Free Rotation Characters, 5th Augst 2016: Tips & Tricks


The next free rotation is almost here (usually released 10am PST, 6PM BST, 7PM Central Europe):

#This weeks characters will be:

Support - Cabot (Strategy Discussions Here)
Medic - Val (Strategy Discussion Here)
Assault - Parnell (Strategy Discussions Here)
Trapper - Griffin (Strategy Discussions Here)

The original beam team (plus Parnell)!

Monster - Elder Kraken (Strategy Discussions Here)

Here are some top tips for each of the characters just so that you know how to use your free rotation character!


  1. Don’t sit all day with your damage amp on the monster while no-one is doing anything, you’re wasting your time! Only apply the damage amp when the monster is about to take damage or when the assault says he’s going in!
  2. With Parnell, listen for him calling out that he’s going “Rage Trooper”, this will help you inflict massive burst damage with the damage amp
  3. Use your dust cloud at the start of a dome, it means everyone can see exactly what the monster is doing, also use it near the end of a dome to help the chase
  4. Your railgun is powerful and goes through walls, use it to harass a monster that won’t come out and fight, or is trying to eat behind some rocks


  1. Try to keep line of sight to all of your team mates, but keep your distance! Your kit is all long range, don’t get in to the thick of it unless you really have to
  2. Your tranq gun slows the monster AND shows it in an outline. Use this gun and this gun only when chasing a monster after a dome to cause maximum post-dome damage as a team
  3. When your med gun is recharging (or everyone is healed) use your sniper to apply weak points to the monster to ramp up the damage your team can deal


  1. When you’re using your super soldier ability you move faster, jump higher, shoot faster, reload faster and switch weapons faster. Hero mode! Make sure that once you’ve emptied your shotgun you switch to your rocket launcher to unload on the monster while your shotgun reloads in the background.
  2. Your super soldier ability is great to chase down a monster after a dome, to close in for a dome, or to close the distance on a monster that thinks it has safely got enough distance to evolve… shoot that evolving monster in the face and feel good!
  3. Because your super solider gives you so many buffs, try to take reload perks to give you the benefits more often during a fight


  1. Get behind the monster. Your harpoon is most effective when the monster is moving away from you, and if they are facing away from you they have to break focus to break your harpoon
  2. Always place a soundspike early, even if it’s not in a great location. If the monster evolves it will ping you exactly where the monster is.
  3. Use your sound spikes as a net, place them in a nice line across the map to make it obvious when a monster is turning back on you
  4. Always place a sound spike in the middle of a dome (or close wherever it has a bit of cover), this will help your team follow the monster as it moves around in the fight
  5. Jetpack recharge perks work well with Griffin, as do Reload perks. After the dome you can chase the monster and keep harpooning it in the back just as it uses a traversal. This helps your team do damage on the chase

##Elder Kraken

  1. Try to get domed in locations where the hunters don’t have large objects to break line of sight, you rely on having a free field of vision (mostly) to cast your abilities at the hunters
  2. Banshee missiles travel slowly, fire it and then cast lightning strike for huge burst damage on a hunter at mid-distance (if they don’t move!)
  3. Your death spiral works through walls, use it to punish people running around obstacles as well as zoning hunters in to specific locations

##Hunter team strategy

Your free rotation team is all about burst damage and chase damage. With Cabot and Parnell frankly obscene amounts of damage can be output in a short amount of time.

Because of Val’s single target healing a monster that focusing a single hunter is going to have a tough time so SPREAD OUT!

Griffin should always be trying to keep stalking the monster, using it to stop a vital attack or traversal, or bringing the monster to the ground in the case of Kraken.

Another thing this team is good at is being aware of what’s going on with the monster. Between sound spikes, dust clouds and the tranq gun the monster will spend a lot of time visible to the hunters and this is perfect for a team that knows how to split up and cut the monster off with two hunters while chasing more directly with the other two.

After the dome Griffin and Val should be ganging up to slow the monster down while Parnell uses a super soldier to keep chasing it hard and laying in the damage. If Cabot can keep up then there will be amazing damage dealt after the dome as well as in it!

##Elder Kraken strategy

Elder Kraken is a great comboing monster, using its abilities to “zone” hunters. Using the slow moving banshee missile, or death spiral, can force hunters to move or take damage. When they do this you know they’ll move one way or the other, and this could be right in to your next ability!

If you fire a missile to one side of the hunter, then death spiral a hunter, they will either need to move towards the missile and its damage, or the lighting strike you’re about to cast. It is this level of area control through abilities that Elder Kraken brings to the game.

Don’t fear Griffin, in general you won’t need to be moving too much, only getting your positioning right to zone the hunter you wish to focus. The hunter you want to worry about is Cabot. Your proximity to Parnell will mean that the damage will be real, and Cabot can make that damage SUPER real. Take Cabot out, you’ve extended the time you can stay in the fight before taking obscene health damage.

Alternatively, if you can avoid the damage, focus on Val so that her ability to safely heal is reduced. The free rotation hunter team is not defensive minded, it’s aggressive and squishy so weakening the medic is weakening their only real form of defense.

Do fear Griffin once the dome has come down, he and Val will try to keep you very slow. Use your abilities to dissuade a Griffin chase, and make sure to flee the dome by ducking behind terrain for a better chance of avoiding tranq gun darts… ignore the temptation to fly high! If Griffin and Val start to combo-slow you then Parnell will soon be on you and you’ll be taking damage to your health you can’t afford to lose!

The rest of the community will chime in with tips below, the main threads for strategy discussion per character are linked above

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Call me crazy… but isn’t HANK original beam team? Heal/Shield bran team. With Maggie or Griffin offering beam CC



Well, one of the original beam teams, the offensive beam team :stuck_out_tongue:

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cough Markov cough