Freerun Practice Mode


Carrying on from ‘Training Room Suggestion’ by @CollapsedArc

It would be nice if we get a free run mode.

Similar to the BO3 free run mode, this little mini game has 4 different level courses, which puts your jetpack management, reaction times, speed, agility, and your timing to the test. I see so many people not dodging attacks from monsters, and many wasting there jetpack on a ledge so they won’t have anymore for emergency cases. Here are some world records on the BO3 free run (from easiest to hardest),enjoy!


Probably won’t happen but I like the idea


Don’t personally like the idea at all.


Worst case scenario, people use jetpacks better. I see nothing wrong with implementing it.


No purpose in adding it to me.


Agreed, Shredzy.


Anything that teaches people how to play and improve is appreciated. I’m all for it.


I’m split on this one. Sure, if the game released with a mode that helped hone your skills, all good. But to add I now, at this point, not so much.
Wouldn’t be upset if it was added, but don’t think it’s necessary. If that makes sense.


That sounds like a great idea if it’s purely for solo and not at all forced.

I mean, the tutorials are nice and all, but they’re a tad lacking. I was literally replaying the tutorial right before logging off and coming here. It was nice, but it was lacking in tactics and when/where to use something. Like Markov’s mine placement. Sure it was nice to show how you could use it to stop an enemy going in a straight line with no regard to safety whatsoever, but it didn’t show you have to place mines around a thinking, moving monster. It also neglected to teach anyone anything about Medic, Trapper, or Support. I think many players that think that they’re assaults but are medics, supports, or trappers are taking that tutorial mentality of being Markov.


Finally! Somebody who (partially) disagrees with me but has good reasoning to it! It would be a neat feature, but yes, at this point the only people who play this game are long time fans who know the ins and outs of the game. Thank you for being civil and not just saying a straight up ‘no’ as an answer. :smile:


Trust me, I was being civil.


I know you were being civil, you just agreed with him. Better than just saying ‘no’ as an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


He was being civil as well.


I’m always civil. An explanation isn’t always necessary to be considered civil. lol. Sometimes just a no will suffice. But then there’s some topics where I feel like explaining more.


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