Freezing Upon Startup (PC)


After patching everytime I start the game I get frozen at the startup screen with the giant goliath footprint.
Unfortunately I can’t take a screenshot as an example, I’ve tried verifying integrity as well as putting my res in launch options
Anyone else have this issue?


Haven’t tried yet, but I’m scared. I play on PC Too XD


Managed to get a screenshot -


So it just freezes? It doesnt do anything? Or does it come up with a message? I’m at school so imgur is blocked XD


It just freezes and doesn’t do anything, however, I managed to get it to work by launching it from the folder as opposed to the play button through steam


Oh, Ok. So you can’t launch it from the Steam Play Menu?


The opposite, actually, I launched it from the game folder.


Ok, I’ll try it when i get home.