From tugboat to gunship


Anyone else noticed Kraken is like an ac130 when played by a good player ever since the patch?


Yeah…I’ve said multiple times that he was like a tugboat. With the patch he’s zooming around like a Beta-Wraith on steroids.


It bothers me that he is unaffected by stasis in a serious manner anymore, night as well just use the primary weapon as Abe and Crow.


It’s a bug, don’t worry, it’s being fixed. I think that having full speed using AS and LS is a bug too.


If you replace the name ac130 with Kraken and make everything sound relevent to Evolve in your head, this sums up my feels


True except Kraken was OP, then underwhelming, and now bugged.


He’s been evil for awhile. It’s pretty easy to stage 1 win with him now, he dodges everything so easily.