"free weekend will fix the population!" they said

Oh boy, I can’t wait to play Evolve! It’s gonna find me a game any minute now!



Who said that?


It has made a big difference! Although the population is starting to come back down, it did more than double the player population!

You might not notice yet, due to those new players not yet being high enough level/rank to be adding to your potential team mates/opponents.

No one said that. No one guaranteed it would fix the population. Stop being a downer.


Plenty of people.

Literally no one said it’d fix the population however it did triple the amount of people playing Evolve, they’re all just not level 40 yet.

Literally no one. Quote one developer who guaranteed it would fix it. I emplore you to, you won’t find a single quote.

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No, plenty of people were hyping it up like it was going to save the game. Did I say it was specifically a dev that said it? No. Go away and take your hyperbole with you.


The hope was that it would help grow the player base, which I believe it has.


Sure doesn’t feel like it with these waiting times.

Waiting times have nothing to do with the amount of players, it’s the Hunter/Monster queue ratio that’s causing problems. For the matchmaking to be perfect, you need 20% of the people queuing to be looking for Monster matches with the other 80% looking for Hunters matches.

“free weekend will fix the population!”

Looks like it did to me:


…per tier.


Whao! We’re pulling in almost half the numbers of APB: Reloaded, a 5 year old P2W snore fest! My mistake, job done.

Keep your comments civil.


I have been. Unless sarcasm offends you, in which case you have my heartfelt apology.

The slow matchmaking is just the result of the hunt 2.0 system, letting you choose either between the hunters and the monster, which would need 4 times as many people playing hunter than playing monster for that to work. You can really see the player change in skirmish, I get into a match in about 10 seconds now, and they are usually full.

But the player-base still increased after the free weekend, no? That was the whole point of it and it was clearly successful. What’s the big deal?


That I’ll probably be a skeleton before the match maker finds me a game.

Just play skirmish if you dont want to wait, its pretty much instant lobbies. If you only like playing hunt, then thats just because you dont like variation I guess.


That’s not TRS’s fault. The problem will (hopefully) sort itself out over time. In the mean time there’s nothing that can be done.