Freezing Bug of the Monster while animation (PC)


i got that now trice one in a game where i played wraith and two times while i played goliat
i dont know what exactly is causing that but i think it has something to do with either crow or slim who are shooting me while i m executing an animation i got frozen in wraith while i tried to warp blast and it stuck me right before the explosion and on goliat it froze me while i ran away and hit an creature and i got stuck on the down swing and the third time i forgot sorry :stuck_out_tongue: i hope my info helped

1st Micro Patch Discussion (4/9/15)

Lol you should see what Behemoth does, he is so fat he blocks network traffic and causes everyone to freeze up lol

You can still talk to each other and everything just not play xD


extremly funny ^^ but in my game everybody could still move and shot me so not really related bug