Frustrating Article on Evolve


I didn’t mind if the guy didn’t like Evolve, but he disliked it for the wrong and misinformed reasons.

I’ll just quote some ridiculous things he said about the beta.

“There is no weapon management – you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo, or your guns jamming or finding new gear. There’s no crafting meta-game or loot grind. It’s all very… static.”

“That’s about as far as it goes, tactics wise, for hunters. So long as the trapper traps the monster and the other team members keep shooting (an artillery strike or two is also handy) it’s hard for hunters to lose.

“There’s nothing else really working against them if the four players just stick together.”

“Well, when you’re playing as a hunter you can’t see yourself anyway, so they don’t really matter.”

They’re weapon skins, not full re-skins. He’s mis-informed.

“There’s a repeatable measure to the game that wears thin rather quickly given that the mechanics are so sparse. As hunters it boils down to this:You shoot, you heal, you stay together, you win. Don’t break that formula and you don’t have to worry.”

“Something that may have helped the game is maybe if the player count was upped and it was 7-vs-1 or 15-vs-1”

“I’m not quite seeing the $60 here based on the limited amount of playability from the standpoint of the game’s core mechanics. Said sentiment rings especially loud when compared to the kind of deep content that’s been showcased for games like Dying Light, the upcoming Borderlands: The Handsome Collection or recent releases like Far Cry 4 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.”


I absolutely detest articles like this. Just trust me, don’t bother. Just steer clear of all negative articles pertaining to Evolve. These things will just sap your energy and ruin your mood.


And this is exactly why I don’t read reviews at all since-- well, actually, since about five years ago? Yeah, I got sick of coming across these sorta things.


How do people like this keep their jobs? Does no one fact check anymore.


It’s pretty obvious he has never played the game and is just trying to generate hits for his site.

The fact that he cites REMASTERS as “deep” content just shows he’s clueless.


And he conveniently forgot that half of the MCC’s “deep content” was inaccessible thanks to a botched launch.


i stopped watching TV a long time ago for similar reasons.

I dont read reviews often and when i do i make sure i read random reviews from random sources (chosen randomly rather) and watch game play on twitch.

AND THEN I FORM MY OWN OPINION whaaaaat!?!?!?!? LOL Twitch is the place to go for reviews. As the fans play the game and can give you deeper insight then some wannabe journalist with no clue.


not since the rise of social media. Humans are becoming more hive mindish due to the social media. its a strange evolutionary trend i began to notice a couple years back.


So we are devolving?


Yeah, I haven’t watched TV since about five years or so as well. In fact-- ever since I went to college, TV took the ditch. I watch streamed documentaries now. I love science. And nature. And space ohgodspacedocumentariesrngnhnntryhshbdtj



Ah well. I still think that that guy’s just stealing from articles someone else wrote.

Poor guy.


Ugh. Cinemablend / Gamingblend is just appalling in general. Just… really, really terrible even by the loose standards of videogame coverage.

Think I have to disagree on the TV thing though - There’s quite a bit of good TV around at the moment - genuinely good, high quality, well produced, well written stuff. There’s also a lot of dross, but there’s always a lot of dross. Sturgeon’s Law, etc, etc. ;p


Can’t wait for Game of Thrones. :blush:


I wish people would give this game a chance instead of just writing it off. I just don’t get how people think it’s not worth 60$? I know friends that get cod and madden every year, and tell me how they hear evolve is not worth it.


Horrifyingly, at least in terms of intelligence, the average is increasing.

An IQ of 100 is average, and has always been held as the average… but every so often, the score is re-meaned, to reflect the average intellect of the populace-as-measured. And it’s always been re-meaned upwards - so that a modern IQ of 100 is more intelligent than an IQ of 100, say, 50 years ago. (If anyone cares to check, this is known as the ‘Flynn Effect’, which amusingly always makes me think of Tron.)

Which is horrifying in a way because, damn, there’s still a lot of stupid out there. It’d almost be comforting to think we were devolving.

But nope. This, all the dumb we see around us?

This is an improvement. o.o


Whilst I totally agree this reviewer seemed somewhat determined not to like the game and (at least) seems to be biased against it you cannot KNOW that to be true. Maybe he was just genuinely underwhelmed by the experience… and maybe after hearing lots of amazing hype about how good it was when he got his hands on it, it didn’t live up to expectations - and god knows, in todays hype driven world most of us can relate to that.

Which really brings me to the point of this, “Just steer clear of all negative articles pertaining to Evolve”

Whatever the truth about the original review this is so not the right attitude to take. Advising people to bury their heads in the sand and only ever interact with other people who think in exactly the same way as themselves is simply awful.

Diversity is the key to evolution and growth, you will never achieve anything if you spend your life playing in the same muddy puddle.

Evolve may be a good game, it may be a great game but it won’t be a perfect game, because nothing ever is perfect… and in that context criticism is good, it helps to identify things that could be improved.

If you want to be pragmatic about it a review that unfairly criticizes a game is still of more use than one unfairly praises it. Because whilst the negative review may pick upon totally trivial, unnecessary or unimportant things it may at the same time highlight things which could genuinely be improved, whilst a review that simply sets out to tell to world how great something is is far more unlikely to do this.

And in the end why does it “sap your energy and ruin your mood”? If you genuinely enjoy and love playing Evolve, why do you care if someone else doesn’t? Why take it as a personal attack? Why is it that your choice in video game is such an important part of your own self-identity that the idea someone else doesn’t feel the same somehow undermines your world view to the point that it gets you down?!


that just means a more close knit community <3


Doesn’t really get me down, lol. I’m a professional debater, but I learned that my one weakness is stupidity. I just can’t argue with stupid people, and while the author of the aforementioned article may not be stupid per say, he made a lot of amateur writing mistakes (FAR too opinionated, subjective title, didn’t check facts AT ALL, etc.) So while it doesn’t really get me down, I guess it… tires me? I honestly don’t know. As for mixing yourself with people of opposite views, I agree. I generally love to hear what people think- it’s always interesting and a… useful insight. Video games are a sort of exception. Seeing blatant misinformation in relation to this subject really wears me out. I really don’t know. Maybe it’s the brain damage talking. :wink:


ROFLMAO. You literally made me laugh so hard my scalding hot coffee went up my nose.