Free weekend

Is there any plans on free weekend or some sale? Coz it’s becoming pretty hard to find game on PC. (not whining, just want to know)


before they do a free weekend they need to get this game closer to balanced. If they do a free weekend now it will really do more harm than good.

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I don’t think so. Free weekend means players who have no experience with the game at all, and they won’t encounter the same problems we have. The game will just be “hunt” without insane strategies. They might wanna fix some bugs, balance is secondary for new players :slight_smile:

free weekend? so you mean free food right? :goliath_roar:


Well I just want this game to has more players. It’s sucks when I need to wait 5-10 min to get all 5 players for new game

you play on comp i guess?

As I said - it’s hard to find game on PC

oh lol my bad :stuck_out_tongue: anyways this is the main problem i find with pc gaming. because of steam you have literally over saturated your market making any new game hard to keep going because its new. but consoles dont have that problem.

though your probably right free weekend would boost sales on pc knock it up on the played list get new food to eat for good monster players

I’m not following, giving away the game is what you’re asking?

Are you on console?
Steam has several games were you can download and play them for a weekend, then when the free weekend is up you can’t access the game unless you buy it. They do it for several games to try and give out a better version of a demo

Ahh that’s cool, nah I’m a console peasant :’(

Nothing wrong with that. I was just wondering if you never found them or if you weren’t on computer

Yeah, I’d enjoy switching to PC someday, just have to save up the money and put in the research to build one

The hardest part is the money really. Computers are pretty easy to build now.

Free weekends were so nice in the past. But now games weight ~30gb lol. If I would see such gamesize I would pass on trying the game lol

Imagine GTA V free weekend with 60gb to load

The research is the most important. You’ll save yourself a lot of money building one yourself.

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I made myself an awesome PC for only $800 through newegg. It’s still kinda expensive, but you can custom build yourself something at that price with the stats of a computer 4x the price.

As far as a free weekend goes. I certainly hope they do once they fix the latest balance and bugs that are prevelent in almost every game ><

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So far its safe to say I want to make a full tower, nothing fancy looking I actually am looking at a fractal designs case, I’m leaning towards AMD over Intel, considering spending extra for water cooling because AMD runs hotter so I’ve heard. Soo much research needed though before I pull the trigger on buying parts

Yeah its not even funny how expensive premade systems are. I looked at the Main gear and Origin pcs, saw the price. Yeah… Nopenopenope not spending $10,000 for a PC that will be outdated in a few years >.< IDC how beautiful it is lol

My dad runs his own IT business and has an account with supposedly that’s better wholesale prices so I’m hoping he can help me out there.


@XkrSkorpion I built a good one 6 years ago for £400 ($600 at the time) and rebuilt it last year due to a motherboard upgrade. Had to replace a gfx card once due to one wearing out but other than that it lasted well.

I use Intel but if you want to go down the AMD route that’s fine but I’d say look for a good future proofed motherboard first whichever processor you opt for, then build from there.

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