Friends vs. AI Monster


With the amount of new players being stomped by veteran Monster I don’t even understand why this is not a feature in the game already. It would be so much friendlier to introduce new players playing together against AI in a “training” mode to get into things.

I know I’d LOVE to chill sometimes with friends just casually play against an AI monster to mess about.


You can do this in customs, but the devs are working on a new co-op mode that might be what you’re looking for.


I tried with friends but none of us could find an option to “add bot” or similar because when you start a game in custom it starts to search for opponent and we got a player vs. us.

Is it not supposed to work that way or are we doing something wrong?


Try doing it in the training section, I haven’t tested this yet myself.


Training mode does not allow you to invite friends on steam.


In that case the new co-op mode, when released, should be right up your alley!


If you go Play > Custom and invite friends, you can all select Hunter roles and leave Monster blank, and you’ll get an AI Monster!


Yes. But we’d still like Co-Op queue. :slight_smile: especially since we’d like full rewards for that match and not the limited ones from doing Solo/Training Mission


yeah please do coop mode, it be great for newer players as well as older plsyers . because we can teach them things in a more lay back manor.


We are meeting about it tomorrow, don’t worry. We gotchu!


Thanks guys. Maybe you could adjust the ai aggro a bit.


We’ll be discussing that!


You mean ai hunters acting like terminators?