Fudge so many wraith builds


Bro, I’m not a monster main, I only started playing monster properly in hunt 2.0, I’m that bad. ><


Well we wait for the master mind to get this confirmed


This is the build I made recently, I like it a lot. Since decoy is shit and unreliable I gave up on using it on my build.


From what I know, it’s supposed to. The damage increase it gives you is supposed to for all your abilities including melee.

(Shooting off inaccurate numbers as an example)
So, if warpblast deals 100Damage, and supernova gives 175% damage (like it used to show), then a warpblast should do 175Damage. This was the case back during the older wraith community challenges (I think it might of been the original gold one) where we had to do X abilities in a supernova to win.

I hadn’t tested it since then though.

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just defeated a caira sunny blitz and Griffin combo with my new build :slight_smile: they we’re pre-made


Why is it so satisfying to hear SN melees? It’s beautiful.@ToiletWraith @Lord_Pharaoh


I love it so much, its so satisfying. I feel like I’m going super assassin mode. Its so good for bursting down one hunter.


Is abduction good at S1 for wildlife?


Yeah it kills them. I don’t usually take more then 1 in adbuct anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


Beware using Abduction on a Mammoth Bird unless you already have armor. You will get zapped before it kills them.

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Well thanks to my new wraith build I’m almost lol IN silver destroyer :slight_smile:


just got the maddest I’ve ever been


I’m pretty sure there is a rule where you can’t just tag developers to moan at them.

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And if it’s not a rule it’s a courtesy thing.

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Yep, it’s a rule.


I’m asking when a game breaking glitch is fixed


Make a bug report about it and ask then, no need to cuss at them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


was the stupidest thing I ever saw I mean if it was skirmish no problem but why in hunt 2.0


2 WB
2 nova
1 decoy
1 abduct at stage 2


For Avoid DMG/Defensive/Safe:

Stage 1: 1,0,2,0

Stage 2: 3,1,2,0

Stage 3: 3,1,2,3

Perk: Movement Speed, Traversal Recharge( if you play against Val)


Stage 1: 2,1,0,0

Stage 2: 3,1,0,2

Stage 3: 3,1,2,3

Perk: CDR or DMG Bonus (i prefer cdr)

That’s the only 2 Builds i run with him.

Personally i dont like to put more then 1 Point into abduct, because if you miss it, you flying for like 10 sec… And they wait for you and bam…(dmg is also not that much more)