Frozen Synapse Prime for PC


So it looks like there has been a fairly large face lift for Frozen Synapse called Frozen Synapse Prime. It looks like it was released for the Playstation Vita a couple months ago and got launched on steam today. I didn’t even her about this until today.

I played the first one and REALLY liked it. If you have never heard of Frozen Synapse I do suggest you look it up. It’s sort of a turn based strategy meshed with real time but in increment of 5 seconds. Basically, you give your units orders and can even move the AI into positions that you think they’ll go to get a more accurate sample, then you press a button to see how that 5 seconds will work. However, once you actually commit to going ahead in time, both you and the opponent’s actions will happen at the same time. It’s a brilliant mechanic.

Anyway, I was curious on if anyone has tried the PC version. From what I ‘sense’ and hear on the web is that it’s a port from the Vista and doesn’t offer too much. That being said, I had a ton of fun with the first and was slightly interested. Anyone here play the original and/or this one and would care to comment?


Ok, so if there are any who have played the original, it seems like it’s mostly a graphical update for the same game. They’ve added a bit more to the story and it seems like they changed the ability to have 2 people shoot and kill each other at the same time. In the original, that couldn’t happen. So it’s slightly different. Music still seems to be just as good and reminds me once again of the old Uplink hacking game.

That being said, it definitely feels like a console port. (It originally came out for the Playstation Vita) The menu system feels clunky. They have added a ‘kill cam’ which is kinda cool but I don’t like it. It would be great for making montage death scene videos with.

Not too bad. It’s currently on sale, if you own the original you can get up to 65% off for 2 copies so it’s a pretty decent deal. I’m currently playing through it. Feel free to check it out on my evening streams or my youtube channel.


I’m pretty bitter about the game. Pre-purchased and played a lot, then it was forgotten by everyone(devs included) for a looong time and I just couldn’t bring myself to go back. I don’t think I’ll be buying this one, especially with what you said- only real improvement being graphics and a lousy console port. Thanks for sharing though.


Glad I could help. I couldn’t find much in the way of a decent review of what the game said, and because I had a coupon for 65% off I figured I might as well. That being said, I REALLY loved the first one.


Me too,but like I said it left a bitter taste in the end. I also got a steam discount for original FS owners,but it’s only 50% :frowning:


If you use it before Nov. 22 I think? (Not sure) It will stack with the already 15% off. All in all it came to like 11 bucks for 2 copies. It’s kinda ‘meh’ to me. It lets me get to play the game again but in a visual new way. However, the controls and UI aren’t great. Maybe after a couple more hours I’ll be more in touch with the UI and it’ll feel like second nature. If it had new story I would definitely recommend it, but because it’s the same, it might be a pass for most. You can check out 1 of the tutorials and the first 4 missions to see what you think.

I’ll be putting together a 3 gold star rank guide eventually. Aside from the first mission I’ve 3 starred the first 4 missions without having to restart which is a plus. Lemme know what you think if you decide to watch.


I must admit I couldn’t really bother to watch all of them entirely, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty much the same game with some(pretty nice) upgrades,but I’m still not sure about buying. I still have time to decide until Nov 21,so I guess we’ll see. Also,I might be wrong,but I think the original actually HAD voice overs,at least for the first few sentences in each mission. Another thing- the game went under the radar not because of all the micromanagement- it’s what you mentioned earlier,clunky and annoying UI(especially when the commands were text based) and people who abandoned the game after waiting ages for human opponents to make their move. I sometimes went back to vs fights I started a week before. Not worth the effort of taking a lot of time to make the perfect plan- only for it to not be concluded or simply forgotten. One last thing- I’m certain some things you think are new actually aren’t- like “trade” kills. I noticed I few things I don’t remember myself, but I’m pretty sure they WERE in the original game.

Thanks for the info and good luck with your channel!