Free roam mode


I was hoping that at some point, you guys could put in a “training” mode or “Free roam mode”.

This isn’t supposed to be a style of play, but a way of allowing hunters/players to explore the maps you’ve created and try some exploration/practice.

So if you pick a hunter, you can choose IF you want any wildlife.

As a monster, you can choose if you want to remove wildlife, or even add Ebonstar soldiers .

In General:
-This can allow for some great screenshots and portraiture for the hunters and monster
-This can allow people to get landscape shots of your terrain and world.
-This can only improve the marketing and advertising material available that will let us fans create more useful backgrounds and themed items.

For the monster:
-The purpose of this is to give the monster some “play time” to get used to their abilities! How they chain, react to humans, etc.

For the hunter:
-Free exploration for screenshots and otherwise would be really nice. An option to switch off your guns would be good too for screen capture purposes.
-Would be great to get the lay of the land.

I think it should TECHNICALLY be easy to create a mode that has no victory conditions or otherwise to do this. And I hope it’s something you will consider :smile:

Poll: Would you like to see FREE ROAM mode?
Turn off bots
Who else wants an exploration mode?
Theatre [photo] mode

I just want free roam to look for cupcakes!


Pick free roam as Sunny. You will never be at a loss for cupcakes :sunny:


I would absolutely love this! Some of the maps have very nice ambiance but it is hard to enjoy it when you’re being hunted by hunters.


This would be awesome.
I wants


I agree! And I always feel bad as a hunter while the whole team goes rushing off after the monster and I’m like “One moment, getting a great wide angle with my UAV. Be back in a few!”


Please, TRS, I so want this! :open_mouth:


Its not free roam without skate boards.


TRS someone has put my desire into words please add a feature like this!


I almost feel like I should bring someone into the thread… But I’m not sure who to try.


We all want to look for those cupcakes…


Maybe if this thread gains enough apraisil the devs might consider it


I can certainly hope so :smile:


I have been wanting something like this since the game’s release! Would love it if this actually happened at some point. :smile:


What a great idea!



Any possibility of this?


Not immediately. That would be a bit more involved so that we could make sure the camera couldn’t get out of the world. There are a lot of occluders and such that control how much of the environment a player can see at once, which relates to performance. So a freelook mode would need to sort of be like an invisible character moving through the world so all collision checks were maintained. Should be doable, but not immediately.

Theatre [photo] mode

Sounds good to me, thanks for the reply.


Thank you for the response :smiley:

Doesn’t have to be exactly “free look” however. Would love to just be… a hunter/monster of choice on the map solo :smile:


On the topic of spectator mode, will we be getting a second slot for observer mode in the forseeable future?