Free DLC with preorder?


sounds like bull… i preordered but still have to buy each hunter for 8$? people dont even like this game anymore the community is failing but i love this game, and now youve just lost another player. BTW behemoth can constantly attack if you spam attack then roll.


Are you on Xbone? If so, theres an issue atm where you arent getting your thingy majiggys unlocked. Give it a little bit of time


Pre-order covered the Behemoth. The Hunters Season Pass covered the four new Hunters.

What platform/version did you purchase?


You should have read what the pre order said. It said that you get Behemoth for free, not the 4 hunters. It’s not their fault, it’s yours for not reading the bold print. Either way, it’s sad to see you go, but hopefully you’ll come back


To be fair, it’s a very ridiculous price, imo. Especially after having to flat out buy the game. Doubling the game’s cost for one more set of characters is a bit much. At that rate, the next tier is gonna triple the price. A lot of money to spend on a single game, for a rather small addition to content.


It was clearly stated that pre order bonuses would only include Behemoth, and any other bonuses such as instant unlocks or skins that the retailers chose to throw in. Hunter were never mentioned.

The devs are already aware of the roll attack spamming and are working to fix it right now.


I am using PC


Pre order gave free Behemoth, nobody ever promised that you would get the hunters for free as well.
If you were promised free hunters, you have been scammed as it has never been part of any pre-order anywhere.


I got one code from best buy for pre ordering and when redeeming it on xbone it said Gloiath skin or something of that nature. There wasn’t anther code for the Behemoth was there? I got the savage goliath skin but wasn’t that apart of the monster expansion that included the behemoth?

I tried selecting him in a solo game and it can’t be selected, I saw some people said xbone was having problems with the new hunters/monster or should I have gotten anther code?


Wait, you only preordered, preorder only included behemoth. Unless you bought the hunting season pass you still have to purchase the hunters


Not sure what his problem is, as said Behemoth is free with pre-order…


25 bucks that cheap u acting like if this is all cod aw expasoin packs for 60 ll uget is maps and to play zombies in evolve free events skins modes lvlsmaps and much more


Solved. i thought the DLC was one pack but it is 5 individual. 8$ a char though…Youre really only getting 3 different moves might aswell all be one character. sorry to waste your time


If you didn’t pre order, then the monster is another 15 bucks. 40 dollars can get you an entire, brand new game. This gets you 5 playable characters. Everything else you mentioned is “free”, but is obviously taken out of the character’s expenses.

I’ve already bought the game. I don’t want to have to keep buying it every time they have a major update.


You don’t have to. They’re there if you want them. If you don’t, you don’t have to.


i give up take my money *bought season pass


c u, 10charssssssss

And saw that you bought the season pass, welcome back buddy! Missed you.


some people are just born with weak will :fearful:


He’s another satisfied customer. Teehee!


I’m not going to. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a lot of money for very little in return. And you HAVE to pay if you WANT to play the characters. DLC is getting ridiculous these days.