Full Unlock Packages


Consider making something like smite did with its god pack that for 15-30$ you get all present and future monsters & characters.

Right now people that want to play this game single player mode to practice and learn different hunters without dragging their team down in the process cant accumulate anything, since 7 or so hours into it you start receiving a message that you will get nothing at all in training mode. So you will never unlock anyone or anything.

Your only option is to go multi whether you want to or not, or buy a founders key / game from a 3rd party. That is a lot of money that is going to third parties instead of to developing more content for the game.


Ah yes, but what about the people like me and other founders who preordered the game for $100 and then spent money, yet STILL don’t have all the content unlocked?

Also, keep it used to be that to purchase a new char aside from the default 3 per class, you either had to fork out $20-25 or buy them individually for like $5-6


Yeah I feel for you guys.

I beta tested this with 5 friends and no one bought the game because of that. I didn’t want to pay 60 for a game and then start shelling out more and more for every additional guy and monster added. Loved the game, but worried with the early cash grabbing mentality I was seeing that I would spend waaaay to much and then game would fail and become a ghostown that I wouldn’t be able to find a match in.

Hope turtle rock learned from how many like us passed on game and the beating they took on the reviews not to repeat that mistake. If it would have been handled better on release with something like that god pack I mentioned it would probably have a 90 something metascore instead of a 70 something with glowing reviews.


You should realize that monetization decisions are the province of the publisher (2k) and not the developer (TRS).


I would prefer the option to support developers by paying them and getting some goodies rather than buying through 3rd party sites that can grant me “founder” status for mere 10 bucks. The grind is too much for me and I would prefer to pay to have more fun model.