From first person camera to third person


So i play with some guys. When we dome the monster it willl charge to me and than my camera change to third person without reason.


This bug has been logged by the devs and they’re working on a fix. Thanks for taking the time to report it!


Nice to heard that. I hope the game will be more better than is now!

I must thank you to you listen to community :slight_smile: and making game better :3


That’ll be cool to have if there could be a button that activates/desactivates it.
The view point would be like for The Division.

And to be honest, this bug looks amazing for me.


I got it coming to me today, the problem is, when changed into 3rd person, my animation is completely broken and my character is not able to aim.


Yes, this same thing happen to me.


Can you still fight from third person?

Maybe they could turn this into a feature. Hehee.


Yes you can but its hard to coordinate mouse AIM :smiley: and shoot line its in different position than your gun :smiley: its funny to see :smiley:


I almost hope I get this bug, as well as the nightmare texture bug. For fun.