Freeze Bug


Finally got Evolve. Working in solo mode to figure things out. I have a problem that I’d like to solve before going multiplayer. On several occasions during every game I’ve played the game just seems to stop for a moment or two. I get a constant 60 FPS up until and after these anamolies. Is this a hardware, driver, or software problem that others have already figured out? Using - i7-4770k, 8GB 1866, GTX 780 SC, game is installed on my SSD, utilizing nVidia drivers that I haven’t updated since early April (I always wait for news about the latest drivers before I install them). Also - running at 1080p with all settings at maximum. Thanks for any help you can provide!


I have the same issue on PS4, it usually happens when Slim, Caira, Behemoth, Wraith, any characters that create a lot of particles on screen (especially if there are multiple characters doing this) are using their abilities, even after Patch 5.0. It honestly seems to be getting worse and has caused my game to crash a time or two.