Freeze during game play since DLC


Console - Xbox One. Issue- Since download of the new DLC in middle of gameplay all players freeze. You can still move but frozen in the position where event took place. This had happened to 4x in a row tonight online play. I’ve powered down my XB1 and problem only happens when I play Evolve. I’ve recorded the event twice. JLEG3NDARY is my gamer tag if any one wants to see the event take place. Any solutions for this issue? Has anyone have this happened to them?


Its been happening to me too.


Mines been crashing and going to homescreen has this happened to anyone else? I also have a Xbox One.


Same here for me. This started today for myself. Opening cinematic freezes as my 2K account is being linked.


I was able to play yesterday with no issues. Were you able to play yesterday with no freeze issues?


Yea actually for the most part I don’t remember freezing yesterday. Maybe once


its just the evolveservers beeing fucked

same is happening on pc


Thanks. Glad to know we all are being ducked by servers equally. Hope it resolves soon.


Have had this issue a lot since the DLC came out. :frowning: And I’m on PC.


same thing is happening on ps4 as well only been able to finish 1 game in around 10 started getting ridiculous.


Yeah TRS doesn’t test shit on the 2k servers. We’re the guinea pigs that paid $60+


It’s happening on console too


Can confirm on PS4 as well.

Yesterday I played with no problems whatsoever.