From Reddit: Map adaptations?


Not to snipe the idea, but to offer it up for discussion here as well as over there.

TRS mentioned that maps takes a long time to make and get right for balancing.
Okay so what if they cut down the time by doing map adaptations? Add snow to some of the maps, make so of the jungle maps into desert terrain…change the skybox and lighting completely.
I played on Fusion Plant both during night/day version, and wow even though its the same map…they both feel different and unique to play on.

Feel free to go join in the discussion there, or add your thoughts here… personally I thought it was an interesting suggestion in principle!

Map Adapation/Variant MEGA-THREAD [New map added for Evolve Stage 2]

This is an amazing idea!! I don’t even know what to say besides PLEASE DO THIS TRS!


A great idea!!!


Why did nobody mention this before? It is amazing.


It’s the same map. There’s no point to it in my opinion. Doesn’t bring anything new to the table either.


If they also replaced wildlife and some small things, like plants or pools of acid, buhses/other shrubbery, trees…That would change it without having to make a whole new map. Scenery changes and ambiance are important, as well as changes in weather, lighting, and atmosphere. This would provide it without taking a month (or number of months) to make.


New maps= new strategy. One thing that made Evolve so fun for me was learning the best feeding routes, evolve spots, choke points, etc.

I wouldn’t mind if heavy rain or clear sky’s was in rotation more. But we defiantly need some fresh locations to hunt on.


Dam adaptation could have acid instead of the water. Hell they could even add the map effect with the eel’s, they could do a lot with this idea. I’d be all for it . Map adaptations would be awesome variety.


Totally agree. Not sure how easy it would actually be for them to do this, though. At the very least, I think it would give us a little more incentive to keep playing, just like the new characters have been.

Who knows if this might be a thing though, my gut tells me no, although there’s always room for hope. I’m thinking they’ll be too busy focusing on this big change that’s coming up, similar to how the Hunt 2.0 update went.


I’m so sorry please don’t hate me.

I had a showerthought about this about two weeks ago, never got the chance to write a proper posf for it. But I’m happy to see other people have picked up on it too.

Rave Trap map anyone? What about Tornado Barracks and Flooded Distillery?

I believe these map “adaptations” or Variants would have not just different visuals, but something like the map effects found in Evac or at least a watered down(neutral) version of them.

Exploring the maps was a very fun past time of mine in solo, learning about strategies around them was also a very fun part.

Feeding routes and lighting would be a very big deal that I’d love to death.


I feel like people would’ve said that if TRS suggested adaptions before releasing Meteor Goliath!!!

“It’s the same character, how much could really change?”

But, they can go above and beyond and changed all the Vanilla Tier One characters into very unique adaptions. I think they could do the same with maps.

Add different weather, like the Dam but snowy, change the feeding routes, put some fun elements like Aggresive Wildlife in some parts of the map, maybe change the water to acid. A few small changes could totally recreate a map. :smile:


Some maps have more than one Relay (some even have four) I feel like 1. the randomly selected relay 2. multiple relay 3. different relay location can be explored as well.
Changing the feeding routes and relay location (mechanics) can really add more to the game without having to build a map from scratch.

And it might also work for doing changes to some maps that they weren’t too confident with doing on launch. Looking at you RENDERING PLANT! You need more than one main path you know.


I would really like different relays to be randomized, but some maps have already been tweaked due to relay cheese. These new relays would need to be looked at from every angle before being implemented.


I would definitely be interested if the maps very made to feel different, particularly if they started inserting some random events/map effects into them from Evacuation.

In a perfect world I would love it if maps could be made where they totally change during the match due to triggered events or destructible terrain objectives, but randomly selected Evac effects would be the next best (and probably less taxing on the Devs) way to accomplish this.


I love the idea of the map effects being reused for the maps, but I feel like if it were random it wouls mess up with the balance and Ranked. Too much chaos.

So it’s probably best if the map effects were watered down and were more neutral of both sides, both having an area where both sides can take advantage of. As opposed to something that’s very one sided like BHF.


Absolutely. We don’t want it turning into something similiar to the Wildlife Buffs debate. They would need to be revised, or altered in such a way that doesn’t disadvantage one side over the other.

Perhaps the inclusion of two map effects with advantages and disadvantages for both sides? One example (just thinking off the top of my head here so don’t think too hard about this example) could be the addition of double the number of chomp plants and aggressive wildlife (Monster advantage), plus also having a couple of healing booths on either end of the map. (Hunter advantage)

I’m sure better examples can be thought up, but you get the idea.


Maybe this can be one of the Variants?


I’m guessing that’s early footage. Its still blimmin’ freaky though with that music. :smile:


its actually a bug, related to nvidia video cards MLH told me. I’ve only had it happen a few times and I think they were only on Barracks and maybe Wraith Trap.


That’s bizarre. I shudder at what QA testers must find at times when they are tinkering around under the hood.