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I genuinely love playing this game, but I haven’t touched it in a little bit. I’ve loaded up my PC copy three times this week during peak hours, and I cannot get one single game going. Not even one! I know payment models and stuff is very complicated and not easy things to work out, but if this game plans on continued existence, at least on PC, you HAVE to make it free to play. Continue to make money through selling skins, new toons etc. whatever. But putting the game on sale, doing patches, none of it is going to be enough to resurrect this poor thing’s PC community from complete death.

Official Evolve Free to Play Thread

I believe a few devs said a free weekend was a possibility after TU09(which is basically a new game) drops.
They’re also going to have advertisments for TU09 too.


Free weekends unfortunately strike me as a band aid. Once the weekend ends not enough owners or new buyers will be left to retain an audience. :frowning: Same with the patch. I hope I’m just being too negative and I’m proven otherwise.


With how the game currently is, a free weekend is just a band aid. Free weekends don’t do anything if the game in question has bad player retention due to bad experiences. The upcoming title update is making gigantic changes to evolve that will hopefully change that. A free weekend after the update is released will actually do something to the half-dead pc playerbase. If it doesn’t, I’m all for evolve going free to play. I’d wait until then before pressing for the game to go free to play.


Free to play wont solve anything. What makes you think having this go FTP will make people stay? It really isnt possible


within about 2 seconds. you can search “Free To Play” and find all active discussions on the topic…
Their are lots of successful free to play games …

Dirty Bomb
Black Shot
Ember Strike
Heroes of Newerth
One Troll Army

Oh wait… Free to play doesn’t actually solve anything… Moving on now… kk thnx


I like this the most. I don’t think they HAVE to do anything that you demand and they already said that this game is not going to be F2P. And that’s good. Quality > quantity


+1, it doesn’t solve the problem.

It really looks like an easy and obvious solution @David_Sarnecki but indeed many games went down the F2P way and then went down the hill instead of the top of the mountain. :frowning:


Exactly. This worked amazingly well for games like Nosgoth, an awesome little Asymmetrical FPS game. In fact one can just go to their website and-

This morning Nosgoth bid farewell…

Well crap.

The simple truth is that the reality of things are far more complicated than “make it free”. Theres plenty of games, GREAT games, that were free- That straight up failed. Free to play doesnt magically solve things- And sitting there honestly believing evolve HAS to go to a free to play model to work is dubious under the best of cirumstances. COULD it work? If everything was done right- Of course. But its just one option- And hardly a necessity. And the real thing to keep in mind is evolve didnt have problem GETTING players. In fact 2k has stated they feel evolve sold quite well for a new IP. And that theyre STILL investing in evolve, despite its current state, shows they STILL have hopes for it.

But evolves problem has been player retention.

Sure making the game as it is right now free might help bring in some new blood. For a bit. But its not going to solve the problems the game has in keeping its players. New players will still get frustrated with the complexity of the game. It wont help the skill ceiling. It wont lower the learning curve. So the players it brought in, will leave, with the majority of them not having spent a penny, with the ones that did stick around to spend a few bucks, not having spent enough to amount to anything.

Free to play models ONLY work, if theres enough volume to make money on the paid-content.

Think of it this way- Lets say going free brought in a chunk of players. Lets say it brought in 100,000 new players- JUST on the PC alone. Out of these 100,000 players, 10% (this is actually pretty darn high), spent a few bucks. Lets say the average guy spends 5 bucks.

10 thousand… multiply by 5… carry the one…

Woo hoo! 50,000 dollars. Wo… oo… hoo… Thats not even enough money to pay ONE employee for a year.

Now imagine the volume theyd need to have to not only pay ALL their employees

But pay the bills

Cover rent


And, HEAVEN FORBID, turn a profit.

Unless you have a small company with a few employees and VERY low overheads- You need millions of revolving players to make these models work.

Theres a reason there are very, VERY few AAA-levle games which use a free to play model, and even fewer that actually work. Nearly all F2P “AAA level” games that “work” that im familiar with, are usually games that were cheap to produce initially, or have very cheap/easy to produce and turn out assets. Evolve has the benefit of none of this sadly.

Evolve needs to get to a point where it can keep players first- And even THEN, a f2p model might not work.

TL:DR, its far, FAR more complicated than “make it free”.


You forgot to drop the mic…

Frankly, search the fourms (search “free to play”) and read the very long list of reasons why F2P won’t work.

Also gettin’ sick of these threads poping up like zits.

People only get the solution that F2P works because of LoL, etc. just because a business model works for one game, means it could break another. Look at how CoC is compared to Jurassic World. JW is pay $5 for a shitty Dino.



This topic has been discussed to death, as others have said, you can use search to read up on the topic and what everyone thinks.