Free Monster and hunter skin workshop idea!


So thanks to the new update EVERYTHING is FREEE even skins. Soo I tought that they could and should add a workshop like the one from Primal carnage extinction so the commuity could create skins for the Hunters and the Monsters. And like this the devs could focus more on adaptations and bug fixes and maybe new Hunter and Monsters.
They would add maybe 1-2 skins that where the most voted every week or two weeks.
Personnaly i think it would be a good idea!
I know thats not the first time someone talks about this but before it wouldn’t work…but now! it would work great with the new free skin stuff…

Let me now what you guys think about that!


I would die to make my own Goliath skin. But in the future how would they make money off of skins that the community made?


i think they shouldn’t or maybe slip 75% form them and 25% for the creator like this it would support the creator to continue


A suggestion thats been made many times in the past including by myself. Its a possibility and if enough want it then could be possible in the future I am sure! :smiley:


I really like the idea! I think counter-strike GO does this as well to an extend. I’d love to see what the community is able to make and I bet you one grand that insanely cool skins come out of it!



I’m on board. This would be a great way for TRS to make the community feel like they’re being noticed.


I rather have proper mod support like Left 4 Dead 2, than a market system like CS:GO, DOTA 2 and TF2.

Mod support would give us much more possibilities and lots of custom content.

It’s a shame so many people support Valve and their wrongdoings blindy.