Friendly advice for devs


I was talking in another thread about TRS comunication with the community and I wanted to make a thread about it, so we all know the devs haven’t updated the bugs list since forever, making players paranoid because they don’t know if the bugs that they have experienced are aknowledge by devs and the result is tons of people posting about the same bug over and over again, I think TRS needs to improve their comunication with the players, but not just on the forums, but in their official pages like Facebook and twitter and also create a bug list again.

You can see people still confused about tons of stuff, for example, there are people who still don’t know about the reload bug because the devs have only confirmed this bug through forums, nothing official, so yeah, there are tons of players that don’t know what’s really going with bugs and other stuff and they’ll think TRS doesn’t care.

But they really do and you can see that in the forums and how they try reply lots of people, but still, I think they should create a thread that has all the aknowledged bugs and problems and post A LOT more in their other pages, so people can relax more.

Side note: So yeah, I’m not saying devs aren’t communicating with players, I know they check forums everyday, they just need a little improvement, just an advice, devs are still doing a pretty good job and I really appreciate that C;


I agree, it can be sometimes difficult to find information, it would be nice to see a bug list and a more active Twitter page. Also, thank you for using constructive criticism and not just raging at the devs like most people do :slight_smile:

Quick tip though: try to edit your post into 2-3 separate paragraphs so it’s easier to read. I think a lot of people will skip it if they see a wall of text, plus it makes it much easier to read :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you and I’ll edit soon


Fair points I’d say, would be interesting to see if a better process could be found, perhaps something more community led even


I would like to see @MacMan and @DamJess thoughts of this C:


It isn’t just that they need to improve their communication. It is that they need to improve the relativity of the issues at hand that affect the game in the long run verse what they feel is better.

On the topic of communication I would say the immense lack in prioritizing, or widely acknowledging the issues with Kraken, the reload speed bug, map exploits, etc on social media as another major flaw. All you ever see them do is wear a happy face and talk about their bloody tournaments and challenges, while you have other community managers/ devs hitting the main game Twitter and Facebook feeds and saying out right that they are fixing them instead of huddling around this forum cave.

Yes making patches costs money but making a short Youtube video that can be shared to all the fans via social media costs ZERO DOLLARS.

That or writing a twitter post that says “Hey loyal Evolve fans. We heard your cries about the bugs. The fixes are coming and we are working hard on them” Look at that under 140 characters and I just did their job for them :-/

A dev I highly look up to for being upfront about game issues and communicating them through ALL media platforms is Undead Labs (State of Decay). Small studio but damn are they vocal and respectful.

The fact we have a weekend challenge featuring Kraken during this constant bug chaos just shows you the position TRS is in at the moment regarding the problems. At least in my opinion anyway. Goes to put head under a cold tap