Fullscreen (Windowed) minimizing


This could be “As designed” but I doubt it. In all games I’ve played where youcan choose “Fullscreen (Windowed)” or “Borderless” the game is still up even if I click on other things on my second monitor but Evolve keeps minimizing if I do anything else in this mode.

Is this a bug or intended design?

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

I have this same exact issue, very annoying on top of the mouse issue. It pretty much takes away the point of borderless windowed mode other than you can tab out faster.


In Fullscreen Windowed mode, evolve minimizes when it is not the active window.
This is extremely annoying and defeats the purpose of the display mode.
Please fix this!


Yeah the entire reason I use fullscreen windowed mode is so I can tab out and do other stuff, but still see how much time I have until the match starts.


yes, i have the same issue. this needs to be adressed in the next patch. it is really annoying that the window always minimizes.


I have the same !


A thousand times yes.


same issue, please fix.
so troublesome.


I am getting tad annoyed by this, as far as I know this wasn’t an Issue in Alpha nor Beta, now I am no extra tech geek, but Windowed Fullscreen is Windowed mode with borderless settings, right? This minimizing doesn’t happen if you have loss of focus on simple windowed mode, yet in Windowed fullscreen it does. Now I wouldn’t have any issue with it if I could simply set it to Windowed mode and use software like Windowed Borderless Gaming or Borderless gaming, but I can’t since I am running 1920x1200 Windowed fullscreen, but I don’t have an option to choose this resolution in windowed for some wonky reason. If I use any other resolution in windowed and stretch the window through some software to be borderless the mouse ingame isn’t in the same place as it is showing on screen, like you hower over some menu but in reality mouse is few centimeters above the menu etc…

This is my Windowed Fullscreen with 1920x1200:

This is my Windowed with 1920x1200 gone:

Is the minimizing of Evolve upon focus loss in Windowed Fullscreen mode being addressed @MacMan?



Just got a 2nd monitor on which I’ve got youtube, skype… running. But when I click in that monitor my game minimizes. I have the game running in windowed full screen mode. Is this gonna be fixed?