Frustration and Monsters: is monster getting too frustrating to play?

With the progressive monster nerfs, playing monster has gotten to be an exercise. At least for me. The monster is starting to feel like a punching bag.

Does anyone else think that monsters are getting too stressful to play?


Nope I still like playing Wraiths, Krakens and Goliaths never liked Behemoth so it is a drag to play him against all but the worst teams.

Stressful? No. I found it so upon a time, but not now I’m used to the game, so I guess it was more to do with me than the game.

Frustrating, unfun, boring, tiresome and no longer worth it, though? Pretty much.

Edit: The stress probably went away because it now takes good hunters to beat me, even with T4, monster nerfs etc. Imbalances are frustrating rather than stressful when you win anyway. If I felt like the knockback nerf actuallly caused me to lose games, for example, I’d probably still find it stressful.

It has definitely gotten a lot more stressful, I either give it my all or I get stomped out, and its just rough :confused:
More frustrating than stressful tho, hopefully it’ll get better


I should probably change the title to reflect that, frustration and stress kinda go hand in hand for me.

monster = stress, now more than ever before, thx to knockback nerf

its really hard to deal with 4 when your cc tools are crippled when hunters are immediately back in action to pressure u again or when they easily deny your combos and efforts to isolate one of them.

Im really close to leave this game for a while, as a monster player I have too many frustrating experiences at the moment

the problem with monster stress is the following:
as more stress u have, as more frustrating is a loss
thats why a monster loss frustrates more than a hunter loss
one of many reasons why we have a very small monster playerbase


Playing monster? Nah. Getting to play as monster? A bit.

It seems like it’s insanely difficult to get in as a monster with it as my #1, though when I’m with a party of 4, no monsters are to be found. Just people joining and leaving. Le sigh, TRS.

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You are speaking out of my Soul, i fully agree with this, monster is No fun anytime more.

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Question for you, what platform?

I think I was playing with you earlier today PC isn’t it?

I have a Hazardous on my friends list so I assume he’s on PC :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, PC. It’s quite possible. I’ve been playing Behemoth a lot lately. Lucky 1 of 500 playing this on Steam atm.

Do what I did. Take a break for a few days, then come back and play Hunter exclusively. It’s much, much less frustrating. I’m putting in barely 10% of the effort I had to apply to win as Monster, but winning 8 times more often.

Every time I’m forced to play Monster, I either quit the lobby or play the round knowing that afterwards, I’ll be done playing for the day. Because when I’m done playing Monster, I HATE this game. It’s frustrating and unfun.

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This, but not exactly. I could still hold my ground but I must go ‘try hard mode’ sometimes just for the sake of the win.

it is unfun.
today i played some games with randoms and the monster was so angry about us because we played sunny, after 2 matches he just played kraken and told us he will just stop playing kraken when we will not chose sunny anymore. so yea, i think monster players are frustrated.


Trust me this game is hunter favored by a fairly sized margin. It’s centered around giving crappy hunter players a chance and pro monster players not even have a chance against evenly skilled hunters because of that huge noob friendly advantage the hunter side has gotten by the patches. I am distressed that they are this close pinches fingers to completely ruin the main aspect of their game; which is to play as a huge, menacing monster.

Now it’s no longer fun for me because since I am highly skilled (now I wish I wasn’t so I don’t have to deal with the bs losses), I verse highly skilled hunters and it’s pretty pathetic when I have to use both a 2 point leap smash and a rock throw AND melee the crap out of a single hunter and not even down the hunter since they use Caira most of the time and I’ve stated since her release that her healing is OP.

I would be stage 2 too and it’s supposed to be a fair fight. Well I guess not since hunters are now noob friendly and they can make multiple mistakes while if I only make one mistake it means I’m dead. I am highly disappointed with all the hunter noob patches. I am now looking for other games to play since Evolve is going downhill and is being ruined. I downloaded Ori and The Blind Foret and I am excited to play that so at least I can pass the time until an ACTUAL patch is released to BALANCE the game.


pssst take a look at Ark: Survival Evolved, It looks awesome and is having an alpha soon :smile:, seems worthwhile end pssst

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Yeah I’m definitely gonna get it. I might have to hang up my Goliath Claws if the devs don’t fix the injustice that’s against the monsters :confused: ;-;


Same, we should rule a server together, Trex is pretty Monsterlike, tame that beast and be GODS

This is good plan. This is BEST plan!!!

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