Free downloadable tutorials for each class


The game is going through huge changes in the next update, the game needs good advertising to get into peoples hands.

What is the best advertisement people love to see? Free access and free content!

The current tutorial is just for assault, who wouldn’t have figured out how to point a gun and hold trigger?

It would have been better for a non-traditional class to get the tutorial, such as trapper, then we wouldnt have so many poor trappers (Arguably the most important class for randoms to learn).

How about making a tutorial for all the classes vs AI, make it online, and put it on PSN as a free demo?

Then a week or two after the demo hits the store have a free weekend or free week.

Now friends can play the extremely cut down version of the game with lots of prompts telling them almost exactly what to do and how to play your role.

Now we have broken the two largest barriers this game creates to entry, namely cost and the initial stage of the learning curve.

I heard they are revamping the tutorial for the next update, but this seems like the best way to get free advertising and significantly increase the player base right away.

P.S. once you get the players hooked on the demo, perhaps they could sell the game in chunks? Basically just let people buy any tier for $10 each, but the base game come free with it (Maps and modes, not characters or skins) Then you still getting $50 per copy for this game! The Ultimate edition only costs $40, so = more profit.


I made a suggestion similar to this, as well as @10shredder00, not too long ago.

I hope it becomes a thing. It would be nice to have.


It’s a solid idea


And I think it is important to stress that the demo/tutorial would be online, the fun of this game as hunter comes from the team work/coordination, I would really want that to be show cased in any demo they provide to the public.

But yeah these tutorials would/could still be in the game as well, just not exclusive to it.

Thanks for the support/comments!

Now to consider if TRS would ever do such a thing?




Oh and in case it wasn’t clear I am not saying have desperate downloads for each class.

Just a single download that includes tier one hunters lets say, 1-2 maps, and 1-2 monsters.

I would hope that could be made into a smaller download between 4-8GB, people dont want to download a 30+GB demo.

If they wanted to go all out they could even throw in a random limited access hunter once a month or something, so you get a taste of some of the DLC and how it affects gameplay drastically.