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Hunter Name

Hunter Name* Class Icon - :assault: :medic: :support: :trapper: [An image of or related to your hunter]

Physical description of your hunter.

Your hunter’s primary weapon.

Your hunter’s secondary weapon.

Your hunter’s non-class equipment.

Flesh out your hunter with some backstory!

Is your hunter bright and bubbly like Sunny, or a badass with an attitude like Abe?

Example Dialogue

Go all out and create some sample dialogue for your hunter!



Ok so background to the creation of this character was I was reading a Captain America comic and saw the character Arnim Zola. He’s basically an evil scientist who uploaded his mind into a computer program which he then downloads into android bodies. Seeing his face on this TV on the mid section of a robot sparked this brilliant idea.

Say perhaps an egg of a monster was captured by a hunter and used for an experiment. When it has hatched it’s probably no bigger than Lennoxs Thunder Child. Well perhaps the scientist running said experiment used the baby monster (most likely Goliath) and surgically planted a mind control device to the monsters brain and placed a TV screen on the body. The TV is linked to a live satellite feed of his face via webcam. He is sitting at his desk with controls, physically controlling this baby monsters every move, triggering movement and attacks.

I chose the role of assault for this hunter as its likely the main thing he would use this mid controlled monster for would be punching and smashing. I thought about his main attacks and abilities. Obviously being an assault he would have the personal shield, aesthetically this would be from a device on his back or forearm.
Then come his other attacks, linking them to the monster itself (again most likely Goliath) he would have a punch attack not too similar to Lennox and would instead use claws in a swinging motion dealing damage.
The next attack would be similar to leap smash but would be vastly different to Lennox’s Thunder smash as it would have a level of control and upon impact would cause fire damage much like the meteor Goliath.
The third and final ability would be the ranged ability. My first though was fire breath but this was quickly shot down due to the fact that Hyde is the flame assault and it would not be visible due to it coming from the mouth so instead I had the idea of attaching a machine gun or rifle to the forearm of the monster or removing the arm entirely and creating a sort of hybrid of Lennoxs autocannon and Torvalds cyborg arm.

So yeh! This is my fan made assault idea! I hope you guys like it and if anybody wants to help come up with a name I’d appreciate it! I suck at names…
Maybe link it to other threads so TRS might have a chance of seeing it…even if they can’t use it…God damn legal reasons…

so. after some thought i came up with a healing device for my custom medic Paige. originally she had deployable healing generators. however with the release of emet, i decided to think of something else and i came up with this. i already went through some of the balancing with my formula spread sheet and she compares pretty well with other medics.

the laser scalpel and transporter were made in early September in case anyone was wondering about it.

Hey guys, if there are any artists out there that can do 2D art for hunter icons, then PM me and I’ll give you the details I need.
Now I go back to typing up the Support and then posting all 4 hunters. :smiley:


Beetle [Image to be added]

A 3rd generation Basilisk Soldier, Beetle is mostly red and orange with black eyes, he has a wide head, large shoulders, bulky legs, and is overall similar to Slim with some changes to be more assault-y.

BGL: This grenade launcher holds 6 genetically altered insects that, when fired, will be launched out and explode on impact of a creature/monster, or bounce off terrain and will explode after a short delay. Reload Time is medium, grenades arc, grenades travel a medium amount of distance.

Hellfire Missile Launcher: The HRL is an automatic rocket launcher that fires micro missiles that have the ability to lock onto targets. The weapon holds 10 micro missiles that don’t deal much damage on their own but travel very fast, with the missiles firing very fast. The lock on is triggered by holding down the sights and aiming at the monster/wildlife without firing, with each missile taking a second or less to lock on, and when fired the rockets will fire in two’s and follow the monster similar to how EMET’s rockets follow the tracking dot. Long reload, damage (assuming all missiles hit) is medium, the missiles do AoE damage, and lock on wears off after a long distance is traveled without reaching target.

Drone Hive: This single deployable creates nano bugs that swarm the nearest and highest priority target dealing high damage as long as the target stays near the hive. When deployed, it will take 5 seconds (may go up to 10) to build (3D printing for the win!), but then it will be ready to send out the drones once completed. When a monster enters the radius of the Hive, the drones will take a second to be sent out, and after that will swarm the monster and deal high damage if the monster stays in too long. The hive itself doesn’t have a lot of health and can be taken out fairly easily, and it takes a second before the drones come out of the hive, but the radius of the hive is around 2 arc mines (around that range).

Beetle is a 3rd generation Basilisk Soldier, he volunteered towards the end of the war so he was only in 2 conflicts before the war ended. He was able to escape with some other soldiers, but he split off from the group to go to newer colonies in the Far Arm. Once he went to Shear, he was able to land a job as a guard for a farm, but he wasn’t there long for the monster attack happened fairly shortly after he arrived. His employers (who liked him) were killed before evac started, so when evacuation started he was alone. As he was on his way to the get onto the ship, he was kicked out by Ebonstar soldiers and left to die in place of another man. Beetle was stranded with no one to help him, so he just wandered around and eventually found the hunters who were, at the time, hunting a Kraken. Beetle used his Hellfire Rocket Launcher to finish off the beast and he was brought to Cabot who got him onto the team.

Beetle is actually a pretty old guy, although there is no definitive date, he is probably a bit older than Lennox due to his body being much healthier than his old one. He is a very kind man, and is very caring alike to a grandfather of the group. He likes to treat Sunny, Caira, and Jack as grandchildren (not like little kids, but treats them as youngsters), almost everyone else as regular adults, but he holds Slim to a different standard than the rest by treating him as a person with a tragic loss that can’t ever be recovered (Kala is kinda of like this, but he connects to Slim more).

Example Dialogue

[Caira] Hey Beetle, what is your opinion on these creatures?
[Beetle] Which one? They all seem so different to me.
[Beetle] Hardly seems fair to compare them when one is a giant gorilla and the other is a giant boulder.
[Caira] Well they are all the same animal, or thing, or whatever they are.
[Caira] Point is they all can become each other
[Beetle] Well I’m a bit too old for all of that, I’ll leave that to you youngsters and I’ll stick to just protecting you all.

[Slim] I have to ask, what got you to sign up?
[Beetle] I honestly don’t know, probably something to do with my old body, but I couldn’t tell you.
[Slim] Yeah, that happens.
[Beetle] So how did you survive the war?
[Slim] I have no idea.
[Beetle] That makes two of us.

[Beetle] Aww, little Daisy is dancing in anticipation.
[Maggie] She loves running after the monsters.
[Beetle] How about you? Do you like chasing these creatures?
[Maggie] I don’t know, maybe. As long as I have Daisy to do it with me.
[Beetle] I wish I could say something like that for a friend.
[Maggie] You have the team now, and that’s all that matters now.

When confronting Gorgon
[Beetle] We may both have bugs Gorgon, but mine explode!


Liz ![image](upload://dd22oh3jCGRL9Ekff16e1j293CE.png)

Liz is a latino in appearance, she is a young lady (in the early 20s) with brown hair that goes just above her neck. She wears a brown women coat with a belt that holds gravity wells, ammo, and feed. (will change depending on the art from @Zetrocci)

Auto Rifle
This rifle is special in that it has 2 firing modes, automatic and semi-automatic. This weapon holds 10 rounds, with hip firing setting the rifle in automatic mode with a good amount of bullet spread, but the fire rate is very fast so firing is accomplished very quickly. Aiming down the sights sets the gun into semi-automatic mode which is highly accurate but reduces fire rate by a large amount. Reloads are very fast with this weapon.

Crowd Control
Gravity Wells are a new type of CC, with new ways to annoy monsters. (yay!) Gravity wells are deployables that up to 3 are able to be placed, they have a small horizontal radius, but they have a very tall reach. When a monster gets near, they will be tugged towards the well itself, with monsters that are on the ground not being as effected but airborne monsters being heavily affected. This is not saying grounded monsters aren’t effected, but compared to how it affects airborne targets it isn’t as strong. Radius is similar to Arc Mines, with health being around the same. Arm time is less than harpoon traps and being able to be thrown a fair distance away.

Wilhelm the Spotter is a trained spotter that Liz uses to track the monster. When using Wilhelm, he emits a short range pulse that highlights any and all organic creatures (from plants to monsters, and mammoth birds) with the color changing depending on the lethality of the creature. This pulse not only highlights the creatures, but it also highlights sneaking tracks within the area. Wilhelm has about a 15 second recharge rate, with tagged creatures staying tagged for 10 seconds.

Spotters that see the monster will display a notification for the entire hunter team.

Elizabeth Colton was a specialized alien life researcher who was sent to newly discovered planets that have life to study it and detail it for the colonists and companies. At the time she was engaged to a fellow scientist who was a physicist, who was in development of experimental gravity manipulators. She was on Shear for a good while, but one day after the monsters arrived, the research team was packing up for evacuation but a Wraith managed to find its way into the area and started to kill the scientists. Elizabeth and her fiancée were rushing for their lives, but Wraith was chasing them both, so the husband to be pushed Elizabeth into the bunker and then was killed in front of the soon to be wife. She spent several days locked in the bunker, mostly crying and depressed. She caught news from survivors that were scavenging that day, and she was able to convince them to free her. The 3 males were then going to take advantage of her, but she was able to find a rifle and kill all 3 of them. She then proceeded to get into new clothes, acquire gravity wells, use a trained spotter she named Wilhelm, and she set out to find help.

After the events that have happened to her, Liz has been a bit shy, especially towards the men of the group. She is a bit more closed in than the other hunters, she is a bit more passive (she’s not use to this fighting) and is more keen to staying away from the monster. She formed a good friendship with Caira (for obvious reasons), Jack (likeable personalities, not romantic in any way, at least Liz isn’t, not sure about Jack’s thoughts), Sunny (she makes Liz a bit happier), and Beetle (grandfather like). She is very afraid of Hyde (and he likes that), Torvald (but he does it by accident and is often confused), Lennox (her personality sets Liz off), and Abe (too perverted, I wouldn’t say afraid but disgusted). She does have the occasional freak-out when either the monsters get too close, she is reminded about her past by a hunter, so she is fighting Wraith.

Example Dialogue

[Caira] So what were you studying on Shear? The incredible bio-diversity? The megafauna? The monsters?
[Liz] No. I was, studying, spotters and venom hounds.
[Caira] And?
[Liz] It’s nothing, just standard collective colonies and specialized organs, just like any other planet.
[Caira] Still, there’s use to it all. It’s all for science after all.
[Liz] Heh, yeah. For science.

Unintentional Doom
[Torvald] Ms. Colton, I heard about your husband, and I am sorry.
[Liz] He was my, um, fiancée.
[Torvald] My apologies, maybe today we can help others from the same fate.
[Liz] Like from the ripping, and the screaming, and the, oh God, {whimper}
[Torvald] I, um, sorry Elizabeth, I did not mean to upset you.
[Liz] I {sniff}, I’m fine, I just couldn’t stop seeing him. You’re right, let’s go help some people.

[Liz] So, Kala.
[Kala] Yes? are you going to tell me how bad of an idea all this was?
[Liz] No no no, I would be too scared to ask that.
[Kala] Okay, then what is it?
[Liz] I was wondering, what was the process of the cells being rapidly changed fell like?
[Kala] Like being shot over and over and over again.

Confronting Wraith


Grant [Image to be Added]

Grant is a white male who wears a top hat, boots, and wears a trench coat that holds ammunition and his drug bombs. I can’t say to much in this part since I haven’t thought too hard for this guy’s appearance.


Mag Revolver is the weapon of choice for Grant, this special revolver was given to him for self defense but it’s now in self preservation. This revolver holds 5 rounds with each bullet being cased in a link of casings that are magnetically linked to the gun, and when reloading will just attach (so instead of a cylinder coming out and needing to reload that way, all the remaining bullet casings will just fall off and then a new strip will be applied) to the gun. This weapon has 2 fire modes that are unique to it. Regular tapping will fire the gun with high accuracy and decent damage, when out of rounds you will have a medium reload time. If you hold down the fire button, then the bullets will fuse together to create a sort of cannon ball like projectile that will travel slower than a bullet and deal damage depending on how many bullets are fused (longer you hold down trigger, more bullets are fused). For each bullet fused, the damage is multiplied by 1.5x per bullet, so if all 5 are fused than it will deal 7.5x the amount of damage than a regular shot all at once. After shooting like this you have a small delay before you can reload, this is a sort of cooldown state that doesn’t last too long.

Grant utilizes drugs that he’s modified (with the help of Caira) to heal his fellow hunters with none of the side effects. This drug bomb is a small handheld grenade that is thrown and then explodes on impact to instantly heal any hunter in the area for a high amount of health. This is a very fast and bursty healing method, but it does have the downside of being on cooldown for 30 seconds (I need help in the timing, a minute feels soooo long in this game so times may be off), but the healing from this tool can literally save a hunter who is about to be incapacitated. Heals slightly less for himself but still heals a lot of own health, a player who was just incapped and is hit by this bomb will be revived instantly, but not if that player is Grant.

Resistance Field is a special tool, it works very mush like Caira’s speed boost in that it is activated and then provides a temporary buff to allies. Unlike Caira, this tool is purely defensive in nature. The resistance field will provide a temporary damage resistance to all forms of damage (probably close to 50 if not more % reduction in damage) and a major reduction in knockback effects, to the point that hunters can still fire their weapons while being hit. The resistance field has a 50 second cooldown, good medium radius, and very effective.

Heal Burst
With his drug bomb being a great burst heal but not able to be used very often, his heal burst makes up that time by being a decent heal, but its strength is in that it lingers in the battlefield for a few seconds. Staying within this healing burst’s radius after it being used will give you some healing over time, it’s nothing too big but it is a good pick me up.

Grant is a sad man (off to a great start aren’t we?), he is a drug dealer. Not by choice, but out of force. In the Farm Arm Grant had a family, a wife and 2 daughters, but everything changed when he was chosen to be a replacement drug dealer after one of the previous dealers was arrested for previous crimes. As a way to influence Grant, the drug lord kidnapped his family and told him it was do the job, or have his family die. In an act of desperation, he accepted the job and went from planet to planet selling people drugs, ruining people’s lives left and right. He always hated it, but he never had a choice in his decisions. He was sent to Shear as some of his clients were moving there and his boos wanted the most amount of profit. During the attack grant was going onto an Evac shuttle (small one) but he decided his life wasn’t as important, and gave up his seat for a child and mother who would have been left behind. Stranded he finally felt like he did some good in the world, so he went searching, searching for opportunities to help. Eventually he found his way to the hunters and convinced Cabot to get him on the team.

Grant is a do-gooder, he just wants to do what he thinks is right, no matter what happens to himself (though he would prefer to stay alive). Grant outs his teammates health before his, so he will constantly be checking on their physical and mental health. He particularly dislikes Behemoth, mostly because it reminds him of his former boss.

Example Dialogue

Pickme Up
[Grant] Hyde, Val already warned me, and no, I won’t give you anything.
[Hyde] Aw, not just a wee bit of a pick me up?
[Grant] No
[Hyde] And what if my life depended on it?
[Grant] Then I would give you this healthy stuff.
[Hyde] Pfff, you’re just likes those vegans.

Plots and Schemes
[Cabot] So Grant, why did you get into the drug business?
[Grant] A drug lord kidnapped my wife and daughters and foced me into this.
[Cabot] Sorry. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one.
[Grant] Maybe one day I can go back and get them.
[Cabot] Maybe I can help you with that.

[Grant] So you’re Crow?
[Crow] Yep.
[Grant] I’m hoping you haven’t done any of these.
[Crow] I don’t think so.
[Grant] What’s that suppose to mean?
[Crow] I dunno
[Grant] Now I’m worried.
[Crow] Okay.

Picking up an incapped teammate
[Grant] Come on! If you’re going to die it won’t be today!


AI [Image to be Added]

A 30 year old woman, AI is of Chineese decent (parents are from a poor colony in the Far Arm) with black hair, orange camo jeans, yellow jacket, and a headset. AI has an electronic notepad on her arm that controls her drone, she has several tools (wrenches, hammer, etc.) on her body.

AI uses a hand-built weapon she named the Drone Musket. Similar to an actual Musket, it can do a lot of damage but it has a longer reload than most weapons. The drone musket uses a bolt action like fire where after each shot you need to recharge your weapon. This heavy weapon fires a heavy projectile that does medium amount of damage to the target. A unique feature of this weapon is that, up to a certain point, the weapon can fill the projectile with nano-bots that will deal DoT over time to the monster. Up to 5 seconds can the gun charge up to deal high amounts of damage over time. Reload time is medium amount, has a very far range.

Support Tool
The rift field is a unique tool, it is a single deploy-able that creates a bubble that sends the organisms inside into an alternate reality. Although the details on how it works are unkown, it is known that anything other than a living organism can not enter/exit the rift. It is noted that Kraken’s hate this the most as Banshee mines, lightning from aftershock, lightning strike, and vortex can not enter the bubble without Kraken being inside. This rift can only stay active for a short time, which is estimated to be around 15 seconds, but due to the advanced tech inside it won’t cause any harm to those inside. Has a 30-40 second cooldown after deployed field is destroyed, which monster can destroy. Has low health, fast arm time, and a far throwing distance.

AI got her name from somewhere, and its from her use of a hand-built battle drone she made. This drone has a burst fire rifle placed onto it, so it is highly accurate (can miss) but it isn’t very durable. 1 good ability on it could destroy the drone (depending on the power of the ability). The drone does reload, but it happens after 20 or so bursts before it does. The drone follows the designated hunter it is set to, with tapping the button assigns it to AI, but holding it down will allow you to assign it to other hunters. The drone does shoot stealth-ed hunters so it is a great way to stop a sneak pounce. If destroyed, it will need to spend 15 seconds rebuilding at AI.

AI is, or should I say was part of Ebonstar. She was an engineer working on tools of war for whatever she is told to build. She was a very talented engineer since a young age, and she only got better after her years of work at Ebonstar. She was moved to Shear for the threat of pirates called for her machines. After the attack, she was left behind as she was an engineer and not a soldier, who were needed for the evac. She wasn’t able to make it to an evac so she dedicated her time to using the Ebonstar databases to create some ways to survive. She was able to survive and teamed up with the hunters after meeting up with them after the evac left.

AI, known by others as Marry Tran, is a 30 year-old (or so) who is very bright. She is kind of like a mini-Lennox but without the ego of she can do anything. She is a bit mroe knowledgeable about the monsters than others due to the Ebonstar databanks, but she doesn’t know as much as say Caira, Kala, or @Matthew (:stuck_out_tongue: ). She is very social and likes to talk technical with people, especially when it comes to her own stuff.

Example Dialogue

[AI] So Lennox, you want to talk about how horrible my drones are?
[Lennox] They aren’t horrible, but they could be, um. Improved?
[AI] Like?
[Lennox] Well I would put a more powerful gun on it, wait, no. That would make it too heavy…
[Lennox] What about a um, cloak generator?
[AI] I tried that, but the power reserves would have been stretched too thin.
[Lennox] I want to see that thing after this hunt.
[AI] Deal.

[AI] Hey Griffin
[Griffin] Hello Marry, or do you want to be caleld AI?
[AI] Either is fine, but I have to ask. Why do you use the old model?
[Griffin] The what? Oh, my harpoon gun! Yeah, I’ve tried the new ones, but this one has a special place in my heart.
[AI] Oh?
[Griffin] yep, saved one of my friends with this thing.
[AI] Hopefully it still works now.

Off Limits
[Laz] Hello Marry, no you may not look at my revivifier.
[AI] Ah, not just an hour to look at it?
[Laz] No, this technology shouldn’t be used by anyone else.
[AI] Fine, I’ll just ask Lennox.
[Laz] What?
[AI] She told me she already knew how it worked. I’ll just ask her.
[Laz] Um, well she doesn’t know how to make it cause the effects it does.
[AI] I bet she does.
[Laz] Please don’t ask her.
[AI] I’m only teasing ya.

I finished! I have all 4 hunters of my tier here, I hope everyone finds some good aspects in here and is ready to give some feedback. Like said above I do need some art done for the weapon’s icons, so if anyone will do that I will appreciate it. I will need some good feedback, so I’ll welcome anyone to post some feedback. Now time to brainstorm on my monster!
@The_Mastermind @Thunderspear22 @Zetrocci @ToiletWraith @TheMountainThatRoars @10shredder00


Holy geez, might want to split out into 4 separate posts.

Beetle sounds cool, but 5 seconds to lock for minimal damage doesn’t seem worth it.


Name: Detective Reed
Class: :medic:

Personality: Former detective for hub’s police force. He joined cabot’s crew because he’s heard of them and wants to offer any help he can to figuring out what the monsters are. He is down-to-earth and just wants to get the job done, but is also very polite and doesn’t want to start any fights.

Primary weapon: Revolver- a stylish revolver that holds 6 shots. It has high damage (for a medic), but has slow firing speed and reload time. Looks cool as hell.

Healing ability: Healing Darts- he wears a glove that has three healing darts on it. When he pulls it out, he can select three targets, when he has finished selecting, they shoot out and find their targets. When it hits them, it gives them a shot of health (I’m thinking like 25% of their overall health). The player can choose to put them all on one person, or split them between teammates.

Third ability- Monster Observer- at any point, he can give himself a shot of that sweet, sweet, morphine. This hightens his concentration and observation skills which allows him to point out the monsters stats. This makes his whole team know how much armor and health the monster has, it’s current perk and time left on it, and it’s current evolve meter.

Healing burst: the same range as the ones Val and Ciara have, but instead is split into 3 mini-bursts which can be fired independently from each other. This improves its versatility and allows him to heal more precisely.

yea, use the drop down thing like this.

Click me

this is what i mean

i made this post a wiki so you can see how to do it.

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5 seconds is for 5 rockets that will hit unless terrain gets in way is minimal? (though I do agree with the lock on times being a bit to long, maybe a second per 2).
@The_Mastermind done!

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MUCH better on the eyes and doesn’t take 2 years to scroll through :stuck_out_tongue:

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So revolver that’s okay, healing ability is cool and okay, but observer is useless. Absolutely useless. Why? Because all of that (maybe except the time on perk and the evolve meter) is already shown!

Because i didn’t have any ideas for a utility

New to the Forums, I’ve been working out the details on these 8 hunters and 2 new monsters for some time now and finally feel they are ready to share.
Side note I started reading this forum and the first hunter I read seemed pretty similar to one of mine, so I stopped reading them and decided to post first before I found all of my ideas had already been thought of.

Trapper- Tracey Flanigan
Bio - Was a rookie Planet Tamer with William Cabot many years ago, an also an old love interest. After Cabot and Tracey eventually left that team to start there own, Tracey was successful for quite some time before Leading Edge made it big. Shortly after anyone in need of a Planet Tamer went to Leading Edge, so Flanigan was forced to fold, but not due to any lack of experience or skill. Tracey recently received an encoded message from Cabot requesting more backup, So Tracey set off on putting together her own team of Hunters
Description- Cabot’s age, Irish descent, fiery personality, bright red hair, classic hunter look, green leather jacket over black tank top, wears a black bandanna over her hair.
Weapons- Main Repeater Crossbow- High rate of fire Cylinder Magazine reloaded in the center
Blade Launcher- attached to crossbow will shoot a three prong disc blade at the monster causing DoT and will leave a blood trail for the hunters to follow to ease tracking
Flare Mines- Mines that cause light to medium damage and set off a flare that will alert the hunters of the monsters whereabouts.

Assault- Xavier Cray
Bio- Private arms dealer in the Far Arm, clients ranging from Corps Pirates to Ebon Star or even Planet Tamers having done business with Cabot and Abe while they were gearing up for Shear.
Description- Jamacian accent stocky build with long dreads, wears his self designed energy armor(silver with red accents)
Weapons Main Particle Cannon- Sliver cannon with dish on the end that emits a strong constant beam at enemies, the Beam with grow stronger the longer it is accuratley on target but will also deplete the battery quicker forcing sooner recharge
Shoulder Turret- mounted turret that with aim assist shooting electrically charged bolts at the monster
Spike Grenade- armor peircing grenade that will ignore armor while dealing damage and leave weak spots in the armor

Support- Rolland
Bio- Was a jailer/security officer at a Sol Hub Maximum Prison facilty, before he murdered three inmates in a fit of rage during a prison riot. Rolland now does private security for Xavier in the Far Arm.
Description- middle aged man with short brown hair and a thick Tom Selleck like Mustache, very muscular. Wears a police officer style cover(hat) with a sleeveless black button down with leather straps to carry supplies crossed on his chest, brown cargo pants bloused into his high laced boots
Weapons- Heavy Revolver- Classic six shooter revolver just enlarged, shoots a heavy slug with significant damage
Riot Shield- Can raise a 10m wide beam barrier to protect against oncoming attacks, the more damage it deflects the faster the battery drains.
Riot Gas- Gas canister grenade that when it goes off in the monsters vicinity will instantly start the cooldown on all abilities.

Medic- Dr. Min Kwan
Bio- Was an intern scientist on the Lazarus Project during the Mutagen Wars, and has secretly kept some of the research an technology to herself. Works for Cometyne Research Group Focusing on Nanotech, Dr. Kwan is the leading expert in the field of the Far Arm.
Description- Long gray/blue coat buttoned in the center with white pants and gloves, Wears a white helmet with a circular visor in the center and squared on the top.
Weapons- Nanotech rifle- Long range rifle firing nanotech bug shots the can eat away at the monsters armor slowly over time eventually cause a week spot to appear
Revive Dart- small pistiol that shoots a revive dart at a downed hunter using the same tech as the Lazarus Device, After an accurate hit on a hunter the dart will take a moment to fully inject and revive the targeted hunter
Retreat Blink- a wrist mounted nanotech device that will instantly retreat any targeted hunter to Dr. Kwans location.

Assault- Layla Sparrow
Bio- Highly decorated Spec Ops Marine, that came to the Far Arm stilling looking for a taste of action after her discharge. Sparrow has been working as a bounty hunter before getting the call from Tracey, to which seem lept at the the chance to be back in the thick of it. Sparrow is a Marine through and through holding honor and order above all
Desciption- Wears a light green combat armor chest guard with matching gauntlets black gray camouflage, faded haircut on the sides and long top back to a braided ponytail
Weapons- Laser Burst Rifle- A modified build of the Marines standard issue with increased energy output, fires in quick three round burst making it as accurate as it is deadly.
Heavy Frag Grenade Launcher- Grenade firing attachment to her rifle that fires and short ranged high impact strength that can cause a short stun upon a direct hit.
Excalibur Round- Large orbital cannon that fires a high explosive round laser guided to the the target on the surface of the planet. long cooldown

Trapper- Raphael
Bio- Orion Raiders pirate who was mutineer-ed by his crew, then he gave them up to a bounty hunter league. Raphael is ruthless and trustless after loosing his crew, he hopes to turn his raiding ways around and find a new purpose, hunting monsters turns out to be that purpose
Description- short tattered brown overcoat, cybernetic right leg and fake left eye, wears a tricorn hat with a green cape. Thin dark beard and mustache. light brown skinned
Weapons- Plasma Caster- Medium range plasma rifle
Thermal Detection Eye- Raphaels implanted left eye has thermal detection capabilities able to detect wild life through nearby rock structures and other various solid objects.
Anchor Shot- a flintlock pistol with a high density gravity round that will tether the monster and render it immovable for a period of time cant be destroyed but will eventually loose its effect.

Medic- Brady Beardsly
Bio- from a well to do family born into money, wanted more adventure from life, so he joined the Field Medic Expedition Corps, bringing aid to war devastated colonies, Brady got combat exp with the corp and started hunting as a hobby making him suitable for Tracey’s new team.
Description- Slicked back auburn hair with aviator sunglasses Light blue cargo jacket white tshirt under neath with black jeans
Weapons Dual Auto Fire Pistols- classic automatic pistols with extended mags
Blood Packs- Droppable packs that fully restore the health of any hunter the picks it up long cooldown
Adrenaline Dosage- a hunter buff the will reduce all incoming damage for a period of time, shot from a syringe loaded pistol.

Support- Emile
Bio- Eygptain, hunter with Cabot on leading Edge, retired from the team to be a family man, now that his kids are grown he wants back in the fight to get his old friend Cabot out of a bind.
description- Bold with extravagantly pierced ears tattered lucky hunting fannel worn by him on every hunt he has been on
Weapons Hand cannon- Armored arm with beam cannon on the end
Utility Maximizer- pistol like charging device used to charge the class abilities of the hunters
Stronger personel shield and healing burst, extended mobile arena and cloaking field.
Missle Pod - A placable item the with 3 strong homing missiles the fire at the monster upon detecting him

I was just on the thread about how people find stealth almost impossible now, and that spotter personifies my very fear of that. Much better than Gobi spotting everything in line of sight in silence though.

Getting distance first and then sneaking, with some fake trails included will help monsters sneaking past Liz very well.

Ah. Makes a bit more sense now. And now that I think about it, 15 m isn’t that big in-game. That’s actually really reasonable now that I look at it.


whoooo. now its not a mountain of posts :stuck_out_tongue:

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sounds like it could be trolly


Telani is a young woman of Indian decent, she wears a modified armor chest piece that has two robotic arms attached. On her back is generator that supplies her unique guns with their ammo.Telani is armed with four unique pistols. She is of medium height with an hourglass figure.


Passive - Overheat - Telani’s firearms are unique in the way that her ammo is a special kind of crystal that grows rapidly, resulting in a battery-based clip. The guns fire shards of this crystal, and when Telani has not used her firearm’s Combustion form for a period of time, The rapidly growing crystal mass within her guns and generator overheat, causing her next full clip of ammo to unleash crystal weakspots upon the monster that only Telani can hit. If Telani hits these spots, they become regular weak spots Telani and the team can use for bonus damage. Both of her weapon’s forms share the same battery. If Telani is hit, Crystal weakspots will vanish, normal weakspots will remain.

Primary - Crystal Shard Combusters - Telani’s four Guns become deadly semiautomatic shotguns that have two shots each at full battery, she fires two at a time, resulting in four shots total. Using Combustion mode cools down the gun’s generators, while not using this mode causes heat to build up. At full heat, her combustion shots leave the monster full of weak spots.

Secondary - Crystal Shard Pistols - Telani converts her firearms back to their basic form, all four becoming fully automatic pistols. Each pistol is fired one after the other in fashion similar to Jack, but quite a bit faster. Heat still builds up in this form, albeit slower if they are being fired. A long range, single-bullet variant of her Combustion mode.

Utility - Crystal Grenade - One of Telani’s robotic arms lobs a grenade that sticks to the monster. Once hit, the Grenade erupts with projections that spike into the monster for mild damage. If Telani or an Ally hit this grenade while stuck to it’s target, it explodes, dealing a chunk of damage.

Back story
Telani is a bounty hunter and explorer, loving treasures and rewards more than many things. She found her way onto Shear with her allies Xelnath :support:, Uixith :trapper:, and Thozal :medic: to hopefully eliminate the Monstrous threat for the handsome rewards.

Telani is a ruthless gun-slinger who enjoys leaving bullet holes in her foes. She is as deadly as she is beautiful. She often assumes the leader position with her allies, quick to boss around Xelnath :support: and Thozal :medic:. She is however, very respectful to the other hunters, especially Lennox.


Telani is burst damage assault, able to do a large amount of damage very quickly as compared to traditional Assaults who rely on DPS. As Telani, it is good to know when to let your Combusters overheat, as your Combusters or Pistols will leave potential weakspots on the monster. Using either weapon drains the battery, and it must regain its charge over time. While her Generators recharge, throw your Crystal Grenade onto the monster, It will allow your team to do extra damage while your Guns recharge. For extra damage, Try to land a grenade on the monster before you fire onto it. Be aware that Telani’s DPS if rather poor, and relies on the burst of her shotgun creating weak-points to do real heavy damage to the monster.

Critique please!
Im a huge fan of making unique kits (As you might have seen with my Tank Medic), and this is my take on an Assault :slightly_smiling:


Sergei the Assault

Backstory: Hub commander from the Basilisk war

Ability 1: Grenade launcher - Fires short ranged grenades which arc and detonate on impact. Has 8 grenades per clip.

Ability 2: Railgun - After a short charge, delivers a long range burst of damage. Does not reload.

Ability 3: Thunder Punch - Close range rocket propelled punch, that does an initial burst of damage and also temporarily paralyses the monster, putting all of its abilities on recharge.

Ability 4: Personal Shield