Free to play : Evolve idea?


Since the player are decrease dramatically,

Free to play version:
only Goliath available
locked : mastery progress
locked : evacuation mode
max lv. 20

hunters and monster can buy separate like tier 4 hunters and behemoth.
does this idea could safe this game from dying?

Pro/Con's of Evolve going free 2 play

Who knows? Lots of people seem to want it to go F2P.


Well I am originally against this idea.
If it brings more players back and more money to TRS
I will be ok with it. If it is handled properly.
But I think some kind of reward for people who have purchased their disks (or the full digital game)


If it is going the f2p route, you can’t lock all f2ps as monster. Let them get all of tier 1 for free, but you can’t master them and you can’t unlock any other characters till you pony up some cash.


Eh, I like the idea but if they did all of the people who payed for the game had better get some kind of bonus. Like a bunch of free skins or a new tier of characters for free because if the game went free to play somehow they would compensate by blowing up the cash shop and start releasing content en mass to make up for it.


The game is doing fine on consoles in my experience, but this company’s main focus should be getting hard copies off the shelf. Like have a Monster sale week where the game is reduced to 39.99 so ppl can afford behemoth or t4


2K will nevet do that, forget about it. They had their money from start of the sales, I don’t think they are interested in Evolve now as they were pre-release. And given that game actually starts to be a good competetive coop only after you hit lvl 40 and start to know how the game works - I don’t see how that can hold new players in game for long of make them want to buy full version.


F2p won’t increase sales, the number of ppl that play it wouldn’t get the concept of the game being locked out of so much content


No thanks.


Not sure how this will work on Xbone


I’m torn between laughkng, crying and indifference here.


I’m indifferent. Whatever TRS want’s to do? I’ve got the game, so eh. ^.^


F2P will be P2W if its under 2K. Harsh truth.


I’d rather not have the game I shelled out more than $90 for become F2P so soon after release. It still has a lot of life on the One from my experience.


Free to play games tend to bring in the worst kind of people.


I think they are the most interesting though.


Well we dropped close to 500 players few days ago, so it might be nice to bring some punch to the game… I shouldn’t get matched with f2p players, thereforce I wouldn’t mind if it brings the player base up on PC.


If it did id hope it would repay all who already bought it with all free skins and throughly discounted characters, because things like smite will give all characters for free if you buy the game in beta phase along with all to come for free


This is sadly true