Fully Automatic Siren Missiles


I feel like this would help a lot with my Kala game. I’d like to just be able to hold down the trigger and fire out my Sirens. It feels sort of clunky right now, having to keep rapidly clicking the fire button. Especially with the type of projectile they are.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird. Discuss.


I find is strange as well. Like what Slim was.


I agree. I felt like it would work better as an automatic fire…or maybe I’m just lazy lol.

BTW, Slim is FANTASTIC now!


I think it should work like Slim’s. Selectively automatic. Since there can only be a maximum of six siren missile entities at once in the world. If it were automatic you could end up constantly firing at something and your missiles would never reach their target because they would respawn.


i think jack’s pistols should be auto to, they are the same case with kala and non-auto slim, it just cramps the fingers on a controller


We should make Crow’s weapons full auto too. Oh wait…


“Oh Crow!” audience laughing


Eh, I feel like… You can save the mines for later right? Like you can place them in certain areas and such, so say you want 3 on the right of you and 3 on the left, you’re prolly not gonna have time to place them where you want if you have autofire


I also want the “one shot” weapons to automatically switch, just like Wasteland Maggie’s harpoon gun. For Crow, when you throw Gobi, I think it should switch to the previous weapon. Even though I see that Gobi has “recharged”, I still have to switch for him to be able to be sent out again. And for Slim, I think it should switch after using the spore cloud launcher.


Well her rate of fire is so long that I feel that you could easily reaim between shots to fire them where you want.


I also find it strange how you can only have six in the world, rather than six charged ones. What I would change about Kala is this…

  • Increase clip size to six
  • Limit world limit to six mines, not missiles
    × Fully automatic Sirens
    × Make teleporter OSD icons visible at all times


Imho you guys are just lazy cmon now it’s ok as it is X-D We don’t all of a sudden have to make everything automatic chill :stuck_out_tongue:


I disagree. Even if it were to become automatic, what good would it do? There aren’t enough to warrant it before she has to “reload”. How is it cramping on a controller? It’s just pulling a trigger. Not even that fast.


I like it semi auto better. Makes it a lot more fun, and makes it feel like im in control of it more. Slim felt like he needed that automatic change because of how much you had to spam the button, but it really doesnt feel bad with Kala.


I don’t know. I personally was fine with Slim’s leechgun before the change, but the Siren Missiles just feel clunky to me right now. I can’t really explain it. They just don’t feel right to me.


I like it because she has a more strategic weapon. You need to be thinking about placement more than spamming the trigger.


Besides, saying Kala needs an automatic weapon is kind of like saying Bucket’s rockets should be automatic. Both just feel a bit unnecessary.


agreed, everyone’s request is rather crazy lol everythiun I’m reading here is makin me go “t…that wouldn’t even be fair”


Just as a personal opinion, I think they feel better as a semi-automatic weapon.
Maybe because Kraken’s are too.

From a balance perspective, I agree with @10shredder00 and @ToiletWraith. Placing them would be clunky, and the entity limit could be a problem. If anything, the rate of fire would have to be very low.


I dont agree with this.

Bucket has a slow RoF, and is far less “CLICKLCIKCLICKLCIKCLICKCLICK”

Bucket is Click. Pause. Click. Pause. Click. Pause.

Kala is click as wildly and as quickly as you can.

And I agree with many above me on this- I dislike this, a lot. And one of the FIRST things id wished for kala within about 30 seconds of playing her, was that she auto-fired her primary.

And TBH- I dislike this for a LOT of characters in this game, not just her. I hate click-spamming. Its tedious, and gets uncomfortable after more than 20 minutes of play.

And for some people just running a mile, is just running a mile- Where for other people running around the block is debilitating. Maybe theyre over weight, maybe they have back problems, maybe they have knee problems.

Characters like kala, on the pc, require you to rapidly flex your extensor tendon running through the back of your hand. Much like people trying to run with weak knees, this can get uncomfortable. Fast. Im sure it doesnt do this for you. Im glad it doesnt do this for you. But you, believe it or not, are not everyone. For a lot of people- This repetitive physical action can cause soreness. And it can cause it quickly- In only a few minutes. Even if theres no “weight” against the finger, the physical act of constantly using that tendon, can cause pain. For some people, this can lead to a very uncomfortable injury.