Free Psychoanalysis Exams for Evolvers


Hello forum, it has come to my attention that keeping a healthy mind state is important whilst reading the evolve forums, so I have provided a free Rorschach test for all to use. There are no wrong answers… Just tell us what you see 1.)

2.) 3.) 4.)


1 - Reminds me of some crystal enemies from .hack
2 - Abduct tunnel line from Wraith
3 - Behemoth
4 - Abe with two pistols about to ‘draw’ from his holsters in a showdown


It seems like you are focused on enemies and it all ending with a final showdown, is there some upcoming events in your life that you might think involve a final showdown?


Well, it seems like we just got some more stock here at the ranch. Some of them are some fine looking heifers. I was wondering why they kept giving me dessert before my meals. I once heard that they were fattening me up… Mother of Divine Bovine!

  1. A large predatory flying animal
  2. Toxic plant.
  3. Remains of an armored animal.
  4. Crude, aggressive insignia.


Sounds like fun

  1. A 4-eyed Rat
  2. A bipedal mech firing shoulder cannons
  3. A dog with a toy in its mouth
  4. A stern goatee’d man

  1. Mobile Weapon Type Wing Gundam Zero (Custom - Endless Walts Variant with horns)

  2. I was going to go to work, but then I got high.

  3. FELYNE!!! Come with me, set me free, trust me and we will kill all the Monstars!

  4. A very angry Gore Magala after my Felyne wrecks his face.

  1. Kraken
  2. Guy with 2x Assault rifles blasting them off
  3. Behemoth
  4. Nuke that is trying to hypnotize me


Too lazy to type too much using the Xbox browser, but the first one looks like two bears flying into space on a rocket…


this is pretty much all i saw as well.

except the first picture reminds me of those bats (birds)


Now you mention creatures of aggression and things that are toxic, along with remains, is it possible there is a toxic relationship in your life that has been feeding off someone or something? Something you feel is violent towards ones well being?


1: An insect with weird wings and legs.

2: A pom pom girl Goliath with clown shoes.

3:… A women on a bed…

4: A nuclear explosion with a demon on it.


…I wouldn’t really call it a relationship.


Hmm what would you call it then?

  1. Goliath
  2. Goliath
  3. Goliath
  4. Goliath

Did I pass, mister?


As Goliath is one of the larger and more intimidating monsters in evolve is it possible you find yourself intimidated or intimidating?



  1. Stone creature
  2. Phoenix
  3. Stone Arch
  4. Horned man in armor

    • Some sort of skull of wildlife from Shear.
    • This one is interesting. It’s a head, you can see face on the bottom with closed eyes. Above that is a helmet with horns ending with some fluffy stuff. Helmet’s top is decorated with a pike.
    • Looks like a Nazi officer.
    • On top a cowboy, on bottom some sort of phantom, it looks like the phantom is cowboy’s reflection.


Admittance of anger is a great first step of controlling anger, what upsets you the most about them