Hey guys, been away from the game and forums for quite some time (September/October.) And im not surprised to see a lot of changes. Most I have eased into within the last few days, however there is one thing that havent quite figured out yet. Ive noticed that for many monster abilities , putting points into the ability will “increase frequency” where damage or duration used to be. if any one could enlighten me on exactly what this is it would be much appreciated.


How long until you can cast it again. Basically ‘cooldown’.


It’s how often you can use it, so reduced cooldown.


Welcome back, by the way. Always nice to see new and returning players!


thanks :smile:


and thank you both for the clarification, so theres really no reason to not go 3 points in those abilities it seems then.


Well it depends. On my Goliath, I start with two in fire and one in leap. This lets me hunt effectively, and gives me a sort of fourth traversal to help gain some distance. At stage two, I put three points into rock throw because it’s the hardest hitting move, and it comes back relatively quickly. With three points in it, it gains an increase to the speed, so it helps catch hunters off guard. By stage three I max out those three abilities, letting me use leap smash more often and making my fire breath much harder to dodge. It’s also nice for clearing deployables.


sounds similar to my Goliath strat, but u more or less agreed with me; it seems that at the end of it having a frequency ability at lvl 3 is more beneficial in most cases than to get another ability.


Sometimes. For instance, one ability going from 2-3 increases damage about 25% Puttint 1 point into another skill is 100% damage as you have a new skill instead of slightly improving another.


I was wondering why they called it frequency instead of cool down or something. Eating the albino mammoth bird doesn’t say reduced frequency and neither does the perk on the ability select screen so why is this one worded different?

I know it doesn’t really effect anything but it obviously can confuse people as seen here. So shouldn’t they all say the same thing?


but that lvl 3 skill would come back faster. and isnt 175% with quick cooldown better than a slow 100%? i mean its all preference really, but unless its a utility ability, ive been noticing that going straight from 0-3 with damage centric abilities is the way to go.


I think for data purposes they determine frequency as how often a move can be used per minute. But I don’t know enough about their back end to determine but from what I hear about their data collection it makes sense to map out how many times abilities are used per minute.

The damage you get from 1 entire new ability is worth more than 2 points the vast majority of the time with the recent changes. Stage 1 abilities do more, and putting more points in the skill do less than when the game first came out. This was to encourage monsters to spread out more skills than sink Stage 2 all 3 points.


im aware of that. but it seems with the change from damage to frequency its being counter productive in a way. having one or two lvl 3 ability with fast cooldown is all you need to out power even a good hunter team. again outside of the one point in utility abilities in combination with cooldown passive.


I disagree. Most monsters really spread their skills out now a days. You’ll see a lot with skill points like 1, 2, 2, 1 at stage 2. I’m not saying 3 point skills aren’t great, but most people don’t go all in because it’s not us utility oriented to only have a 1 or 2 trick pony. If that misses you have a huge damage loss and the Hunters can put extra pressure on you. Also, even if you did 2 3 point skills at stage 2 that isn’t always enough to burst a hunter down. With all the tricks that you have these days it is easier to recover.


its not a trick pony if it works lol. i guess time will tell but so far i have yet to come across any problems with it.


Ya should try out 3 points in Charge, Leap and Fire with none in Rock Throw…

I did and it was surprisingly effective.

Basically without Rock Throw you are always on the move and you’re about as spastic capable as Pre-Nuke-Nerf Wraith.

I only went with that setup because I needed to work on Masteries and Rock Throw was already done.


lmao i had an almost identical situation i needed charge mastery to elite Goliath so i went 3 charge and 3 fire in arena and i have never used anything different since lol the CC combined with the constant momentum is ridiculous.


Yeah being able to jump and breath fire at the same time is similar to Gorgon spitting Acid as she flies about. Add in Leap Smashes and Charges and you’re tossing everyone around without ever sitting still for Mortars, Orbital Strikes and whatever else.


I’ve been wondering long time before I finally figured it out. We’ll it’s actually the difference between word cooldown and word frequency. Note that in the ability select screen all the parameters Increase I.e. Range, velocity etc. So when you want to say something is uses more often you can’t say it’s cooldown is increased because it would mean it actually loads longer. That’s why frequency is more suitable word in the matter if increasing uses per minute.


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