From the Office of the Shear Public Safety Commissioner


Attention all Shear residents please make sure not to eat one hour before swimming in any body of water. The reason is not because of cramps but because of the Tyrant.

Even though he/she is one of the least dangerous and most friendly animals in the Shear animal kingdom one smell of food in water even a banana that was eaten 45 minutes ago will put the Tyrant into a frenzy and go for the nearest person who has the food. Please do not share the food or drop food for wildlife it attracts birds.

This has been a public service announcement by the Shear Public Safety Commissioner


Guess I have to stop eating before drops now.


You’re saying we SHOULD eat an hour before? :wink: Slip a “not” into that first sentence, I was confused.


B-b-but the cupcakes :cry:


Yeah you are right cupcakes are to good. I will just take my chances.


Hey I am not the Public Safety Commissioner I am just the deputy his word is law but he says thank you for the little typo and won’t happen again.


You demonstrate safety tactics from monsters but not the cybersquidarmy PREPARE TO BE GLASSED!






Dr.octopus destroy spiderman!


Shhh. Just let Spider-Man take over. There’s nothing you can do.


Might I ask proper safety protocol if you happen to spot a giant flying Squid that fires lightning?