Free skins


So I know that Evolve has a new skin thing for Bucket (Or all supports), which is awesome, but I was wondering if the next skin would be for a different monster other than Goliath. Now maybe you are doing this because he’s the box monster, and you might not want to give skins for other monster because of that, but I still think that a Kraken, Wraith, or Behemoth skin giveaway (I call them giveaways because we are so awesome at getting them) because, how cool would that be? Getting an awesome new skin for the awesome new monster, Behemoth, which is now my second favorite monster right after Little G) would be amazing. Or even an entire skin set for all monsters. But in order to get THAT we would have to do something incredibly hard, but still fun. Now, this isn’t a complaint, it’s a suggestion. Or rather, a question, in a way.



Uh, I think they just did him first…They’ll do events for all of them.


Pls… Delete this


Delete this thread or my post? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thread. Hehe not you


Alright. As you wish. :slight_smile: