Freezes on screen notifications/messages

So since the start of Stage 2 ii have experienced a somewhat strange perfomance issue. Whenever a message on screen appears which can be anything like the Evolve promt on the monster, Dome placement message or the most infuriating is when the monster armor destroyed comes up. The thing is that it freezes only occasionaly so its not 100% present but when it comes up it can go from 1 to 5 seconds of freeze time which is enough to recieve a lot of damage or to even die as a hunter.

This happenes even though i have a decent rig and i run the game on Ultra settings with 80-90 FPS average.

My rig is I7 4770K, GTX 770 and 12gb DDR3 ram.

Hi @s3crtAZOnt!

That is indeed weird what you are experiencing and should normally not happen with your rig.

The moderators and the development team have made a very convenient troubleshooting article that might help you resolve the issue:

If it doesn’t, you can respond back here with any info you have gather and we’ll see what we can do to fix it.