Freeze Very High


Hi, i have a problem. When i put my game on very high it freezes a lot can you help me ?
My config: Gtx 770 lightning
Z87 G45 Gaming
I7 4770-k
I used GeForce experience to get optimal performances with my config


my game froze couple of times, i checked integrity, it downloaded some files, but still had issues. I redownloaded the game and it was better.

Another thing, my GTX 780 has 3 GB of VRAM, yours 770 has probably the same, i have SLI, and my game was choppy and i had plenty of dropped frames. Why? VRAM limit. I play at 1440p, so you need a lot more memory, but in 1080p it shouldn’t be that big of a deal? If you played Crysis 3, what framerate were you getting? What resolution?

Turn off AA and go from there.

MSI Afterburner will tell you many things, like what could be your limiting factor.


770 lighting has 2 gb. on medium the game use 2600 mb on full hd. you should set texture quality to low!