Berserker picks pieces off of his prey with his middle arms, feeding them into his mouth at a fast rate.

Climbing: Berserker utilizes all six arms/legs to climb terrain quickly, and can grip tightly to terrain for a short period, causing him to descend slowly while being able to attack and use abilities.


(concept art is not by me)
Leviathan is this monsters name. Leviathan is this serpent like creature who is so long and large this creature can swallow an armadon whole , at stage 3 of coarse. At stage 1 this creature is so weak one of the wildlife would prove a better match to the hunters than you , but at stage 3 you have became so large and powerful it’ll send the hunters running for the hills. As for this creatures abilities , leviathan relies on his downright terrifying appearance too lower the confidence of the hunters and make them want to turn back. For his first ability is called gaping maw , were leviathan opens his unnaturally large mouth showing his rows upon rows of hooked teeth and letting out the most bone chilling guttural roar that the hunters have ever heard , causing one at stage 1 and 2 or 3 at stage 3 to flee in terror , letting you easily split them apart from the team and ending them swiftly. For his second ability is called tightening grip , this ability works best with gaping maw for tightening grip has leviathan coil around a hunter slowly crushing him and if leviathan takes to much damage he will stop. So let say leviathan gets into a pretty sticky situation with the hunters and he uses gaping maw , then the trapper flees from the rest of the group , leviathan takes this opportunity to chase the cowardly hunter and then when no one else is around use tightening grip on the trapper to slowly crush him downing him and for you to escape unnoticed. Now leviathans third ability is called death from above were he perches on a high ledge unnoticed and then when the time is right swoops down , mouth open and picks up a hunter with his mouth , chews a bit and then spits the hunter back out , now this ability does A LOT of damage if used correctly for this ability is all about timing and is best used unnoticed so you can get the the perfect pounce on that hunter that has been annoying you. Now leviathans fourth ability is called swallow whole were he charges at the group of hunters mouth open trying to bite down on the hunters causing massive damage if fully upgraded. How leviathan’s traversal has a lot to do with his third ability , he can launch himself towards a ledge or tree and perch there and find the right time to use death from above on the unsuspecting hunters. This monster is also very mobile in water and can fully hide himself in a pool of water to hide from hunters for at stage 1 this monster is very weak and reaching stage 3 with this monster is highly important. This monster eats wildlife by biting down on it and slowly swallowing it. This monster is a challenging monster to play and if new players try this monster they might find it harder to master than say Goliath , however if leviathans abilities are used at the correct time he can inflict greater fear on the hunters that all the monsters combined.


So you write what he doesn’t see but what if he will see with feeling or hear.If somebody pass and we can see he but black and white.Echolocation

When you smell, everything gets sort of monochrome and creatures are highlighted. Berserker would constantly see in this monochromatic way, with things being highlighted. Things out of range of smell would be purely black and see nothing.

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I just want a dragon in Evolve :< Maybe an ice one, seeing we have fire and lightning already.

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I don’t think we’ll get a dragon, because Kraken has a similar Traversal method.

We won’t cause the way it would fly would cause problems (at least that’s what I remember being discussed on here at some point).

Although most people would still want it though, right @Pythios ? xp

The dragon could just have something like a wing-assisted leap. Or a glide, making it naturally want to climb high places for best mobility. Or perhaps something connected with its element and not flying at all.

Maybe then idk shrugs

Although the devs might have something more original or creative down the line (not dissing the idea but each monster is very creative and unique whereas a dragon is very well known and done a lot which doesn’t fit the style of the game)

(Art by Katy Hargrove)

Name: Diablo

The concept here is that this is a monster that initiates with incredible power, and excels in open terrain, using incredible speeds to outmaneuver hunters and get around the map faster without being able to jump or fly. I also couldn’t help but notice the distinct lack of bipedal monster ideas in the fashion of T-Rex, Raptors, or modern birds like the Ostrich or Chicken.

Passive: A Monster built for speed, the longer Diablo travels in a straight line, the faster it runs. At max speed, Diablo gains the status Charging

Ability 1: Gore
Diablo thrashes his head viciously, dealing high damage to enemies in front of him. If Diablo is Charging when the ability is used, targets hit will be impaled on his long horns, subjecting them to bite attacks for extra damage. Impaled enemies are still able to act normally in other ways than movement.

Ability 2: Screech
Diablo lets out a deafening screech that damages enemies around him. Enemies in front of Diablo take additional damage, and are slowed for a short duration.

Ability 3: Gorge
Diablo opens his mouth wide, biting down on anything in front of him. If Diablo is Charging when this ability is used, smaller enemies are swallowed whole. Diablo may then re-use the ability to regurgitate swallowed enemies as a targeted missile. Enemies struck by this missile take damage, and Diablo’s bodily fluids cover the surrounding area, slowing all enemies in the effected area.

Ability 4: Forklift
Diablo lowers his head, and swings his horns upward quickly, dealing damage and launching enemies into the air. If Diablo is Charging when this ability is used, enemies are instead thrown in the direction Diablo is facing. This ability does not stop Diablo’s movement, allowing it to combo well with Gore, Gorge, or Screech.

Traversal: Diablo has two Stamina Chunks, similar to Goliath or Kraken but with one less, and when used, give Diablo a burst of speed in the direction he is facing. If Diablo is Charging when his Traversal is used, he may hold the Traversal button to ‘drift’, turning rapidly with minimal speed loss.

Diablo’s feeding animation would be him lowering his head, and using large lower teeth to shovel flesh into his mouth. His Pounce Attack animation would have the target pinned with one forward extended foot, with him biting/stabbing them repeatedly with his mouth/horns.
His climbing animation would look rather amusing, as he would use his sharp horns like ice-picks, anchoring himself as he pulls the rest of his body upward. The claws on his feet would grab the wall just long enough for him to pull out his horns and jam them back into the wall higher up. The movement would look something like a cross between a caterpillar and a parrot climbing.

Obviously it would need to tweaking to work right, but anyone be sure to say what you think of it.


Name: Aglaeca

Image © fightpunch.deviantart.com

Ability One: Thermokinesis
Aglaeca freezes his mouth to absolute zero, dealing additional damage with his melee attacks, as well as slowing enemies on hit. While this ability is active, Aglaeca takes bonus damage, as his body cannot heal as effectively. Leveling this ability increases the damage and slow power, while reducing the damage taken.

Ability Two: Blizzard
Aglaeca channels a blizzard surrounding him, dealing damage over time and every second while nearby. Leveling the ability increases the damage, duration and radius of the ability.

Ability Three: Ice Breath
Aglaeca releases a beam of ice from his mouth, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit. Enemies that take damage from the beam for three seconds are frozen solid for two seconds, and take 1.5x damage from the first melee attack while frozen, shattering the ice. Leveling the ability increases the damage, range and radius.
[Author’s Note: I put this ability on 3 because it has similar elements to Goliath’s flame breath, and I figured it would be more natural to use the breath ability on 3.]

Ability Four: Cryostasis
Aglaeca releases an icy embodiment of itself, which will walk in the opposite direction of Aglaeca , as well as causing him to go invisible. The icy Aglaeca does not attack, but will explode upon being destroyed. Leveling this ability increases the duration and damage, while lowering it’s health.
[Author’s Note: Wraith can no longer go invisible, and Decoy is primarily a damage-dealing ability now. Cryostasis means to fix this, allowing Aglaeca to have a stealth mechanic, while also dealing damage. The reason the embodiment’s health goes down when leveling it, is to make it easier to destroy, therefore proccing the explosion.]

Traversal: Cryokinetic Teleportation
Aglaeca teleports to a target location, using the same range/indicator as Wraith’s abduction. Can only move in a straight line, cannot pass through or over objects.

Eating Habits
Aglaeca picks pieces off of it’s prey with its teeth, swallowing without chewing.

Aglaeca is sort of a demon ice dog, utilizing stealth and slows to both keep up with his targets and make it harder for them to catch up to him. His adaption would be Thundersnow Aglaeca , where his abilities are more ranged, as well as his regular attack; basically, the opposite of Kelder.

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Couldn’t you have just edited your original post? Its not that high up on the list, and anyone interested would see it going down the list