Free weekend pc matchmaking update

Guys, I’m thrilled about the free weekend, I have not been able to play this game for months. I’m never able to find a game. So I logged in today, re-installed the game. STILL CAN’T FIND A GAME, ALL MODES!!! Come on guys! You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. I want to love this game, it’s fast , fun, optimized well, and looks absolutely amazing. BUT, a game based on multiplayer, I should be able to find a game. Playing single player is not very fun. Frustrating actually. Near 2 hour install, only to be slapped in the face with broken matchmaking. Please fix this guys. I bought all the bells and whistles and can’t play.

What region and platform are you?

If you’re wanting to play as monster, I’m sorry but I get the feeling it will always be this way, nobody wants to play hunter without a premade because if you solo hunter you get paired with people who have no idea what they’re doing, so everybody queues as monster and there’s too many monsters and not enough hunters. That’s something they can’t really fix.

Best solution is to play skirmish. It doesnt have the system where you pick a team and can only play it, so it has as good matchmaking as pre 5.0

I’m in NA Tennesee. I have been trying to get a game in all modes. I have managed 1 game all night. And that was in skirmish. I just stare at the searching screen watching the pretty spinning red circle. it will find 1 or 2 players, but never a full roster, then starts over. I want this to work sooooo bad. Also, I am on pc. Its a high end pc with a good net connection.

That’s just how it is right now, honestly whenever I get on I make sure I have something else to do while I wait, it’s not worth loading up the game if you don’t have a way to pass the time, it’s sad but true

managed to get into a couple of games on skirmish, had a blast, hope it stays this way.

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