Frustrated PS4/XB1 players - Reality Check


Let me preface this with saying I’m a full time PS4 player, I do not have a PC gaming rig and no intention of ever getting one. I pre-ordered the game, bought both season passes and a bunch of skins. Ok, that’s out of the way.

Was I disappointed when I learned I wouldn’t get TU09 now, if ever? Sure, for about 5 minutes.

Life isn’t fair, it’s just how it is. We all love Evolve and want to get in on the action but if you think this is the last time you’re going to feel this way in your life, you’re wrong. Use this minor event as a learning experience and move on, I think the devs have gotten the point about how people feel.

Here are your choices as I see them:

  1. Accept it, share in the excitement, come back and see how the PC players are liking it.
  2. Wait patiently, find other things to do in the meantime (uhhh, there’s a bazillion good games out there).
  3. Come back to the forums over and over to vent your frustration impeding the mods and devs ability to get to the constructive gameplay posts which will help them get the console editions out quicker.
  4. Be so pissed you write off the game completely and find other things to do.

If you’re not going to choose 1 or 2, please choose 4. I chose #1 and I’m honestly getting sick of seeing #3. I’d like to not have to sift through venting posts to see how the PC players are liking it.


I think your post may spark a lot of discussion so I’d like to share the information that was just posted.


What’s more annoying than the complaint posts is all the posts telling other people how they should feel. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair, he has just as much permission and right to voice his/her/other opinion that you do. They don’t agree with what you say, you don’t agree with what they say. Everyone is a coin and you’re just seeing it from your side. :slight_smile:


Completely true but I’m seeing more and more of these “DON’T FEEL RIPPED OFF” threads that are worded not as an opinion but an instruction manual for everyone’s emotions. lol


My point is it doesn’t matter how you feel, doesn’t matter how I feel either. Feel free to be ripped off. Community’s been heard, be constructive or go do something else. Complaining/venting only makes the devs job worse.

Again, realistically speaking, making the devs job worse will only hamper things and take longer for us to have our versions.


Reality check coming in

Console players may not see this update and if we do it may be months.


The post that TMTR linked made me chill out. I was really pissed that they led us on until release and then told us it could be months, or never. But there’s something about Insane’s word choice that gives me the greatest confidence that Console will get it.

And then it puts console in a position of “PC get it first because of no cert process + easier fixes” which I am used to from Warframe.


Yup, that’s a fact. Agreed.


As noted in the second post. :wink:


I’m going to hope but if it don’t work hopefully they can work out a way to transfer all my stuff to PC along with the founder title assuming they would keep it on PC anyway.


They’ve only reiterated what we already knew. TRS has still failed to mention why they waited until the last second to break the bad news.


Well, they got the numbers, they just need to get a patch out and fix the plethora of bugs in order to keep them. Once they fix the game breaking bugs, they can take time to tighten things up and fix the minor bugs. Then the 3-6 week console cert.

So as long as TRS can keep the player boom, we should be set.


Seems like a good place to put this.

After over a 1000 hrs, pretty much all streamed, even when the population was low, and trying to hold the community together ( on twitch not YouTube) it pains me to hear that I should either stop playing it for a bit or forever.

I’ll say goodbye to you all for now on the forums. There isn’t a place here for Legacy players.

Even after reading @Insane_521 s post, it’s clear till be a long time before anymore console support comes.

I really don’t think being worried about my community on PS4 and the Xbone1 is being negative. I’d say it’s positive that we’re so passionate.

There were nights where it was myself and 3 other people streaming the game(on twitch). Promoting it, telling people to buy it.

We’re the ones who dealt with “people still play this game” and defended it tooth and nail.

Now we have no place other than in Legacy.

I’ll return one day, and again I’m super happy for PC and TRS. Does that make me happy? No, because is the way it just went down, and because I now get to watch my fellow console players leave.

The forums are mostly a great place and I loved coming here everyday. Even in the last 24 hrs, there’s barely anything to relate to, other than feeling stung, so that’s why you’re seeing these posts.

Anyways I’m off, I’ll be streaming Legacy, and giving console players a safe haven if they don’t wanna watch, cause it actually sucks to see how amazing it all looks, and not be apart of it.

Tons of you folks on here are amazing, never change!

Devs, if you read this, I’m happy for you and the potential success this could be leading to,and seems to be leading to. That doesn’t help the hurt for me personally, and that’s fine.



I was someone who streamed it for weeks straight as well. I used to talk to people about the lore, the gameplay, upcoming things that were exciting.
It was myself and maybe 3 other streamers. I didn’t always play multiplayer as I found it a bit easier to interact with viewers this way. I even had a few people purchase the game after watching me play it. And I know they bought I because they added me as a friend and we played a lot together tor a few weeks.

So I feel the same as you do sir.


And with this and if the game booms back to life, I suggest that they have different sections of this forum for PC, Xbox, ps4.

I have this same problem with Elite:Dangerous. They have an Xbox section as well as a PC section. And I only hang out in the Xbox section. The reason is, I don’t want to see what’s coming up that I don’t have yet. It’s frustrating to feel like yesterday’s news. So, keep it seperate and if someone wants to see what’s going on with the PC side they can check it out.


I know there’s a huge lot of anger right now, but that’s no reason to leave! As you have seen this PC Beta has not gone without its share of bugs. These will be worked though for when it gets put on consoles so you guys wont have to deal with it. You guys haven’t been forgotten. Success on PC means success for everyone, and even more stuff down the line. If this revives Evolve then we could very well see more characters put into the game for everyone.


The problem is we’ve been waiting for an update to be able to play a stable/balanced game. The past 6 months has been “It’s fixed in TU9” and you now we have to wait more months? After being told it will be June/July for a while now.

Don’t get me wrong, TU9 looks awesome. But they shouldn’t have done everything in one big update.


I am going to be completely honest, I am not happy with TRS right now. This is my own opinion.

They tell EVERYBODY soon for 6+ months. They give us a bit of information for the update, then on the last day before launch, they say, oh yea, its only on PC right now. You people on console have to wait. That is what really pisses me off. They build so much hype, and in the end, PC gets it. It is very unfair. Stage 2 might help for PC, but console’s chances are going down the drain


that was there 1 big mistake that they could of avoided but they went with it…[quote=“Evster3, post:18, topic:88820”]
It’s fixed in TU9" and you now we have to wait more months? After being told it will be June/July for a while now.