From Russia with love about basilisk soldiers


Hi! I’m from Russia, so please forgive me for my english. And I’m gonna write some strange things now :slight_smile:

I like all that stuff about mutagen wars and basilisk soldiers very much :slight_smile: In the beginning I was playing Evolve as original game with interesting conception, but at some point I become more interested in character’s dialogues. It is strange, but Slim’s story, mutagen wars, and even short references to that turn in my head into dozens of epic scenes and plots. I often imagine those scenes. I came to that forum and noticed that many other people are interested in that theme too.

I really hope that there will be more basilisk soldiers in next tier (or even a full tier of basilisk soldiers).That would be super-cool!

Something like friends, whom Slim believed dead, are with him on the ship. I’ve got different ideas about them. One of them can be presumed dead Slim’s young brother – second generation basilisk soldier, so he is unstable a little bit, got an ability to transform in sort of halfbug-halfdragon creature :slight_smile: Or a charismatic bug commander, obsessed with revenge and refusing to admit defeat in that war, with a catch phrase “I have a plan” :slight_smile: Or a woman, that was involved in mutagen technology development, and telling dirty jokes. Or some other guys that somehow survive this war and escaped from Hub. And last but not least, we seriously need a girl-bug, either trapper or support, NOT medic, so Slim could speak with her in the dropship. Cause Slim need a girlfriend :slight_smile:

We want more basilisk soldiers, MOAR!!!))) What do you people think about all that stuff?

P.S.: Maybe someday we will see comics about Basilisks Rebellion. Or may be even another game dedicated to them. Or some sort of spin-off at least.

P.P.S.: I know there is Evolve devs on this forum. Thank you very much for this game, and particular for Slim – very cool character, very cool history.

P.P.P.S.: Just for you to know, my husband and I read that thread about Slim’s pants and make some research, watch many videos on youtube, so we’ve got to clean up our browser history after that :slight_smile: He is really need a pants. For real.

Thank you for your attention, have a good weekend :slight_smile:


I think from a story telling point of view having Slim as the lone survivor is interesting, but then there is the opportunity for character development if he were to have an old friend turn up alive and for him to have those conversations in ship!


The Mutagen wars is probably my favourite thing about this game, even though we only hear about it through people’s backstories (IE; Hyde, Laz and Slim)- I would love to hear more about both sides of that war.

Also, welcome to the forums, your English is very good!


I would kickstart the hell out of a mutagen wars comic book accompaniment to Evolve


I want to see what the gen 1/2 basilisk soldiers look/act like


No offense, but I’m probably the only one here that doesn’t want more basilisk soldiers added. Adding more basilisk soldiers would kinda kill what’s so unique about Slim for me personally. The point was that they lost, a lot of them died and even those who were still alive became illegal so there’s a very … slim… chance of them surviving, let alone a whole tier. I guess I wouldn’t mind one more, but it would definitely take away a part of what/who Slim is for me, if that makes any sense. Just my opinion on it though.

The comic idea is something I can definitely get behind though.



All bad jokes aside, kappa, I would love it if there were more Basilisk soldiers and maybe even a sane Gen 1? I have always wondered how they look like, but by the way Matthew describes them, I imagine them looking like Gorgon and I just can’t imagine having an efficient Monster- Human like army.

They’d have a… slim chance at best to win anything Imo. Slim? Because he’s a Basi- I’m a hypocrite. .-.