Friend is making a game and it looks amazing


Decoded: System Shutdown So my friend has been making this game for 2 years now it looks amazing and I told him I’d try to spread the word for him give it a look and do what you amazing people do. Thank you! It would help out a great deal!


That’s nice and all, but you left out the name of the game.


…SHOOT oh good lord x.x


We all make mistakes, friend. You can edit your opening post to include it. ^^;;


Fixed it! Thanks for the point out lol


Now, I should preface this with the fact that I’m really not trying to bash the game. It’s obvious this person has worked hard on what he’s done, and he should be proud of it, but this is what people like me see when they’re looking to support a game.

Really not trying to bash it here. It’s meant as constructive criticism.

The only reason I’m not supporting it is because he has no actual description of the game or a demo. No way to tell what it’s about or see how it plays. Otherwise, these are things others will pick up on:

It seems pretty good for gameplay based on the videos - looks kind of standard for FPS, especially if he’s indie and working alone - but a lot of people are turned off by a game with no story, especially if he’s comparing it to Doom, which has a pretty great background other than “pewpewpew”. Saying you were inspired by that game series puts up a certain expectation of a serious story with hardcore gameplay. Something there is no evidence of on that page.

I’m also worried he’s not taking as long as he should to make sure his world makes sense. From what I can gather, you’re in a computer system fighting a virus of sorts. His screens don’t really match that, though. The scenery seems to vary too much without context. From inside of a building to lava and platforms. Odd transition. He’s also got very standard lighting and models, which is perfectly fine, but it’s odd to see that stuff inside of a world that is designed for programs. The sci-fi theme should be clear with the textures and models. The atmosphere feels very distinctly like a game, instead of making you believe you’re actually there. That feeling is half of the reason people play games and is important.

He should go into much more detail about the game, the story, the setting, the characters, and the enemies. He’s quite literally trying to sell it, so holding back details only hurts him.

Again, I’m not bashing the game or the developer, but this is stuff a lot of people look at.


I’ll let him see this, thank you for the criticism dude, every bit helps


The game seems interesting, what is there looks good, with a lot of potential. There is one major flaw I have with it though.

The idea of having various different settings is not one that is easy to pull off, but it’s not impossible. I’d recommend trying to narrow it down to 3-4 different themes of good quality, rather than 5-6 of mediocre quality. I’d recommend looking at conker’s bad fur day for a great example of how this’theme-hopping’ concept can be executed well.

The idea of a new DooM-style game is great! If John Carmack shows atleast some interest in your work, you’re probably on the right track!

But yeah, as trickshot mentioned, there isn’t an awful lot of actual gameplay in the newer version of the game, and asking for $10,000 dollars in around a month is a little bit unreasonable.


The soundtrack seems awesome :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: Just added it to my “Mindless Work Music” playlist, haha :smiley:


looks like doom


Hi i’m the friend. My name is Shane Neyome I have been working on this game for about 2 years in gamemaker and I just switched to the unreal engine 4. I do not have a demo ready for this one yet. But there is a demo of the gamemaker one up online. Plus a lot more of my games. . There is a link to all my games on gamejolt. This is my first big game and I would like to keep the story a secret. But I can tell you that I have been working on the story just as long as the game and It wont be just another generic story to throw into a game just to get it done with.


Good to see you’re putting that much effort into it. Not often I meet someone who devotes that amount of time.

Why keep the story a secret, though? You’re trying to get $10k for a mystery game. Someone could give you a hundred dollars and end up hating it. Or, like me, not invest at all because they’ve got no clue what they’re putting money into. When you’re selling something, more facts and information are better than too little. I mean, flair and pretty pictures do help, but the setting doesn’t make sense without something substantial.

It’s like trying to sell food, but it’s all wrapped in black and you won’t tell people what it is. It could be the most delicious thing ever created. But who would buy it? Sure, a few people would take that leap of faith, but the majority of people would avoid it, so they can avoid potentially spending money on something they dislike.


I see your point. Idk but I just felt like keeping the story a secret would make it just that much better when ppl played it.

But I can see why I should add a little bit of the story to the kickstarter


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