Full Hunter skins


I’m not sure how easy it would be for TRS to do, but I would love it if we could get some sweet hunter skins. Not just like weapon skins, but full hunter skins.

Like I’m thinking Pirate Hyde Skin.
Pirate hat and captains coat. He already has the eye patch.
If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we can always try President Hyde!
Like our good friend honest Abe, Hyde could pass as the 16th president of the USA.
“Four scorched and seven grenades ago.”

More skin ideas!
Hot rod Bucket - “Beep Beep”
Hunting season Hank - “Be vwry vwry quite”

Hyde 2016!!


I would even be happy with full body recolors like they have for the monsters.
have a bucket that looks like the elite bucket emblem
have a voodoo lazurus with skull facepaint
simple stuff like this wouldn’t be too hard and i would buy it up


I’d rather have full-body retextures not model changes. Changing the character models is a lot harder and would cost a lot more too.


That’s kinda what I figured, but I can still be hopeful. TBH even the idea of a pirate Hyde is just hilarious to me.


Add this skin by @Lessovik, and we can talk.


This is glorious and exactly what we need.


There’s no excuse why they can’t change the colours.

Every monster I’ve seen pays no mind to the silhouette. They go for the healthbar and its colour. It it’s really that much of an issue, then change the health bar to the class icon.